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Dual Band Mobile Antenna

Antennas are the key to information transmission in this info-based era. Mobile antennas are providing us with the opportunity to take it where ever we go.

Dual-band, more accurately multi-band antennas are apt for supporting more than one signal at a given time. People using radios find it very useful. It is handy while roaming as it has the flexibility to adjust with changing network bands.

Although it is mainly used for rescue and emergency communication purposes, you can easily use it for fast daily communication in life. Thus, we are introducing the best dual band mobile antenna according to our expert’s choice.

Let’s begin then.
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Best Dual Band Mobile Antenna Review

Here we will provide you with all the detailed descriptions of the antennas and their key features so that it becomes easier for you to choose the latest antenna. Let’s jump into the reviews.

1. Nagoya UT-72 Dual Band Mobile Antenna │ Magnet Mount │ 4 dB

If you are looking for an excellent portable mobile antenna for radio and mobiles, you can look for this one’s features. The Nagoya dual-band mobile antenna is designed especially for mobile phones and hand-held radios.

This dual-band antenna with a magnet mount has a gain of over 4dB (Decibel). If you mount it vertically, it becomes omnidirectional. That means it is now able to receive signals from all directions.

The mount can use a rare heavy-duty earth magnet at a magnetic mount of 3.25 inches.

So, there is rarely any case of signal loss while using this antenna. Mount it on any steel body to have a check on its efficiency.

UHF (137-174,400-520 MHz) and VHF are the two bands used in the antenna. Loading coils of this antenna are very tightly wrapped. As a result, the range of UHF reception becomes more expansive, and the connectivity gets improved.

One can easily install this antenna on a bus, van, car, or truck using the SMA cable provided with it. RG-58 enable is used in almost every vehicle possible. It is capable of serving every heavy-duty requirement.

All the apparatus required for the installation are already in the package. You can easily place it in your desired place by following the manual.

Key Features

  • Extreme loaded coil
  • Can receive signals from all directions
  • Efficient magnet mount
  • Improved connectivity
  • No apparent signal loss

2. Tram 1185 Dual Band Mobile Antenna │ Amateur

Tram 1185 antenna is suitable for radio enthusiasts. Beginners can use this with great comfort and get a fantastic result. It might be beginner-friendly, but there is no scope to question its proficiency in network transmission.

Let’s get a brief idea about the dual-band antenna design in this case. Two different bands, namely VHF (Very high frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) are found in here.

The VHF and UHF are 2 m and 70 cm, respectively.

The 2m long VHF has a frequency range of 144-148 MHz, whereas the frequency range for 70 cm UHF is 430-450 MHz. This is one of the best dual band mobile antenna 2m 70cm to configure the device.

The antenna, magnetic mount, and cable are delivered all together if ordered. And the antenna’s magnets can be unscrewed easily with a 5/16″-24 thread. So, there will be no additional expense while putting this together.

A noteworthy observation is required in the area of the usage of this antenna. There are small parts in this antenna that can be hazardous if swallowed. Please keep it away from the reach of children under the age of three.

Key Features

  • Magnetic mount of 3 inches
  • Easy connectivity
  • 144-148 MHz / 430-450MHz frequency range
  • Easy installation
  • 1-year warranty

3. Tram 1181 NMO Dual Band Mobile Antenna │ Self Tuned

If you are troubled with tuning radios now and then, you can pick this antenna. It has a self-tuning feature which gives you relief from the trouble of turning the radio on and on.

What makes this radio stand out? Let’s analyze this dual-band mobile antenna reviews from the users and get to know about that.

The band that receives very high frequency (VHF) has a unity gain here. Therefore, ideal for FM radio and audio broadcasting, two-way communication, and big range data transfer. As the gain becomes united, the performance automatically gets better.

UHF in this radio has an antenna gain of 2.5 D bd. So, the electrical efficiency and directivity of the antenna in this receiver are quite impressive. The conversion of radio waves is pretty fast, and the output is satisfactory as well.

The frequency gain range of the Tram 1181 dual-band mobile antenna is 140mhz-170 MHz and 430mhz-470 MHz for VHF and UHF, respectively. Users confirmed that there was no lag in information transmission and were clear enough.

You may choose your desired amount and use the brass NMO to connect both the antenna and radio. Besides connecting, this mount acts as a cable for the antenna. Using the NMO mount is handy and at the same time, effective too.

Key Features

  • Self-tuning ability
  • United gain in VHF
  • NMO mount for connection
  • Zero lagging issues

4. VFAN Dual Band Mobile Antenna │ VHF and UHF Antenna

One more choice for people who want to get an antenna that can receive signals from several directions. Manufacturers have built it for heavy-duty use and apt to survive extreme weather conditions.

Let’s check the detailed specification to know more about this antenna.

To access the omnidirectional property, one can alternate the position of the antenna. This helps the antenna to receive signals from every possible direction. Therefore, there will be no loss of network on the go.

Talking about the installation, the antenna can be installed within a blink of eyes. The magnetic mount connects to a 2.95 inches atypical earth magnet base, which is making the procedure super-fast and hassle-free.

The company used stainless steel to make this antenna. So, it remains rust-free all the time. The cable RG-58 enables it to get a bulk amount of work done without lagging. It always completes the assigned task efficiency as it is the best dual band mobile antenna.

Waterproof along with antifreeze dual-band antenna design guarantees a longer life span for the antenna. Therefore, you can use this antenna during heavy rains, storms, fog, and even snowfall without any mishaps.

The company provides great customer care service. They offer a one-year warranty and solve any defects/faults in the given time period. The antenna is also replaceable under some major issues as considered by VFAN policy.

Key Features

  • Mounts on a strong earth magnet
  • Can act as omnidirectional
  • Easy installation
  • Freeze resistant
  • Waterproof

5. Comet Original Dual Band Mobile Antenna │ Radio Antenna

Unique dual-band antenna design to allow Comet antenna to be used in a wide range of gadgets.  Users can attach this antenna with a walkie-talkie, land phones, radio, and many other devices. It performs efficiently in all cases.

Two bands, UHF and VHF, are used in the antenna. The VHF band has a frequency range of 140-160 MHz, and UHF works in a frequency band of 435-465 MHz.

This works perfectly for news broadcast or radio wave transfer.

NMO is used for connectivity here. Hence, the desired amount can easily be adjusted. Amazing fact, the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) of the antenna is less than 2:1. That means the radio frequency is an effectively transmitted power source.

No tuning is necessary for the portable Comet antenna. It can get the tuning done by itself as per requirement. Also, the dual-band mobile antenna reviews of this particular appliance reflect customer satisfaction.

Different small parts are provided in the pack of the product. The antenna needs to be assembled after receiving it. Place it away from children to avoid any unwanted incidents.

The firm has a one-year warranty service. They are happy to solve any snag within this period. We encourage you to contact them when required.

Key Features

  • Flexible utility
  • Auto-tuned featured
  • Mounts using NMO
  • Less than 2:1 VSW ratio
  • One year warranty

Things to Consider Before Buying Dual Band Mobile Antenna

Best Dual Band Mobile Antenna

It is crucial to meet all the ends while buying a dual-band antenna. Various factors are to be considered before deciding on the “ONE.”

If you want to choose a dual-band antenna for yourself, you can check our expert tips to pick the best dual band mobile antenna 2m 70cm (VHF and UHF lengthwise) for yourself. Take notes; this will ultimately help to form your decision.

Let’s get them.


The magnetic mount is very important for antennas. It holds up the antenna in its place without the trouble of falling off.

Different magnets mount on different bases of earth magnets. Consider the latitude and altitude of your locality, and then get a suitable one. NMO mounts are pretty feasible by all. Try to get that. You will face no trouble while using the antenna. Don’t forget to check the dmr hotspot reviews.

Data Receiving

By data receiving, we mean the direction of receiving signals by the antenna. In some cases, the directions are specified. But nowadays, most of these appliances are capable of receiving signals from every direction.

It is strategic to get your hands on one with the facility of all directional signals. It will be useful when traveling in places with different network bands. The antenna is omnidirectional, will adapt to the changing circumstances, and act accordingly. Make sure you also check our guide for cat6 connectors.

Frequency Range

Frequency range sets on what kind of networking-related work can be done with that given limit.

Take a look at the range of frequency for the two bands. The ratio must be proportionate for effective data transmission, broadcasting, and communication. It should ideally be around 140-175 MHz and 430-475 for VHF and UHF, respectively.

Water and Freeze Resistant

Being water and freeze-proof is a must for your dual-band antenna. Otherwise, there will be trouble in connection in the winter and rainy seasons.

Water-resistance will also be useful while cleaning the car. If the antenna is resistant to water, there will be no hassle while cleaning the car, radio, or land phones. You will be able to clean the device or car without the worry of damaging it.

Also, it is better if the cable is made up of stainless steel. This will add up to the protection level.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Where can I use this antenna?

You may use this on any networking or communication device like radio and telephones. As it is portable, you can also use it on your car.

2. Will I have to get the cable separately?

Most of the packs come with all the things necessary for installation, along with the cable. But you might need to buy cables the other times. We would recommend you get the RG-58 one.

3. Which mount is to be used here?

A lot of mounts are available in both online and offline stores. Check the specifications for your device. If it allows, use the NMO mount.

4. What is the appropriate band length in dual-band antenna design?

The appropriate length for the two bands- VHF and UHF are respectively 2 meters and 75 centimeters. According to experts, the best dual band mobile antenna 2m 70cm is of this band.

5. What is the use of VHF?

VHF or Very High Frequency is used for radio and television broadcasting. Marine and air communication are impossible without using VHF.

Final Words

That was all for the dual band mobile antenna reviews. Hope you found some help out of our list of the best dual band mobile antenna.

Happy Networking!

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