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Clay Pigeon Thrower

Do you enjoy shooting and hunting? Then, you must practice a lot to improve your shooting experience. But, to have a good practice day, you need to have the best clay pigeon thrower.

Well, unlike old times, hunting live pigeon is illegal now. So, throughout the world, clay targets are used for shooting events. As clay pigeons are not alive they need to be thrown.

So, every time you shoot, you need a clay pigeon thrower. That’s why buying a good one that works how you want is necessary. Although, there are many options available on the market, finding a good one may be tough.

That’s why our team of researchers spent hours finding and listing well-made clay pigeon traps and we shortened the list with only the top 5 clay pigeon throwers. Keep reading to find out about them.
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Best Clay Pigeon Thrower Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose one according to your necessity.

1. Champion Wheelybird Clay Pigeon Thrower | 2 seconds recycle

Do you want a lightweight and compact clay pigeon trap? Then, consider buying one of these from Champion. Wheelybird traps are compact but heavy-duty. Their strong structure but high-quality material makes them lightweight but sturdy.

Wheelybird traps take only 2 seconds to recycle. This provides shooters with a constant shooting experience.

Also, with their adjustable launch angle, shooters can face quite a challenge while shooting against one of these.

However, don’t let their compact design fool you. These traps can store 50 clay pigeons. That’s more than enough for anybody. Wheelybirds traps also fit standard 108 mm and international 110 mm clay targets.

When compared to other clay pigeon traps, Wheelybirds can stand their ground. These are cheaper than most others. That’s why, if you want a lightweight trap, wheelybirds should be your top choice.

Most Likeable Features

Champion Wheelybirds have a 25-foot release pedal cord. With this, you can have different shooting positions. Also, as these traps fit standard and international clay targets, you can use these anywhere. With 50 clay targets, they won’t disappoint!

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have reported that when faced with issues, Champion’s customer service is not enjoyable. They waste a lot of time on simple solutions. Also, some users reported having faulty traps.

Key Features

  • Assembles quickly and easily after shipment
  • 30 degrees elevation with adjustable launch angle
  • 2 seconds recycle time for continuous action
  • 3000 throws from a fully charged battery

2. Do All Outdoors Raven Clay Pigeon Thrower | Skeet Thrower

Do you want an inexpensive but durable solution to your skeet thrower problem? Then, look no more because Do all outdoors has just the perfect clay pigeon thrower for you. Made with aircraft aluminum, these are considerably better than most.

Carrying a clay trap can be a mess. That’s why having one that can be carried and moved around easily can be a huge advantage.

However, ravens have a built-in wheel and a pull handle. With these, you can move and store your trap easily.

Also, with only 2.5 seconds of recycling time, 80-yard range, and 5 to 35-degree angle of adjustment for different shooting angles, ravens can give you non-stop action! If you buy one of these to practice, you will hunt a lot of ducks next season!

Although, if compared to other clay traps, Ravens have something different to offer. While most traps work similarly, they belong to different price ranges. Considering their quality, the Ravens are pretty cheap!

Most Likeable Feature

Ravens have a safety pin to prevent accidental release. Also, these have attachable safety ring guards. With these, the raven is one of the safest traps in the market. Also, with different features, the raven works beautifully for a one-man operation.

Probable Drawbacks

Ravens don’t come with proper instruction manuals. The manuals that come with these are very vague. However, Do All Outdoors has a Youtube video to help users with assembly.

Key Features

  • 80 yards range with 2.5 seconds recycle
  • Foot pedal release with 25 ft cord
  • Durable textured matte finish
  • Aircraft aluminum material for lightweight and durability

3. Gunpowder Gear Blue Chukar Clay Pigeon Thrower| Steel Frame

If you want a smaller-sized variant, then blue chukars are our favorite! While other skeet throwers have a 50 clay stack, blue chukars from Gunpowder Gear have only a 10 clay stack. But, these small stacks are so mesmerizing that users only gave 5-star ratings!

Blue Chukars are very much to the point. These are very easy to assemble. No one has reported any flaws or hardships while assembling even one of these! That’s why Blue chukars are perfect even for beginners.

Although these only have a 10 clay stack, these support all standard clays. These throw clays 50 yards and has 2.5 seconds of recycling time.

So, these are pretty good for shooters of different skills.

However, other traps like the Champion Easybird are pretty big. These may be perfect for shooting events but not for home use. Blue Chukars with their smaller size, are easier to move and carry.

Most Likeable Features

As these offer only the basic, they cost only the basic too! You won’t find better target throwers at this price range. Also, with their solid steel frame, blue chukars may be small but these are hard to ignore!

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have reported that their traps stopped working after a few use. But, gunpowder gear offers refunds. So, that’s only just a hassle.

Key Features

  • Strong thrower with compact, small design
  • Ultra solid steel frame for durability
  • Release pedal for different angles
  • Simple and Very easy to assemble

4. Promatic Clay Pigeon Thrower | Automatic Trap Machine

Promatic has been in the game since 1985. They have become a household name for shooters and hunters. Their target thrower is designed with promatic engineering standard. This ensures the best clay pigeon thrower in terms of quality.

With 50 clay capacity and 70 plus yards of range, Promatic pigeon clay throwers are capable of providing you with the finest shooting experience.

Also, these have 10 to 30 degrees of adjustable elevation for different shooting angles.

However, in today’s world, wireless is the new best thing! That’s why Promatic throwers have the standard release pedal with a wireless remote too. Also, with 1 year of part warranty, you can use one of these for a long time.

Although other pigeon clay throwers are pretty similar to this one, Promatic is a very big brand in this market and they offer really good customer service. So, while they offer similar things, not all phones are Iphones, are they?

Most Likeable Features

Promatic offers a 1-year parts warranty for everyone one of these throwers. So, durability is guaranteed. Also, these fit all standard clay pigeons. Worrying about one less thing is tight, isn’t it?

Probable Drawbacks

Although promatic throwers last pretty long, some users have reported faulty ones that lasted even less than 100 clays! Although, they send a new one immediately if something like this occurs.

Key Features

  • Designed beautifully with cart for easy carry
  • 70 yards range with 50 clay capacity
  • Foot Pedal Release with optional wireless remote
  • 10-30 degrees elevation for different angles

5. Happy Buy Clay Pigeon Thrower | Electronic trap thrower

Happy buy traps work like magic! These are made with sturdy aircraft aluminum. Also, the full metal body is plastic spray-painted. This prevents rust and keeps the trap durable. That’s why, if you want one that lasts long, say no more!

However, for any pigeon clay thrower throwing distance and angle is very important. You don’t want one with low adjustments available on this part.

But, don’t worry! Happy Buy traps can be adjusted to a 30-70 degree launch angle.

With a 10 feet cord for the foot pedal, you can shoot at the angle of your liking. This foot pedal is perfect for a one-man operation. Also, with built-in wheels and a lightweight design, happy buy clay pigeons throwers are easy to move around with.

Although comparing with other pigeon clay traps, happy buy has a smoother operation. Because of their unique target feeder design, these traps can throw and recycling targets in a matter of seconds.

Most Likeable Features

Happy buy traps have 2 different safety measures. The safety pin and ring together ensure a safe hunting experience. Also, with 50 target capacity, these are perfect for home use and practice shooting.

Probable Drawbacks

Although these are made of good quality material, some users reported that the throwing arm of the trap gets stuck again and again. This is quite a drawback!

Key Features

  • Plastic spray painted to keep from rust
  • Safety pin and ring for safer operation
  • 30-70 degree adjustable launch angle
  • 65-87 yards target throwing distance

Things to consider before buying Clay Pigeon Thrower

Best Clay Pigeon Thrower

Pigeon Clay Throwers are the perfect practice solution for amateur and professional shooters. If you want to have a good shooting hand, you need to practice harder and harder. Legendary hunters like Jim Corbett or Jack O’Connor used to practice every day!

However, today’s world is different. Hunting wild animals are illegal now. So, to practice you need some targets to shoot. While still, targets are also quite hard to shoot, they do not provide real-life hunting experience.

That’s why you need the best clay target thrower if you want to improve as a shooter. Clay pigeons are the perfect replacement for wild pigeons. Just like pigeons, clay pigeons are fast and change directions due to wind. Check out the most essential Review for baseballs for batting practice.

But, buying a good clay pigeon thrower can be tough. Because there are so many options available on the market. But, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, you first need to evaluate what you want in a pigeon clay thrower.


Traps have different clay capacities ranging from 10 to even up to 600! But, you may not need so much. Bigger traps cost a lot more and are harder to manage and assemble. So, if you want to use it only for yourself, you should choose a smaller one.

As average traps can store 50 to 100 clays, that’s a pretty good place to start. Although, if you want a compact and smaller variant throwers like the Blue Chukar are perfect. However, if you want a big one, there are Champion Easybirds are pretty good.

Release System

Clay pigeon traps have different release systems like foot pedals, wireless remote, and even acoustic systems.

However, the Foot release pedal is the standard system. Most traps come with one of these. A long cord attaches the pedal with the trap and pressing the pedal releasing a clay target automatically.

Although, there are wireless remote systems too. You don’t need a cord with this one and they are significantly easier to carry. But, you need a good quality wireless remote if you want flawless usage. Don’t forget to check the shooting sandbags reviews.


Most traps have a 10-30 degree elevation for different angles. This makes sure that the shooting experience is impromptu. But there are other variations with higher angles. So, if you want more elevation you can buy one of those.

However, if you don’t mind working a bit yourself, you can just put some sandbags beneath your trap and adjust different angles.


Most pigeon clay throwers are metal-made. But, some are made of steel while others are made of aluminum. While aluminum is lightweight, steel is significantly more durable than aluminum.

So, if you want a lightweight variant, go for an aluminum-made one. However, if you want steel, there are steel-made traps widely available.

Recycle Time

Most traps have an average of 2.5 seconds of recycling time. This provides continuous, non-stop shooting action. But, there are faster throwers too. Some throwers can be as fast as 1.5 seconds.

If you want faster recycle, you need to find one that suits you. However, 2 seconds is pretty fast by itself.

So, follow these guidelines and you will surely find the most suitable pigeon clay thrower for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Will clay pigeon throwers come with Clay pigeons?

No, no trap comes with clay pigeons. Clay pigeons are sold separately on the market. You may check out the Daisy Shatterblasts. However, clay pigeons can be bought from your local markets. They cost less and work pretty well.

2. Will any thrower fit any size clay pigeons?

No. Most throwers fit standard and international size clay targets. The standard size is 108 mm and the international is 110 mm. However, there are mini clays available too. These won’t fit all throwers. There are different mini clay target throwers available.

3. Can I power the target thrower with a battery charger?

Most traps are powered through a battery. So, most traps need a battery to be connected to them. They won’t work otherwise.

However, if you can find a way of attaching a battery to the thrower but powering it with the charger then this might work.

4. Can I adjust the target velocity?

This depends. While most traps won’t let you adjust the target speed, some throwers can be adjusted. But, the standard speed of clay targets depends on a lot of things like the surrounding air.

So, adjusting the target speed could make you miss out on good ones.

5. Can I use a thrower by myself?

As throwers come with pedal release, you can use a trap by yourself. Most throwers can be used by a single person. So, don’t worry if you are alone.

Final words

Any shooter needs to have aerial experience. Doesn’t matter if you are practicing for a competition or the next duck hunting season, you need to perfect your hand. That’s why having the best clay pigeon thrower is essential.

So, if you follow your mindset and the guidelines we provided in this article, you will find the skeet thrower of your choice.

Fear God, Love your neighbor, and Shoot ducks!

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