Deer Feeder Timers

Best Deer Feeder Timers – Top 5 Selection for 2021

Feeders are often used to attract deers and other games within hunter’s range. It helps to boost the confidence level of hunting enthusiasts. And if you are in the field of chasing for a while now, you are aware of the utility of a feeder.

But is it enough to set up a feeder and distribute the grains randomly? Ostensibly not. Such an arrangement may be expensive and feed unwanted brutes. In such a situation, feeder timers are deft.

The best deer feeder timers will help you to have track of the feeding hours. And ultimately make your hunting process smoother.

If you are trying to figure out ways to attract more deers or any games, look no further. Keep on reading to discover some efficient deer feeders along with their ins and outs.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

American Hunter Digital Deer Feeder Timer │ Pocket Friendly
American Hunter Digital Deer Feeder Timer │ Pocket FriendlyCheck Price

Highwild Universal Deer Feeder Timer │ Easy Installation
Highwild Universal Deer Feeder Timer │ Easy InstallationCheck Price

Moultrie Universal Deer Feeder Timer │ Durable
Moultrie Universal Deer Feeder Timer │ DurableCheck Price

The Timer Deer Feeder Timer │ Advanced Features
The Timer Deer Feeder Timer │ Advanced FeaturesCheck Price

Wildgame Innovations Deer Feeder Timer │ Large LCD
Wildgame Innovations Deer Feeder Timer │ Large LCDCheck Price

Best Deer Feeder Timers Reviews

Whether you are on a budget or willing to splurge- we got you all covered. So stay along while we help you to figure out the timer of your needs.

1. American Hunter Digital Deer Feeder Timer │ Pocket Friendly

While talking about accessories for game feeding, the first brand that came to our mind was American Hunter. The brand aces in making such tools. Herefore, we present the first product from our selection-  American Hunter Digital Feeder.

The feasibility of this digital is noteworthy. We tried to use the timer on multiple feeders and were not disappointed in any case.

The performance is consistent all through. What more can a novice ask for in a timer, right?

There is no claim of being water-resistant in the packaging. However, we found it to be functioning faultlessly under a heavy shower. Dust didn’t affect its performance as well. You often don’t get such efficiency from products within a budget.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”- the statement is apt for American Hunter Feeder Timers. And they do justice with developing necessary features at an affordable range. Anyone on a budget can pick this up and get away with the task.

Most liking Features

The screen has a battery indicator constantly showing the amount of remaining battery life. Therefore, no more shut down from the low charge!

Probable Drawbacks

With frequent usage, there might be some heating up in the battery.  Hence, you should keep the switch off during the day.

Key Features

  • Not affected by water and dust
  • Can be used with almost every feeder
  • Battery charge indicator for look over the battery life
  • Consistent performance

2. Highwild Universal Deer Feeder Timer │ Easy Installation

Assembling tools can be an intimidating job for beginners. We understand your trouble and tried to find a solution to address that. After a lot of market research and assessments, we have come up with the Highland Universal timer.

Whether you are a professional or a neophyte, you cannot go wrong with the Highwild Universal deer feeder timer.

We followed the manual and tried to assemble the timer. The entire process took a couple of minutes.

Apart from the easy assembly, the timer offers some features that make it an ideal addition to your buck feeder. Why so? Let’s find out.

The timer offers a lot of options for customization. We tried to fix the timer and surprisingly found another feature. There is an option to change the duration of feeding. From 1 to 30 seconds, you can adjust the timing as per your call.

The practicability that this feeder timer offers is unparalleled. For anyone who is new to hunting and wants to get a simple timer, Highland Universal will be a choice up to par.

Most liking Features

The improved technology saves the previous time settings in the device memory. Hence, the timing remains consistent. And with this, feeding games become easier.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users may find the buttons stiff. The keys are hard to press and can be vexing at times.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple options for time fixing
  • Can save older settings
  • Beginner-friendly

3. Moultrie Universal Deer Feeder Timer │ Durable

No one will deny that the efficiency of a product increases if its accessories are from the same brand. Experts always recommend using the same brand accessories to amplify productivity. Thence, if you have a Moultrie deer feeder, it’s best to get the timer from Moultrie as well.

By nature, companies are well aware of the functioning of their products. Hence, it becomes easier for them to design compatible add-ons.

Apart from that, the timer is capable of maintaining schedules and hours.

All the necessary tools to set up the timer with the game feeder are already there in the kit. Our team was amazed to see how seamless and swift the installation was.

Once you install this feeder timer, you will not need to worry about changing your buck feeder for years. Therefore, the timer will be a substantial pick for any deft hunter.

Most liking Features

To get an upgrading facility in such a petite device is very rare. Still and all, the Moultrie deer feeder timer offers this feature. The performance changes drastically with updates.

Probable Drawbacks

As the timer is functional with buck feeders from Moultrie only, you cannot wield it if your feeder is from any other brand.

Key Features

  • Compatible performance for years
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Available options to update
  • Sturdy outer layer with a clear screen

4. The Timer Deer Feeder Timer │ Advanced Features

One complaint that most of the huntsmen have is difficulty in using the timer in low light. That’s true. Manufacturers somehow overlook this inconvenience and get away with feeder timers. Nonetheless, this is not the case with “The Timer.”

Yes, the name itself is interesting. The features that this timer offer is advanced and functional.

Still and all, the facet the intrigued us the most is backlit. All the buttons and screens emit light in the dark. We tried to test its effectiveness during dusk and dawn. The result was satisfactory.

Electric tools often don’t show similar capability with the change of power supply. Nevertheless, Timer is an exception. Whether you use the battery from the pack or a different one, there is no fluctuation in the performance.

If you are looking for some advanced features in your timer, we will put in a good word for “The Timer.” The splurge on one of the best deer feeder timers is rewarding indeed.

Most liking Features

Along with all these features, there is a feature for integrated testing. This feature allows checking on the expected conduct of the timer. It also helps to find the best feeding hours.

Probable Drawbacks

This timer is sensitive to temperatures under 35 degrees. The snag will refrain many hunters from using this effective timer.

Key Features

  • Backlit button and screen
  • Options to check on the functionality
  • Similar performance with different power sources
  • Sensitive to low temperature

5. Wildgame Innovations Deer Feeder Timer │ Large LCD

What features does a user look for in a deer feeder timer? Simple fixing, durability, clear screen, and scopes for customization. Well, WI offers all these features and some more.

Users often complain about the use of multiple wires in timers. However, the wiring clips in WI are straightforward. From now on, the installation will be as easy as falling off a log!

While other timers give users the scope to customize the feeding time and duration only, Wildgame moved a step further.

There is an option to alter the span of each feeding. This way, you can reduce attractant mix with corn wastage to an extent.

Keep in mind that this buck feeder timer is not water-resistant. Thence, consider getting Wildgame Innovations if you are setting it up in the dry territory.

Most liking Features

Big screen is the key attraction of this deer feeder timer. The numbers are visible and can be noted from a distance. So there will be no risks of disturbing the prey while observing.

Probable Drawbacks

As the screen is LCD, it uses a lot of charge from the cell. That means you have to change the battery more frequently.

Key Features

  • Clear and big screen
  • Simple wiring
  • Sensitive to water
  • Multiple options for customization

Things to Consider Before Buying Deer Feeder Timers

Best Deer Feeder Timers

Deer feeders alone cannot function properly. Moreover, there is a lot of grain wastage. That is why professional huntsmen stretch over getting the best digital deer feeder timers. This tool provides life to your buck feeder.

Nevertheless, picking up the best-suited timer can be a taxing job. And to make your task plain sailing, we have listed down some facets.

Looking into these attributes will make your product choice easier. Into the bargain, these will also help to figure out the criteria of a decent feeder timer.

Power Supply

Suppose you are behind the shooting sandbags, all prepared to hit a buck. And all of a sudden, the timer stops working. None of us want to be in such a situation. On that account, the power supply must be uninterrupted.

To avoid such instances, choose a deer feeder timer with long battery life. Some timers have solar panels for charging purposes. They are a substantial choice. Other than that, check if there is an option to get additional power cells. If yes, go ahead!


Go for a game timer that has a simple operation. Complicated functioning in the name of advanced technology can be infuriating at times. Stay away from such timers.

Instead, choose something basic. As you might need to alter the schedule and duration of feeding, the comfortable buttons are a must. Thence, check if the keys are easy to press or not.

Besides, avoid timers with excessive wiring. Try to pick a timer with simple insulated wiring. Also, look for timers that have clips on the wire head. This will help to avoid electric shocks and other accidents.


As you are going to use the buck feeder timer in an open space, it must have the ability to adapt to the circumambient. A timer does not need to survive in every weather condition. But it should be able to function in its environment.

For instance, a humid land demands a timer that is water-resistant. On the contrary, a temperature-sensitive timer is not apt for extreme hot or cold weather. Hence, choose accordingly.

Options for Modification

The time for buck feeding may vary from hunter to hunter. Therefore, look for a timer that has multiple options for altering.

Many timers can spin or throw corns to the buck these days. You can pick such timers as well. The bottom line is, go for an option that offers simple and effective facets.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the ideal time to set a feeder?

Bucks rarely come in the daylight. Hence it is ideal to set the timer at the crack of dawn. You can also try setting it up before sunset.

2. Is there any way to observe the timer in low light?

If you want to take not from the timer in dimmed light, it is ideal that you pick a digital one. Digital feeder timers are mostly backlit. This feature brightens up the screen and makes the numbers visible at night.

3. What is the procedure to set up the timer?

Timers are very easy to set up. Fix the timer on the feeder and press “set.” Now you need to arrange the timing periods.  Select the number of times ( 1 to 6) and the span ( 1 to 30 seconds) of feeding the buck. And you are good to do.

4. How to recharge the battery of the feeder?

Digital feeders come with two kinds of batteries. One is the removable battery, and the other is fix. You can alter the removable battery and need to recharge the fixed one. However, most feeders with fixed batteries have a solar panel.

5. Can I use a remote with these timers?

Sure, you can use a remote to operate the timer. However, the timer does not come with a remote. You can buy it separately and put it to use.

Final Word

No doubt that feeders are nifty to catch a buck. But once you use a feeder timer, you will realize the difference. The timer ramps up the process by folds and makes hunting more stirring.

A timer is elemental to your feeder. We hope our selection of the best deer feeder timers was rewarding for you. All that is left now is getting one and attaching it to your feeder.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us!