Deer Attractant to Mix with Corn

Top 5 Best Deer Attractant to Mix with Corn in 2021

Every hunter loves the idea of deer showing up by themselves. But, bucks are smart. They don’t fall blindly to the bait. Unless something is attracting them towards it! That’s why mixing a good deer attractant powder with corn can help miraculously.

Hunters use deer attractants to lure bucks out in the open. That way, hunters can have a clean shot. This gives hunters an upper hand.

Also, deer attractants increase the chance of a hunt. As deer aren’t restricted, they can go anywhere. So, something attracting them towards the hunt is always a good thing to have, isn’t it?

However, there are many deer attractants on the market. So, it can be tough to make a choice. That’s why we spent hours researching for the best deer attractant to mix with corn. Keep reading to find out about them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Orange Corn Company | Flavored deer attractant to mix with corn
Orange Corn Company | Flavored deer attractant to mix with cornCheck Price

Evolved Habitats Stump Licker | Deer attractant to mix with corn
Evolved Habitats Stump Licker | Deer attractant to mix with cornCheck Price

C’mere Deer Corn Coat | Deer attractant to mix with corn
C’mere Deer Corn Coat | Deer attractant to mix with cornCheck Price

Moonshine Gold | Deer attractant to mix with corn
Moonshine Gold | Deer attractant to mix with cornCheck Price

Big&J Deadly Dust Sweet Corn | Deer Attractant to mix with corn
Big&J Deadly Dust Sweet Corn | Deer Attractant to mix with cornCheck Price

Best Deer Attractant to Mix with Corn Reviews

You will find multiple options in this section. However, not all of them might suit your budget and hunting ground. So, choose according to your necessities.

1. Orange Corn Company | Flavored deer attractant to mix with corn

Who doesn’t like the sweet scent of orange? Everyone does. So, do deer. That’s why an orange-flavored feeder mix is almost always a good choice. With its sweet orange scent and flavor, this mineral powder drives bucks crazy.

Orange corn company has always provided good quality. Their powders are easy to use.

A 10 Oz packet can be used with 300 lbs of whole corn or other deer grains. All you have to do is mix the powder with corn and be done with it.

Also, this deer attractant powder is scented with soybean and milo. This brings out the big bucks in the open. However, nobody uses 300 lbs of corn for one hunt. That’s why this feeder mix comes in a resealable pouch.

However, it’s up to the deer to decide what they like most. Most hunters recommend some feeder mix with a strong scent like this one. Also, many users reported more deer with this than other choices like the C’mere deer hunting scent.

Most likable features

With a mineral-like this, only results can speak the truth. So, being cheap and easily usable makes it easier for hunters to try this out. Also, the sweet scent of orange makes it pleasant to work with.

Probably Drawbacks

For the price, the amount of product is quite inadequate. It would be better if Orange Corn Company increased the quantity. Although, a bag treats 300 lbs of corn.

Key Features

  • Sweet, irresistible scent for bucks
  • Treats 300 lbs of any deer grain
  • Comes in a resealable pouch
  • Powerful but cheaper than most other options

2. Evolved Habitats Stump Licker | Deer attractant to mix with corn

What’s better than attractant powders? Molasses, of course! Molasses work more efficiently than deer attractant powders because you can use molasses even without corn or other types of grain. That’s why stump licker is such a good choice.

Stump licker from evolved habitats is a mixture of molasses and minerals. It is full of nutrients and smells very good. This is meant to be used on stumps and logs. You can pour it on a rotting stump by itself.

But, hunters have reported that pouring it on rotting stump or logs doesn’t work very well.

But, using it as icing on that corn feeder cake, makes it irresistible for deer. Although, this works best with moisture. So, you should also put it on some rotting logs near your feeder.

However, comparing stump licker with other deer attractants molasses, like Black Magic, stump licker can only be used with corn. It doesn’t work well when creating a mineral site for deer to lick.

Most likable features

Stump licker stands apart because of its unique smell and performance. This combination of minerals and molasses makes it irresistible for bucks.

Probable Drawbacks

As this has the smell of molasses, bears too are likely to be attracted. So, if you live in a bear-filled area, be careful when using it. Also, the packaging isn’t perfect.

Key features

  • Can be used as a standalone bait
  • Reacts with moisture to release a sweet smell
  • 1 gallon of the mixture at a cheap price
  • Creates a nutrient-packed mineral site

3. C’mere Deer Corn Coat | Deer attractant to mix with corn

Well, if a company tells you, “Deer will eat, whatever your treat,” it’s impossible not to at least try it out. Although, apart from the corny marketing motto, C’mere deer is a pretty decent company. Corn coat is a blend of their attractant formulas.

Corn coat is one of the most sold deer attractant powders. It comes cheap and works well for the price.

However, a Corn coat works effectively if you follow the instructions and use a minimum of 4 Oz per 50 lbs of corn or other grain.

C’mere Deer made this specifically for treating corn. Its sweet candy-like smell attracts deer, unlike anything. So, if you use plain corn for your bait, a Corn coat might be a suitable choice for you to upgrade your hunting game this season.

Although, if you compare other deer attractants to Corn coat, you may find mixed opinions. Because hunting depends on many variables, don’t you think? Corn coat does what it is supposed to do. It attracts deer to your feeders.

Most likable feature

Corn coat is a fine powder that floats on the wind. So, it mixes well with corn and also with the wind. Also, this comes in a handy pouch that makes it easier to work with.

Probable Drawbacks

Because of its sweet candy-like smell, raccoons and squirrels seem to like it even more than deer. Some users have reported no activity from deer too.

Key features

  • Treats 50 lbs of corn with only 4 oz
  • A powerful combination of C’mere deer formulas
  • Comes in a foil pouch
  • Can be used on mineral pellets too

4. Moonshine Gold | Deer attractant to mix with corn

Doesn’t matter if you are a wild deer hunter or a deer herdsman, you’re going to like Moonshine gold. This deer attractant from Andersons store is made from the finest corn-based distillers grain. This gives off a fine roasted smell that deer love.

Moonshine gold is sold in 3 packs of 2 lbs. So, these are easy to carry to plots and trips. Also, herdsmen can use this as the primary food for their deer.

Because, Moonshine Gold has 84% Digestible nutrients, 32% protein, 17 amino acids, and 7% fat.

Also, Moonshine gold includes molasses for a sweet aroma. This also keeps it from rotting in case of rainfall. So, if you live somewhere where rainfall is frequent, moonshine gold from Andersons store should be the best deer attractant to mix with corn.

Although, if you consider other deer attractants, this must be considered one of the finest. It doesn’t smell foul like some other attractants after rain. Also, deer like it because of its taste and smell.

Most likable features

This can be used by itself as the main food. But, moonshine gold can be used as an attractant only to the current plot. This gives off a nice, appealing aroma.

Probable drawbacks

Hunters from Flynn, Texas reported that deer in that region seem to like molasses more than these attractants. Also, it can be pricey as a primary food source.

Key features

  • Fast-acting and works as promised
  • Protein and Nutrient filled food for deer
  • Easily movable because of 2lbs bags
  • Can be used by itself or as an add-on to the current pile.

5. Big&J Deadly Dust Sweet Corn | Deer Attractant to mix with corn

Regular corn is okay. But, have you considered how deer would like the sweetest of corn in the world? Big&J derives its power from the sweetest sweet corn hybrid available. That gives a sweet pleasant aroma and deer love it more than anything.

Deadly dust is the only attractant made with actual sweet corn. This makes it 5 times sweeter than field corn and the aroma spreads a long-range.

So, Deer love this smell and come from different areas attracted to the deadly dust.

However, attractants that are dependent on base piles can be a problem to some. That’s why Deadly dust can be used on corn but also as a standalone attractant! So, you can spread some in your stand locations or front of the game camera.

But, some people may get skeptical about using deer attractant powder. However, considering other types of attractants, deadly dust works perfectly and gives the quickest results.

Most likable features

As deadly dust is made from real sweet corn, deer love it more than other synthetic attractants. Also, it’s long-range makes it certain that deer from near regions know what’s happening.

Probably Drawbacks

Good things come with a price. But, Big&J might have priced it too much for what it does. It can get costly if you use this.

Key features

  • Gives a nice, sweet aroma of real sweet corn
  • Works as a standalone attractant
  • Very good customer reviews from hunters
  • Deer love the organic feel of deadly dust

Things to consider before buying deer attractant to mix with corn

Best Deer Attractant to Mix with Corn

If you are a hunter, you must use attractants on your piles or ground feeders. This increases the chance of your hunt drastically. Because deer might not be interested in plain field corn. But, an attractant makes it impossible to resist.

But, there are many different types of deer attractants to choose from. So, it can get pretty hard to choose. That’s why we listed a few things you need to consider first if you want to buy the best deer attractant ever made guaranteed. Don’t forget to check the shooting sandbags reviews.

Standalone or Additive

Some attractants can be used as a standalone themselves. So, you can just pour that on a log or the ground and be done with it. But, these are pretty pricey. So, using these by themselves makes it very costly.

However, there are additive powders that only need to be added to your pile of corn. These make the corn more appealing. But, you need a pile to work with. So, if you are working for a game camera shot, these might not be the best choice. Check out the most essential Review for wii hunting games.

Powder or Molasses

This is a very big question. Because molasses have been pretty popular since the beginning of hunting. Bucks like it. But, so do other big animals like a bear! Some might say bears like molasses more than deer!

However, powder attractants are only for bucks and do. All you have to do is treat the corn with an appropriate amount of powder. This makes it easy to work with.

But, you can make homemade deer attractant with molasses too. So, consider everything before buying.

Price range

Price range is an important factor to consider before buying deer attractants. Everyone knows it gets costly to hunt! Every season hunters practically have to waste a lot of money many days. So, consider the price range before buying anything.

Hunting habitat

Just like us humans, deer from different areas like different things! So, you need to gather intelligence about your hunting ground to choose what type of attractant you need to mix with corn.

As an example, hunters from Alaska reported that molasses mixed with minerals work best there. That’s why it is important to be connected with hunters forums online like Deer Hunter Forum or

Also, if you keep in mind the weather around your area, you may need some specific performance from your pile. So, keep these small details in mind before wasting a lot of money on bad deer attractants online.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can you attract other animals with deer attractants?

Many animals get attracted to deer attractants. Because many animals share the same diet as deer. Animals like squirrels or rabbits or birds get attracted to the corn-based attractants. But, bears can get attracted to molasses.

2. Do I have to use all the attractant in a single day?

Deer attractants like every other product can be stored and reused till certain expiry date. So, make sure the one you buy, can be reused and stored for a long time.

3. Can I use attractant products as a primary food source?

Some attractants like Moonshine gold can be used as a primary food source. Because it is very nutritious and filled with minerals, it’s very appealing to deer but healthy too.

So, some attractants can be used as a primary food source.

4. Why aren’t deer interested in my pile?

This depends on a wide set of things. Starting from your hunting region to your hunting skills, this depends. So, first, make sure you are doing everything the attractants tell you to do. Also, keep connected in online hunting forums.

Final words

Deer are beautiful, majestic animals. But, they are very careful with their surroundings. That’s why being huntsmen is tough and one needs all the help possible.

Having the best deer attractant to mix with corn in your reserve can help you a ton. So, this hunting season make sure you are on you’re A-game! But, please be respectful towards nature for providing.

Eat, Sleep, and Hunt!