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Griptilian Scales

Griptilian scales are the most useful tool for cutting and chopping. It is used in various works from chopping vegetables to outdoor tracking works. No matter what the situation or work, it gets compatible with every situation.

But there are huge options of various mini griptilian scales with lots of qualities in markets. So it seems quite troublesome to find the most appropriate one. That’s why we have spent valuable hours in doing research to make available the best griptilian scales for you.

Let’s check them and discover the desired one.
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Best Griptilian Scales Reviews

There are various kinds of customized griptilian knives available around markets. We have presented to you the five top most amazing griptilian scales with full guidelines so that you can find your desired benchmade mini griptilian scale.

1. Benchmade Griptilian 551 Scales | Plain Edge

Griptilian has always assured top-class functionality of its materials. Similarly Griptilian 551 is an all around fantastic benchmade knife. It has high-quality stainless steel blade that offers superb edge qualities and rust resistance as well as more well-balanced.

The glass-filled nylon coated knife is very much well-designed that is ideal for doing hard jobs and everyday carrying. Plus, it is very strong but yet attractive.

Besides, its axis lock is exceptionally tough and fully ambidextrous.

Besides, the griptilian 551 is a customized manual knife that can easily be opened and closed single-heartedly. It is very lightweight and has easy handle grips that makes it more convenient for use. Therefore, its drop-print utility blade style makes it more versatile.

Moreover, its super-structural & reversible pocket clips offer ultimate accessibility that make it ranking first from other Griptilian competitors . It’ll be a very good option to use in outdoor-indoor or tactical works. So, its over-all amazing functionality makes it ideal for everyday use.

Most liking feature

Its amazing sharpening sleek blade is considered the most preferable feature. The blade is appropriate for cutting vegetables to hardwood piles.

Probable Drawbacks

Griptilian 551-S30V is compatible with all of its amazing qualities but its price range seems quite high. This would be a tiny drawback to budget-friendly knife seekers.

Key Features

  • Superb quality blade
  • Tough handle & reversible clips
  • Amazing versatility
  • Comfortable & convenient for use

2. Spyderco Sage 5 Griptilian Scales | Folding Knife

Spyderco has been always introducing the best of the best folding knives edition. Similarly, this knife ensures high performance by its innovative lock mechanisms. It ensures a safe lock which can be closed by only one hand even without using fingers.

Besides, the knife’s handle is made from FRN material which makes it even tougher than others and more lightweight also. Therefore, this knife has a unique lock mechanism which enables the knife to be safely closed with one hand without placing fingers in the path of edge.

Moreover, the open-backed construction of the knife decreases its weight and enables easy cleaning. Plus, it assures convenient tip-up carry by its reversible deep-pocket wire clip.  Besides, it has a full-flat grind, leaf shaped CPM S30V stainless steel blade which ensures amazing sharpness.

Even unnecessary dragging is reduced during cutting by it. Moreover, its notch-joint mechanism helps the blade to hold safely during use which distinguishes it from its competitors. This knife will be the best custom scales benchmade griptilian for all-purpose cutting tools.

Most liking feature

Spyderco Sage 5 has its own designed & patented locking mechanism including the pocket clip, serrated edge & one-handed opening capability that make it unique.

Probable Drawback

This folding knife is an all-rounder but sometimes it can provide unusual locking trouble which can be felt sometimes messy.

Key Features

  • High-performance
  • Amazing sharpness
  • Lightweight & convenient
  • Superb locking mechanism

3. Benchmade Griptilian 550-1 Scales | Sheepsfoot Blade

Since the 19th century, Griptilian has been maintaining its amazing quality knives for operating simple to various tactical issues. Similarly, Griptilian has now come with an upgraded version of Griptilian 550-1 with upgraded G10 stainless blade steel.

The sharpness of the blade is beyond expectation and maintains edge performance & resistance perfectly. Plus, the corner layered gray & blue color look makes it stunning. Even the handle of this knife is not only attractive but also very tough & suitable for doing hard jobs.

Besides, there will be no question regarding its versatility. Its sheepsfoot blade style is a perfect choice for general purpose like cutting, slicing etc. It can not only be ideal for everyday kitchen work, but also capable for use in outdoor & survival activities.

Apart from these, one thing that distinguishes Griptilian 550-1 from its tough competitors is its amazing axis lock pattern. It carries a lanyard hole and a reversible tip-up clip position that offers strong integral grip and traction.

Most liking feature

The extraordinary ergonomic & lightweight nature of this knife makes it everybody’s favorite tool. It can be used & taken anywhere in pocket.

Probable Drawback

This knife will be an amazing tool for use but it has a petty drawback issue. The cost range of this knife seems quite high.

Key Features

  • Sharpening blade
  • Amazing accessibility
  • Tough handle grips
  • Versatile & lightweight

4. Flytanium FLY253-BRK Griptilian Scales | Titanium Material

There is no one who doesn’t want to compromise with the quality of benchmade griptilian mini scales. And for them Flytanium has brought their very own grade 5 titanium mini griptilian scales. This knife possesses a great stunning stonewash finish.

This knife has come with a hardware kit with itself. The kit has three barrels made with titanium, two center screws and ten spacer screws with a pocket clip.

Even the kit is not very heavy in weight. In fact, it makes the knife more convenient for use.

Besides, the knife uses a strong pivot that assembles all the kit materials in place perfectly. It systematically holds and assembles the screws in place correctly. Plus, it saves the knife from dislocating its screws and spares.

Moreover, this Flytanium FLY253 has ranked itself the best griptilian scales and distinguished itself from all of its other competitors. It’s because it provides the best of the best titanium-build sharp blade and hardware kit that has made it extraordinary.

Most liking feature

This knife is an all-in-one titanium benchmade mini griptilian. But especially its sturdy grip makes it the most amazing one.

Probable drawback

The knife has no drawback that can be noticed. But its bulky packaging might sometimes seem a little messy.

Key Features

  • Grade 5 titanium blade
  • Stunning stonewash finish
  • Provides useful hardware kit
  • Strong hold & sturdy pivot

5. Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556-1 Scales | Satin Finish

Unlike other benchmade griptilian scales, this time Griptilian has come up with its new upgraded version with mini griptilian 556-1 scale. It is upgraded with G10 including CPM-20CV stainless sleek & fascinating blade.

The blade is not only expert in ensuring amazing sharpness but also in improving edge performance superbly.

Besides, the G10 handle is absolutely durable and moisture and temperature friendly. Its integral grip offers amazing traction.

Besides, the knife is designed so well with its own exceptional axis lock that is very tough and rigid. Plus, the knife can be used manually. It is very compact and lightweight for carrying anywhere in any situation.

Moreover, its amazing versatility and multi-purpose use makes it distinctive from other competitors. Its drop print utility blade style has made it suitable for everyday heavy outdoor and indoor works. Plus, its accessible reverse pocket clips also make it attributable.

Most liking feature

If you want to have an extraordinary incisive blade, then the blade of this knife would be best for its resistance, edgy performance.

Probable drawback

All the features of this knife are very much exclusive and top-notch. But its price range seems quite high, which might be a drawback of it.

Key Features

  • Ensures great sharpness by the blade
  • Amazing edgy & resistance maintenance
  • Compatible & lightweight
  • Versatile & moisture friendly handle

Things to Consider Before Buying Griptilian Scales

Best Griptilian Scales

Everyone should be conscious about all the criteria of a product before purchasing. Similarly, griptilian scales have also some important factors that can’t be neglected before choosing one. Those things will lead you to find the best custom scales for benchmade griptilian.


Sharpness is one of the most significant focal points in measuring the intensity of a knife. It would be better to choose a stainless steel incisive blade oriented knife in order to get amazing edge finish and corrosion resistance.

In this context, griptilian uses SPM stainless steel made blade to ensure the intense sharpness of the mini custom knives. So you have to be aware of the high quality blade and sharpness of the griptilian scale. You may also like some of the float tube fins from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Locking Mechanism

In order to get the perfect griptilian scales, it is very important to assure extraordinary locking mechanisms. The locking mechanism must have to be ambidextrous and tough. Plus it has to be the option of manual use.

So make sure that your benchmade griptilian scales have a superb locking mechanism so that you can get the maximum traction and accessible function. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the agility ladder drills.

Handle Grip

The handle grip of the knife has to be the strongest and toughest. If it is not sufficiently rigid, the knife will lose its integrity and then there will be no use of using a mini benchmade griptilian. That’s why you have to be sure enough about the handle grip of the knife.

Moreover, it is also very important to be aware that the knife will provide all the hardware kit and pivot assembly to make the strong handle screws.

Multi-purpose Utility

A benchmade mini griptilian knife has the capability for different usage. It has to be versatile and compatible for any use like in indoor kitchen works even in outdoor adventurous service works.

Moreover, it has to possess the notch-joint mechanism which will help to hold it while using. Plus it has to ensure reversible pocket clips that will help in convenient usage.


Most importantly, your selected benchmade mini griptilian has to be user friendly. It has to be lightweight and compact so that you can use, carry or hold it easily to anywhere you want. Plus, it has to be moisture and heat friendly.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can it be suitable for left-hand user?

Yes, it is.

Benchmade griptilian axis lock is fully ambidextrous. So it can be perfectly suited for both left-hand and right-hand users. Even it has the choice for manual use so you can use it as per your wants.

2. Will it ensure perfect edgy finish?

Yes, definitely.

The benchmade griptilian has high quality stainless steel drop-print blade that ensures incisive edge performance and corrosion resistance. So it will give you a plain edge satin finish with low maintenance.

3. Does this knife have assisted opening?

No, it isn’t necessary to have assisted opening.

The knife is unleashed with a simple push by the thumb-stud openers on the blade. So it can be easily opened and closed very fast. You can flick it easily by using your finger.

4. Can it be compatible in self defense?

Yes, it can.

The knife is very much lightweight and convenient for carry. It has the sharp finish, strong grip and reversible pocket clips by which it can be carried and held easily in pockets. So it can be a perfect tool for using in self-defense.

5. What is necessary for getting the exceptional griptilian scales?

Several things like sharpening blade, powerful handle grip, plain edge, ambidextrous locking mechanism, compatibility etc. that are the main attributes that should be taken into consideration before selecting the best griptilian scales red.

Final Words

Griptilian scales are the best companion tool for not only cutting works in the kitchen but also for any hard service work. And to remove unnecessary dragging, it is important to ensure high quality sharpness and resistance of the knife including its over-all functionality.

If it is possible to ensure all the necessary things as a griptilian mini that are discussed above, then we can say that you’ll get the best griptilian scales.

Have a sharp cutting performance!

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