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Top 5 Best Cap Guns in 2021 – A List from The Expert

Whether as a parent you want to provide your child with some harmless fun or an adult who wants to relive your childhood, it is not easy to find the best cap guns for kids. While there are a lot of cap guns on the market today, not all of them are suitable for children.

For parents who grew up with cap guns, there is no doubt that their nostalgic appeal to fire away at enemies has been ingrained in their psyches. But with today’s ultra-realistic video games, many of us wonder whether cap guns are safe or if they are a relic from the past.

Like most toys, cap guns were invented to entertain and amuse. For the most part, they still do a great job of that, but it is important to understand what you are buying for a child.

This article will look at five of the most popular brands, as well as how to pick one that is safe and fun for your child

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Rhode Island Novelty Cap Guns | 6.75 Inches Cap | Eight Rings
Rhode Island Novelty Cap Guns | 6.75 Inches Cap | Eight RingsCheck Price

Magic Source Police Style Cap Guns For Kids | Set Of Two
Magic Source Police Style Cap Guns For Kids | Set Of TwoCheck Price

Parris Classic Cap Guns | Metal Pistol | Western Style
Parris Classic Cap Guns | Metal Pistol | Western StyleCheck Price

Maxx Action Wild West Cap Guns | Cowboy Pistol | Silver
Maxx Action Wild West Cap Guns | Cowboy Pistol | SilverCheck Price

Beer Cap Guns | Funny Launcher Shooter | Bottle Cap Opener
Beer Cap Guns | Funny Launcher Shooter | Bottle Cap OpenerCheck Price

Best Cap Guns Reviews

When it comes to buying a cap gun, most people are unaware of what to look for and do not even know where to start. In this segment, you will get some ideas about the top five cap guns brands and help you with a head start.

1. Rhode Island Novelty Cap Guns | 6.75 Inches Cap | Eight Rings

Why the cowboys and cops have all the fun. The kids want to play, too! You can set up a “Wild West” shootout or an army base battle zone with realistic and safe cap guns from Rhode Island Novelty. These toy cap guns you will find anywhere for kids of all ages.

Our kids love to play cops and robbers with these timeless cap guns. These toy guns are a throwback to the good old days of cowboys and Indians.

They are also great for teaching our kids about gun safety around the home.

We feel it is one of the most high-end cap guns on the market today! This model is made of heavy gauge steel so it does not break even after we have dropped it few times. It looks and feels like a real six-shooter. Check our reviews on stronghold games.

After all, you will love these toy guns because they are priced right, and you will never have to worry about them going off unexpectedly – they fire caps, not bullets! However, you can also buy an eight-ring refill pack from Back to Basics.

Most Liking Features

The cap gun is not loud at all. It does not make a loud bang. It is a lot more like a firecracker. Moreover, it does not hurt or damage our hearing.

Probable Drawbacks

The plastic body looks frail and seems it will break after using roughly.

Key Features 

  • Plastic body
  • Affordable price
  • Friendly product for kids
  • Does not create loud sounds

2. Magic Source Police Style Cap Guns For Kids | Set Of Two

If you are looking for a toy for your kid that is unique, fun, and of great value then you might consider the Magic Source Police Style Cap Guns. This set of two guns has several different features, including a working light and sound effects, that will keep your child entertained.

This set of two single action pistol is the perfect pretend toy gun for kids, but will never hurt anyone! Our children feel like real police officers when they get their hands on these realistic-looking toy guns. These cap guns look and feel real with a working slide and six bullets included.

This colt gun has a cap ejector for rapid-fire. So we have no chance of running out of caps! This fun cap gun is also a great way to make our children’s birthday theme party extra special and fun. So it’s time to let the bad guys lose the game, load the chamber and get to it!

Therefore, we are sure that it is an awesome toy gun to blast away! This cap-firing pistol is sure to be a hit with the whole family. This is a great toy for pretend play and a cool gift that kids will love to play with. You can also check this Captain America shield for a costume party.

Most Liking Features

The toy cap gun is made of high-quality plastic, its tiny size makes it suitable for children. The fake cap can be realistically ejected from the muzzle.

Probable Drawbacks

The size is too small that it is suitable for kids under four years only.

Key Features 

  • Lightweight and plastic structure
  • Two in one pack
  • 5 inches long
  • Plastic caps do not hurt

3. Parris Classic Cap Guns | Metal Pistol | Western Style

If you are looking for a classic toy that is still fun to play with, look no further than the Parris western-style cap guns. These are affordable ways to promote imaginative play and develop shooting skills in kids. For a detailed review of these classic cap guns, keep reading on.

This cap gun is a solid die-cast metal pistol. It has a 2-inch barrel and1.2 inch wide belt. This gun has a realistic look and feel. is a great buy for the money.

The overall structure of this cap gun gives us a vintage vibe. You can also check our review on PG Gundam.

All in all, it is a fun item for adults and kids. However, the trigger is sensitive so we refrain from pointing it at anyone when it is loaded because the bullets are metal. You can also get a cowboy hat from Narwhal Novelties to dress up your kid like a real cowboy!

Most Liking Features

We love the realistic heavyweight feel of this cap gun! It’s the perfect prop for photoshoots, parties, or just playing around with your friends. It is spring-loaded and has a realistic trigger pull.

Probable Drawbacks

As the cap gun is made with metal, it causes sparks sometimes. Also, there is a chance that the user may harm himself or others.

Key Features

  • Metal construction
  • Heavy-wight and high-end revolver
  • Gives vintage vibe
  • Worth the price

4. Maxx Action Wild West Cap Guns | Cowboy Pistol | Silver

Gun enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a new toy. What do you get when you combine the classic styling of an Old West pistol with the fun and excitement of a toy gun? The Maxx Action cap guns are all that and more, making it an ideal gift for the cowboy or cowgirl in your life!

This cowboy pistols set is designed to look and feel like authentic western pistols. With the Maxx Action Wild West Cowboy Pistols, our kids are always ready for shootouts with the bad guys and daring rescues of their favorite heroines.

This classic twin set of cowboy pistols look just like real guns, but they fire caps instead of bullets. The caps make a loud pop when we fire and do not hurt anyone, even at close range. Undoubtedly, these toy guns are a great addition to any cowboy or western-themed party.

Overall, they are the best cap guns and perfect for pretend play. Plus, these are great in any child’s toy collection. If your child holds these pistols and put on a Black Sherrif cowboy hat, he will definitely attract everyone else in any cosplay party!

Most Liking Features

These kid-friendly toy guns are safe, durable, and a whole lot of fun. It comes with realistic detailing, these cap guns for kids look just like the real thing!

Probable Drawbacks

The trigger is comparatively tighter than the other toy guns. So, it will be a bit tough for the kids to pull.

Key Features

  • Detailed hard plastic body
  • Uses an eight-shot ring cap
  • Includes double holster
  • Long barrel and handle grip

5. Beer Cap Guns | Funny Launcher Shooter | Bottle Cap Opener

Every beer lover needs a Beer Cap Gun. It is just that simple. If you want to add some fun to your next party and impress your friends, there is no better way than by pulling out a cap gun and shooting the top off of a bottle right in front of them.

Unlike other bottle openers, we do not require hand strength or two hands to operate because this gun opens caps with a simple pull of the trigger. It is safe and easy to use with lots of fun! Indeed, it is the coolest way to open bottles without the hassle of using a flimsy bottle opener.

It is a great gift for any beer drinker or aspiring pirate. We find this lightweight little cap gun is easy to carry in our pocket and does not weigh us down. It is not a typically loaded gun but fires the bottle caps just like the real thing!

The Beer cap guns are cool, fun, and safe for children to play with. For adults, these guns can help them relive those memorable childhood days of playing cops and robbers. Speaking of the cool toy-like can opener, you can also try the thor hammer can opener.

Most Liking Features

The beer cap gun is an amazing tool to open bottles. After we put the cap in the gun, we can easily pull the trigger and it opens our beer bottle cap easily. Unlike other bottle opener tools, the beer cap gun is very easy to use, and we can get your beer cap off in seconds.

Probable Drawbacks

Opening a bottle cap is fun but shooting the caps is not a good thing. It can harm any person or pets.

Key Features

  • Fun gadget
  • Withstands pressure
  • Stronger than it looks
  • Easy to open bottle caps

Things To Consider Before Buying Cap Guns

Best Cap Guns

If you are a gun enthusiast, buying the best toy cap guns for your collection is a lot of fun. You will find that they are surprisingly realistic, but there is a lot to consider before you take the plunge! Hence, with the many different manufacturers out there making cap guns, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you.

In this segment, we will cover what to look for when choosing your cap guns.

Accuracy And Quality

When you are looking at gun brands, make sure you are considering the quality of the guns you are looking at. If you invest in a higher quality gun, you will make fewer repairs and have fewer malfunctions.

It is important to choose a high-quality cap gun. The added wear and tear to the surface of the low-quality guns makes the guns look and feel old and worn, making them difficult to own.

Size And Weight

Size and weight are extremely important when you are deciding on a cap gun. If you have a lot of younger kids and you want them to be able to carry the gun around easily, buy them lightweight guns. Similarly, you may want to opt for a larger gun if you want to use smaller caps as ammunition.

The length of the gun is important because the barrel of the gun should be long enough to accommodate the caps themselves. The longer the barrel, the more caps you can place inside it.


Remember that you are not just buying a toy, and you are not just putting your kid in something. You are investing in a piece of equipment that’s going to help them grow and develop. Therefore, you should choose the cap guns that are safe to use. after all, you are providing your kids fun play, not punishment!

Different Types

There are various types of cap guns available in the market. Some are replicas of real guns, some are toy guns. Some are made of metal, some of the plastic. If your kid is too young, you can buy plastic ones. They are safer and less expensive than metal ones.

Besides, if you want to get a cap gun with a more realistic look, go for the metal guns.

Price Range

The main thing that people need to understand is that price range always matters when it comes to buying cap guns. There are some good cap guns that are within the affordable price range that most people can afford. However, there are others that are at the higher end of the price range but they are good.

Overall, you need to consider the features that you actually need, consider the quality and invest in them.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What type of cap gun should I buy for my child?

If you are looking for a cap gun to give to your child, we would recommend getting one that is made of plastic or metal. These are less likely to cause injury than a cap gun made of wood. You should also look for a cap gun with adjustable caps.

2. Are there any caps guns made for adults?

There are currently real-looking cap guns that look like the real thing but they are not technically made for adults. The cap guns that are available for adults are actually just toys. They come in a variety of styles, like revolvers and automatic pistols.

3. What is the difference between cap guns and other toy guns?

The difference between cap guns and other toy guns is that cap guns are replicas of real guns. Cap guns have a spring-loaded hammer that you pull back and release, which causes a small-cap to explode with a bang.

4. How safe are the best cap guns in the world?

For the most part, cap guns are very safe. They are not real guns, so they do not have real bullets. Instead, they use caps, which are small, circular paper or plastic caps.

5. Are there any age restrictions?


It is perfectly legal to sell cap guns to people of any age. You may need to check the local laws of your city, but the federal government does not require cap guns to have any special age restrictions.

Final Words

As products have evolved, so have the ways they’ve inspired play. However, cap guns are the staple of childhood. These days, cap guns are no longer simply made of plastic than they were in past days. In fact, these are designed to look like the real thing.

The cap guns the most iconic toy guns in the world. Nowadays, the best cap guns have become more like real-life versions of what you remember firing at the neighbor’s cat as a kid