Fighting skills of Micheal Ferland in the 2009-2010 WHL

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Jul 22, 2017 11:21 ET
85Ferland had a tremendous year in the fighting department with regards to his W-L-T record. He went 10-1-1 in my opinion but his only loss was very narrow. Problem is that he didn't fight top opposition in the WHL; he almost only fought marginal fighters. He had 11 scraps in 61 games, and couldn't show us what he would've been able to do against the top heavies of the league. He faced good opposition with Cody Beach at the Memorial Cup though, who was a good WHL fighter that year.

His two most impressive wins came up against Cody Beach at the end of the year in the Memorial Cup tournament where he decisvely beat him and against Brock Montgomery in his last fight of the regular season, where he TKO'd him hard. He is smaller than Montgomery and it was alright opposition. He also scored two more TKO's on marginal fighters in Hrynyk and semi-tough Peddle. He also clearly beat Hrynyk in another round with him. He narrowly good fighter Elson, clearly beat non-fighter Paulsen, clearly beat tough Harrison Ruopp, decisively beat tough Jesse Forsberg, narrowly loss against tough Duncan Siemens, decisively beat non-fighter Reid Jackson and drew with Soudek in a shit fight.

All-in-all, he showed he had skills and he did score some decisive victories but he can't receive higher than an eight because he did not fight the best fighters.
Ferland only fought in an orthodox way and he never switched hands. He was a power puncher that had good strenght and a very precise and hard right punch. He didn't have a really unique fighting style and didn't use strategic tactics.You could beat Ferland in a short fight by landing some short punches before he could get going or use your longer reach if you had one to trade right hands.

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