Best Golf Grips for Humid Weather – Top 5 Picks in 2023




Golf Grips for Humid Weather

If you are a golfer residing in a humid area, you must already be fed up with the sweat and body heat. Golf is already a tough enough game we don’t need humid air to make it tougher, do we?

The main problem humidity causes golfers is the grip around the club. Sweat makes it very tough to hold the club properly and in turn, play golf properly. That’s why having the best golf grips for humid weather is absolutely necessary.

Golf grips are arguably the most overlooked gear. But, Grips are essentially the only part of the club that comes in direct contact with the player. So, they are the bridge between you and a good handicap!

However, even if you understand the importance of golf grips, it just isn’t convenient to go looking for a good golf grip for humid weather. That’s why our researchers spent hours searching for golf club grips for humid weather and made a list with only the top five.

Keep reading to find out more about them.
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Best Golf Grips for Humid Weather Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a golf grip that fits your necessities.

1. SAPLIZE 13 Golf Grips, Bundle A(with Full Regripping Kit)

If you change your golf grips every season, you already know how expensive it can get. You need regripping kits and solvents and golf grips from big brands cost so much. That’s why Saplize decided to help you out with this.

Saplize Store made these grips to be convenient. The grips are fairly easy to install and it comes with everything you need to re-grip! Well, there are two options for you. Either you get 15 high-quality tapes or a full-regripping kit included with 13 golf grips.

However, for a grip to do well in humid weather, the material is very important.

Saplize golf grips are made with dual material. The upper part of the grip is hybrid material. This part is anti-slip and handles sweat perfectly. Again, the lower part of the grip is high-feedback rubber.

Anyhow, for grips that cost half as much as Winn grips, you can rest assured that these grips provide an excellent experience and are arguably the best golf club grips for humid weather.

Most Likeable Features

Saplize made their grips with compound material technology. This ensures that the grips are perfect for every weather, and most importantly humid weather. In this fall season, grips like these are amazing to play with.

Probable Drawbacks

Although Saplize sells complete kits for 13 clubs, this doesn’t include a grip for the putter. Which would’ve been better.

Key Features

  • Comes with professional complementary tapes
  • The Grips have a thicker lower part for better fluidity
  • Dual material design for stability and anti-slip
  • Complete regripping kit or 15 tapes included

2. CHAMPKEY Premium Hybrid Golf Grips 13 Pack

Every golfer knows how important comfort is. Comfortable gameplay can increase your overall performance by such a margin that’s mostly incomparable to anything else. That’s why Champkey gave comfort their most attention.

Champkey MCS golf grips are made using cotton thread technology combined with soft micro-texture control. This ensures that the grips are soft and comfortable with increased traction.

Also, Champkey implemented their Wrap2 technology to build extra wraps in lower hand grip.

With this, MCS grips are easier on the hands and lessen tension and add extra power in each shot.

However, most other golf grips on the market are not easy to re-grip and sometimes even impossible to do at home. Champkey kept that in mind and made these very easy to slip on.

Most Likeable Features

Champkey invented their unique brushed cotton thread technology which incorporates moisture cotton fibers into soft rubber material. This provides additional stability and most importantly cancels out any sweat. So, these grips are perfect for playing in different weather.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have suggested that the tapes provided with Champkey grips are inconvenient for later re-gripping.

Key Features

  • Two types of micro-texture for comfort
  • Larger lower handgrip for less tension and more power
  • Cotton thread technology for stability and grip in all weather
  • Comes with all repair kits or 15 additional tapes

3. Winn Excel Wrap Oversize Golf Grips

When looking for golf grips, we kept in mind that many users use oversized grips. But, most available grips are not suitable for people suffering from hand fatigue or arthritis. So, we included these oversized Winn golf grips on this list.

Winn is a brand that everyone recognizes. From Asia to the USA, Winn is a dominating sports brand. So, they don’t need an introduction. Winn excel grips definitely live up to that mark and provide excellent quality.

However, if you believe more in performance than name, you too can rest assured. Winn excel grips are extremely tacky.

So, these work more and show less! Excel grips are made with durable rubber material and provide perfect grip all season long.

In the end, if you are looking for oversized golf grips, you don’t have much choice anyway. So, Winn could’ve easily compromised their quality in this. But, they decided to live up to the mark. Checking the orange golf balls will be helpful as well.

Most Likeable Features

Winn Excel grips are more suitable for dry weather. However, their wrap design ensures that these grips work well even in humid weather. Also, shock-absorbing rubber material lessens the tension on your hands and lets you play your best.

Probable Drawbacks

Winn Excel grips are slightly more expensive than regular amazon grips and these don’t come with anything else in the package. You only get the grips.

Key Features

  • Best golf grip for arthritic hands
  • Perfect for playing in different weather
  • 65% more shock absorbing than rubber material
  • Ultra-comfortable and tacky but very durable

4. yamato Black Nature Rubber Golf Grips Set Packed

A problem that golfers face with grips is that the traction in the grip doesn’t stay consistent. This introduces some problems in the game. That’s why Yamato made sure that their black nature golf grips have top-notch consistency and stability.

Yamato golf grips have a densely spread surface pattern with superior torsion control. With these features, the grips provide excellent grip in all weather and cancel out humidity-related problems.

However, durability is a big issue with most grips to be found online. Because most of these products are pretty cheap. Thus, compromising the durability.

But, Yamato made sure that their grips have an excellent lifespan and can be used throughout a season and more.

If you compare the excellent lateral traction and grip Yamato golf grips provide with other brands, you can clearly understand that these are without any question the best golf grips for humid weather. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the 52 300 softballs.

Most Likeable Features

Yamato grips provide top-class performance at such a cheap price that it’s sometimes frightening to imagine just how much monopoly the big brands have on markets. Yamato grips are excellent performers, comfortable and cheap!

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have complained that these grips don’t come with any instructions for re-gripping and it can be tough for novices.

Key Features

  • Very comfortable but provides excellent feedback
  • Densely-spread distinctive, Classic texture for added stability
  • Outstanding aftersales service by Yamato
  • Fit for golfers of different size and skill levels

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best Golf Grips for Humid Weather

1. What type of golf grip should I use?

When looking for a golf grip, you need to keep some things in mind. The texture and material are the most important things to look for.

Most grips are made of rubber or synthetic rubber material. So, you need to find a grip that’s made of good quality rubber. However, you need to choose a texture that you are comfortable with.

If a golfer doesn’t use gloves, they may prefer a grip with less texture and a smoother feel. But, grips with more textures usually provide the most traction.

2. How do I know what size golf grips I need?

Size is probably the single most important thing to consider before buying golf grips. Golf grips mainly come in four sizes. Undersize, Standard, Midsize, and oversize. Using an improper grip size might cost you 3 to 4 strokes every game!

So, it’s better to just measure your hands and understand the perfect fit for your hands. If your hand is smaller than 7 inches, you need undersized grips. 7 to 83/4 inches hands need standard-sized grips.

If your hand size is between 81/4 to 91/4 inches, you need midsize grips and any bigger is going to need oversize grips. However, if you suffer from arthritis or hand fatigue, you may consider using oversized grips anyway.

Learn more about golf grip sizes and how to choose the proper size for you.

3. Do pro golfers use thicker grips?

Some PGA pros have used thicker grips and continue to use thicker grips today. However, not all pros necessarily use oversize grips for their clubs. Although oversize grips have been proven to help amateurs reduce grip pressure during the full swing.

If you plan on using an oversize grip, learn more about when to use oversize golf grips.

4. What happens if golf grips are too big?

A bigger diameter grip can cause you to lose swing speed and fast squaring of the clubface. As bigger diameter grips don’t engage the smaller muscles, they can restrict and slow down your hand movement.

Also, if you are looking for a grip that performs as well in humid weather, you need to find the best golf club grips for humid weather that fit your hand perfectly.

So, try experimenting with smaller grips if you feel your golf grip is too thick and uncomfortable.

5. Should I use standard or midsize grips?

You can easily understand this by comparing it with your golf gloves size. If you wear a men’s XL glove, you need a midsize or oversize grip. But, a men’s L or M size or a woman’s L size, usually requires standard-sized grips.

Learn more about choosing the perfect size golf grip for you.

Final Words

Golf grips are often unnoticed and overlooked. Only smart golfers understand just how much impact golf grips have on your handicap.

So, if you reside in a humid area, be smart and buy the best golf grips for humid weather that suits you perfectly and gives you enough comfort. Investing and re-gripping every season will win you 3-5 strokes every game. So, choose wisely!

Golf is a game not just of manners but of morals.

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