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Best Beyblade Launcher – Top 5 Models Reviewed by an Expert

Who doesn’t love Beyblades? Everyone does! The energy they bring and the excitement of battling have always attracted youths all over the world.

Beyblade is a shonen anime that first aired way back in 2001. It is one of the first animes at that time to get out of the Pokemon influence and have a dedicated fanbase. Now, if you google Beyblade the first result is about Beyblade toys!

Well, Beyblade toys have been phenomenal. Although people may only mention the top when talking about Beyblades, only a good top isn’t going to win you a battle. You need a good Beyblade launcher too.

But, there are so many types and designs of launchers available on the market, that it gets overwhelming. That’s why our expert researchers spent hours finding the best Beyblade launchers and shortening the list with only the top five.

Keep reading to find out about them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Beyblade Turbo Slingshock Beyblade Launcher | Riptide blast set
Beyblade Turbo Slingshock Beyblade Launcher | Riptide blast setCheck Price

Beyblade Burst Turbo Beyblade Launcher | Precision Strike
Beyblade Burst Turbo Beyblade Launcher | Precision StrikeCheck Price

Beyblade Burst Beyblade Launcher | Supergrip
Beyblade Burst Beyblade Launcher | SupergripCheck Price

Jkrotry Beyblade Launcher and Grip | String Launcher
Jkrotry Beyblade Launcher and Grip | String LauncherCheck Price

Speder Beyblade Launcher and Grip | Light Sparking
Speder Beyblade Launcher and Grip | Light SparkingCheck Price

Best Beyblade Launcher Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable with your tops or playing tactics. So, choose a launcher according to your necessity.

1. Beyblade Turbo Slingshock Beyblade Launcher | Riptide blast set

Well, if you want a full set but with a good launcher, then the riptide blast set is perfect for you. In this set, you’ll get a burst turbo launcher and a right spin battling top. Both the top and the launcher are of very good quality.

Also, the launcher has a special feature up its sleeve. These launchers let you measure the power of your launch!

With their special power gauge, bladers can measure how powerful their launch was. That gives a nice advantage in battle.

However, the most exciting feature of these sets is the slingshock technology. The set includes a slingshock Forneus F4 defense top. But, you need to buy a slingshock beystadium separately if you want to achieve slingshock performance.

However, if you only want a launcher you may find cheaper launchers. But, with this set, you can add the power gauge technology and a slingshock defense top to your arsenal. No other Beyblade launcher can give you that!

Most Likeable Features

The slingshock performance tip has rail-riding capabilities. With a slingshock beystadium, this is going to be fun! Also, the launcher can be used with left or right spin tops. The build quality of the launcher is also pretty good.

Probable Drawbacks

Users have reported that the top isn’t of very good quality. Some also complained that the launcher is not durable enough.

Key Features

  • The launchers have power gauge technology
  • Ripcord style launcher for extra durability
  • Comes with a slingshock Forneus F4 Defense top
  • Can be played digitally by scanning code

2. Beyblade Burst Turbo Beyblade Launcher | Precision Strike

If you want a good quality, precise launcher then the burst turbo is perfect for you. Beyblade store made these launchers to be sturdy and precise. Although it doesn’t come with a top, these launchers will fit most tops without any problem.

Burst Turbo launchers fit both left-right spin tops. These will also fit slingshock and switch-strike tops.

However, those are sold separately and not included with this. As this is only a launcher, you will get high-quality and a long use out of these.

However, for string or ripcord launchers, many bladers find it difficult to aim precisely. Their Beyblades get disqualified simply because of a bad launch. That’s why these launchers are trigger-activated. This way, you can have a precise launch right in the beystadium.

Although, when compared to other launchers on the market, these have a different launch technology. Some people may love the string or ripcord style but the trigger-activated launch is way easier and precise.

Most Likeable Features

Burst turbo Beyblade launchers are made of very high-quality material. So, these launchers are very durable. Also, as these are trigger-activated, they easily last longer. In addition, ifS you have a slingshock beystadium, you can use slingshock technology.

Probable Drawbacks

According to some users, the pull-cord type launchers are just better than these. They complained that these generate slow and mediocre launches!

Key Features

  • Compatible with slingshock and switch-strike tops
  • Precisely targeted launch with trigger activation
  • Scannable for use in Beyblade blast app
  • Compatible with slingshock technology

3. Beyblade Burst Beyblade Launcher | Supergrip

Well, if you are an adult and play with your kids for fun, then these are perfect for you. As most launchers are not big enough, they can be pretty hard to play with adult hands. But, these launchers from Beyblade Stores are big enough for adults too.

However, if you want your kids to play with these, they can also have advantages. A bigger launcher ensures better stability and more fun overall.

Also, as the name suggests these have a better griping for strong launches.

These launchers are only compatible with Beyblade burst series battle tops. They don’t fit any other tops like the Beyblade metal fusion tops. Although, there are very good burst series tops for you to collect and customize.

But, if you compare with other launchers on the market, these launchers with their bigger body and better grip will surely be on the top list.

Most Likeable Features

Burst Supergrip launchers are made of strong plastic material. The mechanisms of launch are top-notch. That makes sure that these launchers provide long-lasting performance and an overall nice experience for you or your kids.

Probable Drawbacks

Although these are supposed to be stronger than average, users have complained that some faulty ones stopped working after only a few launches!

Key Features

  • Made of strong, sturdy material
  • Bigger design for better stability
  • Supergrip for a powerful launch
  • Compatible with burst series left/right tops

4. Jkrotry Beyblade Launcher and Grip | String Launcher

Although ripcords are more popular among kids, string launchers provide the most powerful launches and in return will win you more matches. That’s why string launchers have their separate fanbase.

Jkrotry Beyblade launchers claim to be compatible with all series battling tops. But, only if they are right spin. These are not compatible with left spin tops. So, if you have spin right tops and want a good string launcher, these should be your choice.

However, a strong start is what determines the winner in any Beyblade battle.

But, you don’t need to worry about that if you have these. With their Gyro burst technology, these string launchers from Jkrotry will give your beys a strong start.

Other Beyblade launchers on the market can’t provide this much power and this feature alone could crown these to be the best Beyblade launcher on the market.

Most Likeable Features

With their gyroblast technology, these launchers provide a massive boost to the Beyblades. Also, the string launch design makes these attractive and stylish. Jkrotry is also known for its prominent after-sales services.

Probable Drawbacks

Unlike other launchers, these have to withstand a lot of power. So, they tend to last as much as other launchers on the market. These are power launchers and should be used only when necessary.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all right spin battle Beyblades
  • Gyro Burst Starter technology for a powerful launch
  • Cheap but strong launch capabilities
  • Very good after-sales services

5. Speder Beyblade Launcher and Grip | Light Sparking

If you want to be a cooler guy among your group of friends, then speder has the solution for you. These launchers produce a cool light sparking effect in every launch! Think about that for a cool effect!

Speder launchers come in two parts. The launcher and the grip. The launcher can be attached to the grip in two ways. That can be very useful for different battling tactics. Also, the grip quality is very good. That ensures a stable launch.

However, most string launchers are compatible with right spin tops only. But, Speder made these to be compatible with right and left spin tops.

That’s why these are compatible with most burst series beys. So, you can just grab a bey and play.

Not many launchers in the market can provide the power of string launchers and the stability of ripcord launchers. Speder launchers are one of them. So, you can buy one of these without any doubt.

Most Likeable Features

Speder launchers have gyro burst starter mechanisms. With these, the launch is very powerful. So, if you have a good top, you can expect to win. Also, the light sparking effect makes it look cool every time you launch.

Probable Drawbacks

As these are third-party launchers, these most probably are made in China. So, you can’t expect them to last years. But, these string launchers will last you months.

Key Features

  • Compatible with left and right spin tops
  • String-type launcher for a better, powerful launch
  • Produces light sparking effect
  • The launcher can be attached in two-ways

Things to Consider Before Buying Beyblade Launcher

Best Beyblade Launcher

Beyblade anime series has changed the way of life for many people around the world. Beybladers of different ages can have fun together and battle each other with their beys.

However, for anyone to win any beybattle, they need to have better equipment. As Beyblade toys most likely don’t have mystical creatures inside them like the anime suggests, you need a well-made top with special mechanisms to win.

That’s why there are many types of tops available. Like, slingshock tops, switchstrike tops etc. You also, need to consider what type of top your opponent is going to use.

Mainly, there are four types of Beyblade burst tops. Attack, Stamina, Defense, and Balance. So, you need to understand your opponent’s beys and play your way through that.

However, as we said earlier, only a good top can’t win you a battle. A good top needs a good launch to be effective. That’s why having a good launcher should be your priority. You can expect to win a battle even with a bad top if you have a good launcher.

That’s why finding the best Beyblade burst launcher for you is compulsory. But, there are thousands of launchers available. So, the task is not very easy. But, if you consider a few things before buying a launcher, you can find the perfect one.

We made a guide for you to follow and consider before buying any Beyblade on the market. You may also like some of the rc controller for cars from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Perfect fit for Beyblades

First, you need to understand what type of beys you use. If you use the right spin Beyblades, you need to find launchers that are compatible with right spin beys.

The Beyblade tops consist mainly of four parts. The attack ring, weight disk, blade base, and the chip. All these parts collectively make a top. So, your launcher needs to fit the Beyblade perfectly if you want maximum speed.

However, many launchers support both left and right spin Beyblades. Third-party launchers claim to support all types of Beyblades while launchers like the Beyblade burst turbo launcher, only fit burst tops.

So, find one that fits most of your tops. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the pg gundam.


The number one problem bladers face is that their Beyblades miss the battle arena because of an unstable launch. That disqualifies the blader from that match! So, a precise launch is very important.

That’s why having a bigger and stronger grip can be very useful. Bigger grips are easy to grab and they provide a more stable launch. Bigger grips also ensure a very precise aiming and make sure that the bey lands where it’s supposed to.

Type of launcher

Mainly there are three types of launchers. Ripcord launchers and string launchers and digital sword launchers. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Ripcord launchers provide stability and power. Bladers can control how strongly they want their Beyblades to spin. Because some Beybladers are better to be spun slower to maintain a good trajectory. Ripcord launchers are also easily controllable.

String launchers, however, provide more power them ripcord launchers. But, with many beys, they tend to get stuck. Also, controlling your bey gets tougher with string launchers.

The most modern and strong type is digital sword launchers. These launchers are very powerful and spin the bey way too fast. That itself can sometimes cause problems. Also, these launchers are more expensive.

So, buy the type you need.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can you launch two Beyblades at once?

Well, if you want to launch to beys together, you need to launchers. You can stack up a launcher on top of another and that way you can launch two Beyblades at once.

You can’t launch two beys at once with only a single launcher.

2. Are Beyblade launchers universal?

Each generation of Beyblades needs different types of launchers. Like, if you have a burst Beyblade, you need a burst launcher. While if you have a metal fusion Beyblade, you need a metal fusion launcher.

However, most burst launchers fit all types of burst Beyblades. You also need to check the spin compatibility of the launcher. Know more about beyblade generations here.

3. What are the four types of Beyblades?

There are main four types of beys. Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Balance. Different beys work with different tactics and show different attributes. Read a complete guide to burst Beyblades to know more.

4. Which is the best Beyblade launcher in the world?

There are not any definitive best in the world launcher. Because different people have different necessities and different opinions.

So, you need to figure out which Beyblade among the top is perfect for you and your beys.

5. Why are Takara Beyblades so expensive?

Takara is a huge Beyblade toy brand. They originate in Japan and that’s the only reason they are expensive in the USA and other countries. Because the shipping cost is huge. In Japan, Takara Beyblades aren’t necessarily expensive.

Final words

Beybladers dream of winning the most exciting battles. But, winning battles require skill, techniques, and strategy along with good equipment. Bladers need the best of their beys and the best Beyblade launchers to win.

Although, finding the best isn’t easy. But, if you keep in mind a few things before buying any you’ll find the perfect one. As you read this far in this article, we hope you found the most suitable launcher for you. Cheers.

3…..2….1…..Let It Rip!!