Top 5 Best Bat Bags for Softball – The Must Have Selection for 2023




Bat Bags for Softball

Although softball started as an indoor game, it’s now a popular outdoor game played by many people every day.

If you’re a regular softball player, a good-quality bag that’s spacious enough to contain all your essential softball equipment is a must-have.

A good softball bag will make your everyday field trip more convenient by giving you a place to store your bats, gloves, helmets, uniform, as well as your sports shoes.

If you surf the internet or any local store, you’ll find a wide range of brands of softball bags available. It can be stressful to find one that’s durable, versatile, and reasonably priced.

But you don’t have to get worked up because we’ve reviewed some of the best bat bags for softball to help you choose one that caters to all your requirements.
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Best bat bags for softball Reviews

Here are some of the best bat bags for softball that we believe stand out from the other softball bags currently available in the market.

1. Franklin Bat Bags for Softball | Equipment Bag For Sports

If you’re looking for a cheap softball bag that also meets all your requirements, then the Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag might be your go-to option!

The exterior of the bag gives away the look of a regular backpack, allowing you to use it in any way you want. It’s designed in a versatile manner, letting you easily store your softball essentials along with other necessary items.

The bag has the facility of holding one bat on both sides.

Its spacious inner compartment has the capacity of holding your helmet, face mask, batting gloves, fielding gloves, cleats, while still having room for your sports uniform and other accessories.

You won’t have to worry about getting your bag dirty as it comes with a J-shaped hook that lets you hang it on a dugout fence. Also, the top side mesh helps to prevent bad odor from damp cleats and gloves by allowing air circulation.

There are two extra pockets, one at the top and another at the front, where you can keep your valuables like a wallet, cellphone, and other essential items.

Most likable features

The best thing about this bag is that it’s quite affordable. And you won’t be compromising the quality despite getting it at such a reasonable and low price. They’re as durable as most other softball bags, which are more on the costly side.

Probable drawbacks

The zipper can be susceptible to breakage if used roughly or mishandled. Some users experienced breakage of the zipper after a few uses.

Key Features

  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Dimensions of the bag: 25” (H) x 7.25” (D) x 14” (W)
  • Mesh air vents present at the top for air circulation
  • Can contain up to two bats
  • Designed in backpack style

2. Athletico Baseball Bat Bag – Backpack for Baseball

Are you looking for a softball bag that can survive your extensive practice sessions as well as rough weather? Then you must try out the Athletico Baseball Bat Bag.

The bag is made with high-density 600 Denier Oxford fabric and polyester that ensures high durability and water resistance. Moreover, the polyester and nylon fabric doesn’t attract dirt, which helps to keep the bag’s appearance intact for a long time.

Both the exterior and interior of the bag are all about versatility.

There is a spacious main compartment where you can store all of your softball gear quite comfortably, along with two side mesh pockets for your bats and two extra pockets at the front of the bag.

The upper pocket at the front lets you store your small valuables and the lower one is a vented shoe compartment for your softball cleats. You can’t overlook the sturdy fence hook and the front bungee cord, which gives you easy access to the most used equipment like a helmet or gloves.

The adjustable padded shoulder straps provide optimum comfort while carrying the bag on the shoulders. Also, the zippers are tough and of decent quality.

Most likable feature

The most notable feature of this bag is its amazing quality and durability, considering the reasonable price. Starting from the materials used to the craftmanship, everything seems quite sturdy and long-lasting.

Probable drawbacks

Storing cleats in the shoe pocket may cause a lack of space in the main compartment, resulting in difficulty to store all the softball materials.

Key features

  • Material: 600D Oxford fabric and polyester
  • Water-resistant and highly durable
  • Dimensions of the bag: 19.5’’(H) x 13”(W) x 8.5″(D)
  • External bungee cord and velcro strip for easy accessibility
  • Designed in backpack style

3. Athletico Youth Baseball Bag – Bat Backpack for Baseball

Athletico has become a very popular brand over time for providing impressive sports gear at reasonable prices, including softball or baseball bats bags.

The Athletico Youth Baseball Bag is an excellent choice for it comes in a standard size that is perfectly suitable for young enthusiastic players. Also, it includes almost all the features of the Athletico Ultimate Baseball Backpack.

The bag can be comfortably used by kids and teens, considering its size and storage capacity.

And what makes it so suitable for this age group is its durable construction that prevents the bag from ripping off even when it’s roughly handled.

The main storage pocket of the bag can effortlessly store medium size softball gear. And there are extra pockets present for small valuables and cleats. The front bungee cord also comes in handy when you require quick access to any of your stuff.

The velcro strip at the front is also an interesting and useful feature of this bag. There you can attach your batting gloves to easily grab them during practice.

Most likable feature

The bag’s overall design is quite versatile and user-friendly. Alongside the roomy main compartment and other pockets, the outer bungee cord and the velcro strip for batting gloves offer superior convenience and easy accessibility.

Probable drawbacks

The side mesh pockets for the bats seem to be a bit fragile and vulnerable to rips or tears.

Key Features

  • Material: 600D Polyester/Oxford fabric
  • Dimensions of the bag: 17”(H) x 13”(W) x 8″(D)
  • Water-resistant and strongly constructed
  • Built-in fence hook present
  • Backpack style

4. Easton | GAME READY | Adult | Baseball & Fastpitch Softball

The Easton Diamond Sports, LLC. is a very prominent brand of baseball and softball gear and you will undoubtedly come across a variety of Easton bat bags while looking for the best bat bags for softball.

The Easton Game Ready Bat and Equipment Backpack Bag is a recent release that’s specially designed for intermediate players. The size and overall construction appear to be ideal for middle or high schoolers, as it could be a bit small for a full-grown adult.

The vented main compartment may not be super spacious, but can surely contain your gloves, mask, helmet, elbow pad, etc. of medium size.

The two side mesh pockets serve the purpose of holding your bats or water bottle, whichever you wish to put.

You’ll also be able to store an adult-size helmet. However, with that, all the equipment together may cause congestion and lack of space in the cleat pocket, as it’s separated from the main pocket only by a breathable vinyl lining.

Other features of this bag include a dugout fence hook, and a padded surface at the back as well as shoulder straps to provide you adequate comfort.

Most likable feature

Our favorite feature of this bag is the smart and eye-catching exterior that looks good on everybody, be it male or female or a kid or a teenager.

Probable drawbacks

The storage capacity of this bag is slightly limited. It can be a bit difficult to make space for adult size gear. Adult size cleats may take away space from the main pocket, just how large size gear may narrow down the cleat pocket.

Key Features

  • Dimensions of the bag: 20″(H) X 12.5″(W) X 8.5″(D)
  • Holds up to two bats
  • Separate cleat and valuables pocket
  • Available in six eye-catching color combinations

5. Boombah Superpack Bat Pack -Backpack Version

The Boombah Superpack Bat Pack (backpack version) can be the ultimate choice for an active and competent softball player. With a large compartment and the exclusive materials used, this bag is an absolute package!

The bag is constructed with nylon ripstop fabric, which is extremely resistant to rips or tears. Alongside the fabric, the heavy-duty military-grade zippers ensure outstanding durability.

Needless to mention, this bag is incredibly roomy. The main compartment has a vast storage capacity where you can effortlessly store all of your softball gear and still have space for other accessories. However, it’s mentioned by the manufacturer that this bag isn’t suitable for storing catcher’s gear.

Each bat compartments on both sides are designed to hold up to two bats. Also, there are three extra pockets for your valuables, as well as a well-separated shoe compartment at the bottom, which can easily contain adult-size cleats.

There are two parallel fence hooks along with a loop-like hook at the top center of the bag for easy hanging. And the shoulder straps are made quite strongly in accordance with the size of the bag.

Most likable feature

Though almost everything about this bag is outstanding, the most impressive aspect of this bag is that it comes in fifty-five distinct colors. You just have to surf through them all and choose one that suits your taste the best.

Probable drawbacks

The price of this bag is considerably higher than most other softball bags available in the market, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Key Features

  • Materials: Nylon Ripstop fabric
  • Extremely durable and water-resistant
  • Highly spacious main compartment
  • Three extra pockets + shoe compartment
  • Can hold up to four bats
  • Dimensions: 23.5″(H) x13.5″(W) x9.5”(D)

Things to Consider Before Buying Bat Bags for Softball

Best Bat Bags for Softball

You may have a hard time wondering what are the key aspects that should be considered to be able to purchase a decent softball bag that fulfills your requirements within the budget.

To ease things down a little bit for you, we have listed some of the crucial factors to be mindful of while trying to find the best softball bat bag for yourself. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the classic m softball.


The price of a softball bag varies depending on multiple factors, like, the brand, material quality, size/storage capacity, craftsmanship, and overall durability.

The price may range from around 25$ to up to 250$ or even more. But it’s to be kept in mind that a higher price doesn’t necessarily guarantee optimum quality and durability. There are many high-quality softball bags available in the market at reasonable prices.

The brand and the bag model are needed to be chosen considering the age and how active the player is, as the bag’s size, functionality, and price depend on it. And the bigger the size, the higher the price. Checking the rear bag for benchrest shooting will be helpful as well.


To make sure that a softball bag is worth spending your money on, it’s important to carefully analyze the materials used in its making.

Fabrics like 600 Denier Polyester Oxford and Nylon Ripstop are used for making softball bags for ensuring high durability as well as water resistance. So don’t forget to check the fabric of a softball bag so that you can be sure about its durability beforehand.

The quality of the zippers should also be noticed, as extensive use may lead to breakage of the zipper if that’s of poor quality. So even if the zippers are not military-grade, make sure that they’re of a minimum standard and have the strength to it.


The size of a softball bag is to be determined considering the age of the user, as well as what level of player the user is.

For enthusiastic kids and new teens, there are youth backpacks of different well-known brands that are just the perfect size for containing small/medium size gear, and that also goes well with their body build.

On the other hand, grownups and highly competitive active players would require softball bags of bigger size to be able to fit adult size gear and other necessary materials.

Storage capacity/design

A good-quality softball bag will have multiple compartments or pockets in it so that you’re able to arrange your gear and other accessories as per your wish and needs.

The most conveniently designed softball bags are those which have a spacious main compartment as well as a separate shoe compartment for your game cleats and a valuables pocket for your small belongings.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can a softball bat bag store catcher’s gear as well?

No, mostly not.

Softball bat bags are usually designed in backpack style that’s only capable of containing batting equipment.

2. Can the outer bungee cord of a softball bag safely hold my helmet?

Yes, it surely can.

A bungee cord is capable of firmly holding large size softball gear, like a helmet.

3. Can I use a softball bat bag like a baseball bat bag and vice versa?

Yes, you can!

Other than slight differences between the size of some equipment, softball and baseball gear is quite similar.

4. How many bats can a softball bat bag hold?

Typically, a backpack-style softball bat bag has two to four bat slots.

Regular size bat bags usually have two bat slots. And large, professional player’s bat bags have four or more bat slots.

5. Which baseball bat bags are convenient for my kid?

The best softball bat bag brands available in the market offer youth bat bags, which might be a little big for the kids, but still quite convenient.

Final Words

Every softball player expects their softball bags to be spacious, long-lasting, and stylish. It not only lets you assemble all your softball gear to be able to carry them from place to place, but also hauls your gear from all sorts of damage.

We’ve reviewed some of the most trending best bat bags for softball and discussed the vital traits of an ideal softball bag. Hopefully, with this, you’ll able to shop for yourself like a pro!

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