Top 5 Best 52 300 Softballs – The Must Have Selection for 2023




52 300 Softballs

While many might compromise on the quality of the softballs, we do not encourage that. As the balls are core to the game, going for an ill-fitted one may affect the play.

Well, some of you might anticipate we are exaggerating. Nevertheless, once you give the best 52 300 softballs a try, you can perceive the contrast.

Based on the type of softball game and league rules, everyone needs a different softball. Going for the wrong one will be nothing but a waste of money.

On that account, our expert team has curated a list of softballs for every call. Continue reading to find the best-suited one for you.
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Best 52 300 Softballs Review

Although softballs might appear similar, the first sight doesn’t say it all. Not all softball will provide you with satisfactory functioning in the field.

While going through the 52 core 300 compression softball review, check on the utility for the price. That way, you are sure of what you are getting beforehand.

1. MacGregor X52RE ASA Slow Pitch Synthetic Softball

Want a softball to hone your skills before the big tournament? Then we have got you the best 52/300 softballs for practicing- MacGregor X52RE softball.

With the assurance of pop with every hit, MacGregor X52RE stands apart from other practice balls. The ball fits into the palm and doesn’t give the player a hard time.

Despite being a practice ball, these softballs from MacGregor offer a substantial flight. The solid core provides the ball with decent flight.

However, we don’t recommend these softballs for fast-pitch players. If you are looking for slow-pitch softball to suffice your practice demands, you can opt for these balls. MacGregor X52RE won’t fail you by any means.

Most liking Features

In comparison with others, these softballs offer more durability. They are less prone to wear off even after several uses.

Probable Drawbacks

Over usage, the ball tends to soften up.

Key Features

  • Solid grip
  • Commendable flight
  • Wear-resistant
  • Apt for practice purposes

2. SPORTLIMIT Abdominal Muscle Toner

Are you tired of dealing with deformed softballs? Then you can give softballs from X-Rock a try.

Along with apt stitches and a non-slip exterior, X-Rock has a promising structure for durability. Herefore, one can easily use these softballs for leagues and tournaments.

To find additional suggestions, you can have a look at the batting gloves to prevent blisters. Although some users complain about wearing off, we don’t have any complaints in this regard. The balls did hold up the shape in our trials.

For someone looking for softballs apt for tournaments and leagues, X-Rock is the way to go. Professional players and coaches will get the best use out of these balls.

Most liking Features

The composite leather in the ball gives players a premium feel without creating a hole in the pocket.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users find fault with the durability of the softballs.

Key Features

  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Can be used in both league and tournaments
  • Great for professional use
  • Affordable

3. Dudley12″ USASB Thunder Hycon Slowpitch Synthetic Softball

Most softball players have a complaint about the changing compression. Nonetheless, softballs from Dudley Thunder USASB don’t have such issues.

Warm or cold- no matter what the weather condition is, these softballs maintain a steady compression. Hence, players are sure to get a steady stroke with little effort.

Even though the exterior synthetic covering is not the best, it holds up the shape. Additionally, the ball has an easy grip and minimizes bat damage. Both bowler and batsman will get a sweet spot with this softball.

As we always emphasize on cost and functionality ratio, these softballs are nothing less than perfection. If you are a beginner and bewildered by the options, you can give these balls a try.

Most liking Features

Dudley Thunder USASB offers commendable durability. A pack of dozen will last you for a long time.

Probable Drawbacks

These softballs are not the most pocket-friendly pick.

Key Features

  • No issues related to slipping
  • Not affected by temperature fluctuation
  • Minimizes bat dents
  • Durable

4. Evil 1 Dozen Evil Bp 12″ Softballs – 52cor/.300 Compression

Very few softballs in the market are flexible enough for different pitches. Evil Bp is one of them.

As per our team, the best facet of this softball is its flexibility. It can act both as a fast and slow pitch softball. Not every ball has this capability.

Despite being a practice ball, these ones are promising in terms of longevity.

Even with hard hits, these balls hold up well. They will make an up to scratch pick for coaching purposes.

Evil BP might not be the best 52 300 softballs, but it serves the practice purposes well. On that account, you can give these balls a try.

Most liking Features

The dual tone of the ball allows the bowler to observe the spin of the ball without much effort.

Probable Drawbacks

Evil Bp balls are not the best pick for leagues and tournaments.

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Resistant to wear-offs
  • Suitable for practice purposes
  • Flexible usage

5. CHAMPRO ASA 12″ Slow Pitch Softballs with Leather Cover

When it comes to longevity, no softballs can beat CHAMPRO ASA. The ability of these balls to retain the shape is unmatchable.

Apart from the durability, these utrip softballs have an upright swing. The bright yellow color of the ball is helpful in easy tracking.

The artificial leather in the ball provides adequate grip to the bowler. Furthermore, you can find the recommendations for the baseballs for batting practice here.

Besides, manufacturers have used flat seams in these balls. That way, players will not need to worry much about the wind resistance. Plus, the seaming reduces dent formation on the bat.

The overall ergonomy of CHAMPRO ASA is suitable for professional use. Therefore, one can easily pick these balls for use in tournaments.

Most liking Features

Considering the efficiency in tournaments, the price of these balls is economical.

Probable Drawbacks

Users may face some issues with the fluctuation of compression.

Key Features

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Hard-wearing
  • Eliminates wind resistance
  • Tournament-friendly

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best 52 300 Softballs

1. How can I check on the core and compression of each ball?

The manufacturers imprint the core and compression on the body of each ball. You can find detailed information on the ball without much difficulty.

2. What does the COR indicate?

COR is a measurement unit. It indicates the bouncing competence of the ball. Upon swing, softballs with a higher COR will cover a larger distance without hardship.

3. Is there any difference between baseballs and softballs?

In terms of functioning, there is not much difference between softballs and baseballs.  Nonetheless, because of the throwing, hitting, and field distance, softball demands advanced-level skills.

4. Why there are some dots on the softball?

The dots on the softball acts as an indicator for the bounce and hardness of the ball. The minimum compression of the green dot balls is 400-pound. On the other hand, the blue dot balls are 525 pounds and quite hard.

5. How often should I change my softballs?

The best ASA 52 300 softballs remain in shape over multiple usages. However, you know you need to replace the softball when the scratches start to appear on the surface of the ball.

Final Word

No matter how many sports come and go, it is hard to overlook the charm of playing with these bright yellow softballs.

Getting the desired pick of utrip softballs on the first go is challenging. However, we hope our picks for the best 52 300 softballs came in handy for you. Now, it is your call to pick the ball for yourself and get into the field.

Enjoy your summer tournament!

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