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Agility Ladder Drills

Drills with agility ladders are a great way to improve swiftness. Athletes and health enthusiasts consider a substantial choice to begin training. But to start with the process, you need agility ladders.

We strongly believe that the best results come with streamlined tools. And when it comes to improving the agility of an individual, you can’t take a chance. Going for the wrong tool will barge in your best agility ladder drills and ultimately distract you. That’s very unlikely.

Therefore, choosing the correct ladder is a sine qua non. Nonetheless, choosing from the available ones can be a tricky task. Don’t be fret! We have got your back.

Let’s begin and find the best agility ladder for you.
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Best Agility Ladder Drills Reviews

Our expert team went on a hunt for the best agility ladder for drills and narrowed it down to these five. Professional, novice, budget, splurge, basic, advanced- we have got something for each call.

In this section, we will discuss the ins and outs of each product and try to help you figure out your agility ladder. So let’s begin the search!

1. Yes4All Ultimate Agility Ladder │ Sturdy Build

Are you tired of broken rungs? We don’t like it either. The entire ladder becomes useless with this minor damage. Therefore, our primary requirement from the ladder was sturdiness. And guess what? We found it- Yes4All Ultimate Agility Ladder.

Nylon and plastic form the structure of this ladder. The plastic stands are thick enough and do not bend or twist. We didn’t face any snapping either. So, no more broken rungs!

Even though you need to assemble the ladder, this by any means is not back-breaking.

Just take it out, lay on the floor, and clip the rungs in place. And you are good to go. You can also increase or decrease the distance between the rungs according to need.

The kit comes with a manual, a dozen of cones, and a storage bag. In addition, you get a year-long warranty and 30 days replacement service. For the cost, it is a competent pick. If you are a coach dealing with a lot of athletes, you can pick up this ladder.

Most liking Features

Many athletes complain about the excess smoothness of the rung. But the slightly coarse surface produces friction in contact with the feet. This way, there will be no slip-off.

Probable Drawbacks

The straps do not lay flat on the ground. Hence, the ladder might move around while practicing.

Key Features

  • Value for money
  • Coarse surface for safety purpose
  • Easy to assemble
  • 1-year warranty with an option for replacement

2. GHB Pro Agility Ladder Drills │ Light Weight

Getting the best agility ladder drills for basketball is laborious. This task demands a ladder of small spacing and moderate length. Although the strap length is easy to get, the distance between the rungs is not that easy to get.

Manufacturers of the GHB Pro addressed this problem and designed this ladder for their Pro line. The distance between the rungs ranges from 15 to 18 inches.

Such distance makes the agility ladder befitting speed ladder drills for basketball and other sports.

The lightness of this agility ladder has its own in and outs. While it is convenient to carry and move around; on the other hand, there are possibilities that the ladder will blow out on a windy day. Nonetheless, using some weight on top will solve the issue.

As the name suggests, GHB Pro Agility Ladder provides skilled efficiency at an affordable price point. Athletes or players- anyone can get their practice session done with this ladder.

Most liking Features

As this is a lightweight and portable agility ladder for drills, travelers can carry the ladder and use it for warmup.

Probable Drawbacks

Although the agility ladder comes with a carrying bag, the bag is not that sturdy.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fetch
  • Little distance between the rungs
  • Suitable for all sports

3. Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Drills │ Dual-purpose

If you are into sports and want to work on your resistance, you can get “two in one” with Juvale ladders. This agility ladder can double up for your resistance training. Here is how.

A parachute comes with the Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder kit. We were not very sure about the parachute as it came in a set. Nonetheless, we are glad to tell you that our anticipation was wrong. We got a nifty resistance while using the parachute.

Although the manufacturer claims the rungs to be adjustable, we could not adjust the straps thoroughly.

It moved up to a point and then became stiff. Even so, we could alter the distance in between and get used to it. The cones are light but not feeble by any means.

Overall, the Juvale ladder is a multipurpose implement. If you are a football or a basketball player, you will get maximum use out of it.

Most liking Features

We did not face any trouble assembling the ladder. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete. And there is no removal of parts.

Probable Drawbacks

The ladder may form knots while folding. However, this is not the case when rolled and stored in the pouch.

Key Features

  • Ergonomy for easy installing
  • Added parachute makes it multipurpose
  • Water repellent storage bag for easy transportation
  • Budget-friendly

4. Mantra Sports Agility Ladder Drills │ Stainless Nails

When dealing with a bunch of players, it is good to have an agility ladder feasible for one and all. And for such demands, Mantra Sports Agility Ladder comes into play.

It is tough to ensure the best agility ladder drills for all. But Mantra Sports got it right. Kids and adults- everyone can get used out to this agility ladder. All you need to do is to adjust the distance between the plastic rungs. And you’re all set for the session.

During trials, we were impressed by the quality of the straps. The use of premium nylon makes the ropes robust and effective. There was no scratch or tear visible even after three days of heavy use.

Anyone looking for a warmup aid before basketball, hockey, or baseball batting practice sessions, this agility ladder can be the way out. Orange or yellow- you can pick any based on your preference.

Most liking Features

All the nails used in the ladder are of stainless steel. That gives users the shot to use it in damp weather without any worries of rusting.

Probable Drawbacks

There is a chance of the rungs getting bend under heavy load. Thereupon, eschew standing on the rungs.

Key Features

  • Apt for all age
  • Adjustable plastic rungs
  • Not affected by the weather
  • Comes in two colors

5. Ohuhu Agility Ladder Drills │ Advanced Level

Do you want to use your agility ladder both at home and outside? If yes, then it is likely that your ladder is flexible for the task.

On that account, the Ohuhu Agility Ladder kit is a possible solution. It has clips on the ladder straps and removable rungs. This way, you can fix the length and number of rungs as per your liking.

This kit has not limited its utility to plyometric ladder drills only. Rather, the ladder can double up for your footwork training as well. People who are doing sidearm exercise for golf and kickboxing will find this kit promising.

The resilience and durability of the Ohuhu ladder are unmatched. Its tough built pins our hope that this ladder is a one-time investment. And for the cost, it’s a deal.

Most liking Features

Users have a tough time while folding agility ladders. There is always a risk of ending up with curved rungs. Nevertheless, folding the Ohuhu agility ladder is trouble-free.

Probable Drawbacks

Some of the rungs in the ladder may have a sharper edge. So, this is not an ideal choice for little ones.

Key Features

  • Quick attachment and dismantling
  • Heard-wearing set up
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for professionals

Things to Consider Before Buying Agility Ladder Drills

Best Agility Ladder Drills

Not all agility ladder is suitable for every task. A ladder good for basketball players might not serve athletes in the same way. So, be clear about the usage and then look for the equipment. Otherwise, it will only be a waste of time, money, and energy.

In this part of the article, we will point out the primary facets of an agility ladder. If you consider these factors before purchasing, you are one step towards the best ladder drills for agility.

Built Material

The first and foremost concern while picking an agility ladder is the quality of the rungs. If the stuff is not rugged, then the ladder is of no use. And you don’t want to buy the kit multiple. Herefore, ensuring quality is a must.

Nylon is well known for its durability. So, it is ideal to go for a nylon strap. On the other hand, plastic rungs lay flat on the ground and are heavy-duty as well. You can surely go for a nylon-plastic combo.

However, if you are not tight on a budget, we will suggest going for hard plastic. These rungs are highly pliable and last you for ages.

Length of the Straps

Length of agility may range between 6 feet to 32 feet. Depending on your purpose of use, you can opt for the measurement.

Firstly, you need to decide on the place. Where are you going to exercise- indoors or outdoors? And how much space are you going to get? Other things being equal, the length of the straps should be somewhere between 20-30 feet.

Most of the ladders in the market are either 15 or 30 feet. Nonetheless, you can find other lengths if you search a bit.

Number of Rungs

Depending on the length of the straps, the number of rungs can range from 10 to 15. The more the number of rungs, the lesser distance lies between the rungs.

A shorter lineup will be beneficial for circuit training ladder exercises. Herefore, a good option for professional athletes. Conversely, wider spacing and lesser rungs will be a fine choice for any novice.

Convenience of Carrying

If you are to do your training outside, a carrying case makes it easier to transport. Besides, if you store the rung in the bag, there will be no scope for damage. Hence, it is good to pick a ladder that comes with a storing option.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Do these ladders come with agility cones?

Not always. Some of the agility ladders come with cones, whereas other sets don’t add the cone. Before you buy, check the specifications to have a clear idea about the cones.

2. Can the ropes hold any weight? If yes, how much?

The ropes are not designed to carry any weight. They are patterned to lay on the ground and use for speed exercises and movements. The strings will tear if you load on weight in it.

3. How can I store the agility ladder?

The ladder comes with a storage bag or box. You can get away with it. Roll the ladder and store it in the pouch or box. Avoid crumbling to prevent the tangling of ropes.

4. Will these ladders work for pool agility?

The ladder is very light and suitable for pools. However, the ropes may get damaged in contact with water. These apt for best ladder agility drills on the ground. You can get a separate one to use in water.

5. Does it require a lot of force to fix?

Not at all!

The slats get fixed with the simple press. The removal is easy as well. So, there is no need to worry. Nonetheless, you can go for the fixed ladders to avoid this task.

Final Word

Motivation for the best agility ladder drills comes with a good quality ladder. Hence, don’t hesitate to invest in this crucial equipment.

Choosing any of these ladder picks won’t hurt. However, you can get one as per your call. With all the recommendations and tips, you are now all set to buy an agility ladder.

Write us about your experience. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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