Holster for S&W Shield

Top 5 Best Holster for S&W Shield – A List from The Expert

Guns are supposed to protect the owner in times of crisis. But, a loose gun can get very dangerous for everyone nearby. That’s why a holster is absolutely necessary for a handgun to be used safely.

Holsters are designed to limit unnecessary movement of the gun. Holsters protect the trigger and offer ready access whenever needed. So, one can feel confident carrying a handgun like the S&W Shield knowing it’s safely attached to the body.

The best holster for S&W Shield can be hard to find because there are many similar offerings on the market. So, it gets a bit tricky as there are many aspects to look for in a holster.

That’s why our expert teams spent hours researching holsters for the S&W shield and made a list of the top 5. Keep reading to find out the best one for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

CYA Supply Co. Holster for S&W Shield | Concealed Carry
CYA Supply Co. Holster for S&W Shield | Concealed CarryCheck Price

Amberide Kydex Holster for S&W Shield | Left Hand Draw
Amberide Kydex Holster for S&W Shield | Left Hand DrawCheck Price

Pole Craft Holster for S&W Shield | Lifetime Warranty
Pole Craft Holster for S&W Shield | Lifetime WarrantyCheck Price

Tege Store Holster for S&W Shield | OWB
Tege Store Holster for S&W Shield | OWBCheck Price

Blackhawk Serpa CQC Holster for S&W Shield | OWB
Blackhawk Serpa CQC Holster for S&W Shield | OWBCheck Price

Best Holster for S&W Shield Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a handgun holster according to your necessity.

1. CYA Supply Co. Holster for S&W Shield | Concealed Carry

Do you want an inside the waistband holster that offers comfort but works perfectly? Then, this is a perfect choice. This CYA holster has smooth edges, adjustable cant and a slim cut design making it a perfect IWB holster.

However, for gun holsters, retention should be the most important factor. That’s why this holster has a precise retention system.

This comes with screws for adjusting the grip on the weapon. Adjustable retention lets you draw easy but safely.

Although it’s more of a preference for users, the cant of a gun can give different experiences. CYA understands that and made this holster to have an adjustable cant. So, you can adjust just how tilted you want your gun to be.

But, with other IWB holsters, you may find different unnecessary features creating drag. CYA holsters offer a clean gun drag. Also, this is made of stainless steel while most others are plastic.

Most Likeable features

CYA supply co has made sure that the holster fits the gun perfectly. With perfect edges fitting the M&P Shield, the holster is easy to carry while being aesthetically pleasing. Also, it clicks when holstered.

Probable Drawbacks

As the gun retention is adjusted with a screw, some users found the screw losing its grip in a few defective products. However, CYP offers a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Retention and Carry angle
  • Smooth edges for comfortable use
  • Sweat guard and water-resistant
  • Different designs and pricings available

2. Amberide Kydex Holster for S&W Shield | Left Hand Draw

If you are a left-handed person, Amberide made a suitable gun holster for you! This is made with Kydex material. Kydex is a type of sturdy plastic that holds even after a very long time of use. So, this holster is going to be working for a long time.

IWB holsters should keep your gun discreet but easily accessible. That’s exactly what this holster does.

It keeps out of your way in your daily life. With adjustable cant, you can figure out the perfect draw position for you.

Also, adjustable retention, which is the drag of the holster on the gun, makes sure that the gun doesn’t fall off but gives a smooth drag. Adjustments are quick and easy. So, you can adjust the drag throughout the day if necessary.

However, when compared with stainless steel holsters like the CYP Supply co holster, Kydex material ensures that the holster doesn’t get rust after use.

Most Likeable Features

For comfort, the cant of the holster can be adjusted 0-15 degrees from a vertical position. Also, the holster has a posi-click audible retention lock system, letting you know that your gun is safely holstered.

Probable Drawbacks

Although it is advertised to fit the S&W 40, it doesn’t. Users have reported that the holster is too small for the gun. This is a massive drawback.

Key Features

  • Perfect fit for S&W M&P Shield 9mm
  • Waterproof and has a Sweatguard
  • Conceals the weapon discreetly
  • Sturdy and durable for long time use

3. Pole Craft Holster for S&W Shield | Lifetime Warranty

This is another left-hand draw holster in this list. But, these are made to stand out from the competition. Pole Craft holsters are concealed carry holsters for inside the belt carry. Being made with high-quality materials, these give off confidence to the carrier.

However, many holsters in the market wear off quickly and break in days of usage. Not this one though!

Pole craft ensures this holsters sturdiness and long-lasting use by using 0.8” KYDEX material. Also, these come with a lifetime warranty!

Although, IWB holsters need to be lightweight and comfortable. Because IWB holsters need to be discreet in appearance and comfortable to wear. That’s why this lightweight and compact holster is a perfect IWB holster.

But, comparing with other holsters like The Concealment Express Store IWB Holster, you can see that pole craft holsters are cheaper but come with fewer features. Although, for some these features seem unnecessary.

Most Likeable Features

For any IWB holster, the comfort and safety is the most important thing. That’s why the two most important things for holsters are retention and cant. Both can be adjusted in these holsters.

Probable Drawbacks

According to users, these don’t fit the M&P 2.0 as advertised. The holster is too small for the gun. Also, the retention screw loosens up easily.

Key features

  • Very Affordable IWB Option for daily use
  • Adjustable retention and cant for safety and comfort
  • Smooth edges to ensure comfortable use
  • Made with Sturdy, Durable KYDEX material

4. Tege Store Holster for S&W Shield | OWB

If you like OWB holsters, then you might already be fed up with this list! Well, here it is. Tege Store provides the best holster for S&W Shield if you want an OWB variant. With their high-quality material and intelligent design, Tege store holsters are beautiful.

This holster is made of polymer. So, it is durable, waterproof, sweat-proof and adaptable to every environment! As Tege offers a belt and paddle variant of these holsters, you can get the type you want.

However, as we all know, retention and cant is the most important feature of any holster. So, the adjustable cant of 0-60 degrees might make you happy.

Also, these have level II retention for faster draw and re-holster.

Other OWB holsters for other guns might have a lot of features that you may or may not need. But, these Tege store holsters offer only what necessary in a lesser than average pricing.

Most Likeable Features

The active retention features are automatic in these holsters. Also, this has an audible click. So, users can know that their gun is safe and accessible when necessary.

Probable Drawbacks

The belt variant of these holsters is reportedly poorly constructed than other solutions on the market. Also, the holster fits the gun almost too tight.

Key Features

  • Compact OWB holster for M&P Shield
  • Adjustable belt size and paddle cant
  • Trigger guard for ultra-safety and Easy access
  • Index finger release button for weapon access

5. Blackhawk Serpa CQC Holster for S&W Shield | OWB

Blackhawk is a people’s favourite among handgun forums, and for good reasons! Blackhawk Serpa offers the most in a price range that most can afford. Also, these close-quarter combat holsters are easy to use for a long time.

However, for any weapon holster, grip is very important. The Serpas have immediate retention with an audible click. So, you can have a good grip and a perfect draw.

Although, being manufactured by ATK, one of the biggest weapon brands, Blackhawk Serpas have a massive advantage. These holsters are versatile and fit the M&P shield 9mm perfectly.

But, other OWB holsters offer a lot of features. Like the Tege holsters offer trigger guard and index finger release button. Blackhawk Serpas don’t have these extra features for safety which may concern some.

Most Likeable Features

Blackhawk Serpas not only have the belt loop system but also the paddle holster system. This can come in handy in daily life more often than not. Also, being a big brand, ATK offers good customer services.

Probable Drawbacks

This is the only holster, which is forbidden in some training grounds because of accidents they caused. Some safety features should be included to make drawing weapons safer.

Key features

  • Advanced retention system with an audible click
  • Can be mounted with included belt or paddle
  • Sturdy, long-lasting performance
  • Versatile holster for low pricing

Things to consider before buying Holster for S&W Shield

Best Holster for S&W Shield

As it is a matter of safety for people nearby, you must have a good quality handgun holster. However, as you can probably tell, buying a good holster isn’t easy.

Although, if you consider some features, finding the handgun holster of your choice can get easier. That’s why we made a list of things for you to consider before buying a holster for S&W Shield.


This is a matter of preference. IWB or inside the waist-band holsters are carried inside your clothing. These keep the weapon concealed inside your apparel. So, the gun can be discreet and not easily accessible for someone except you.

In this article, we have listed the best IWB holster for S&W Shield. But, many consider OWB holsters to be their preference. Although OWB holsters are easier to carry, they have certain problematic aspects to them. Additionally, you can check our review on holster for ruger LCR.

OWB holsters aren’t concealed and in a public place showing off your gun isn’t exactly necessary. Sometimes, guns are better concealed for your safety. However, OWB holsters offer some virtues too.

Outside the waistband, holsters are easier to access and more comfortable to wear because it is outside your waist-belt. Also, paddle system holsters are very easy to use and safe. Read this article to have a detailed know about IWB and OWB.

Belt loop Or Paddle

This is specifically for OWB holsters. OWB holsters can be mounted two ways. Some may find a belt loop system more tight and safe. On the other hand, paddle systems are easier to use and give a comfortable experience. Besides, you can choose some OWB holster for M&P shield 9mm.

But, if you plan on running around belt loop might be more suitable. That’s why a holster that offers both like the Blackhawk Sherpa is very useful in certain situations.

Right Hand or Left Hand Draw

Guns are cross-mounted. So, if you are a right-hand person, your holster needs to be mounted on the left side of your body. These type of holsters are called Right-hand draw holsters and vice versa.

However, some people might not want to cross-mount their guns and prefer to just draw from the dominant hand. So, this is a matter of preference after all.

Adjustable Retention

Retention is the most important feature of any holster. Retention is the grip of the holster on the weapon. So, higher retention means the gun is more tightly secured inside the holster but that makes it harder to draw.

On the other hand, lower retention means the gun is easier to draw but likely to fall off if too loose. That’s why everyone prefers adjustable retention. So, you can customize how you want it to be.

However, not every holster offers adjustable retention. So, if you want this feature, you must make sure that the one you’re buying comes with adjustable retention features.

So, if you follow these guidelines before buying a holster, you should get yourself a decent one of your liking.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Do all holsters fit weapons with laser?

No. Only holsters that claim to fit laser can be expected to fit weapons with lasers. Usually, most holsters don’t fit lasers. So, you need to find one that does

2. Are IWB holsters comfortable to wear?

Yes. Good quality IWB holsters like the CYA holster is very comfortable to wear. However, you need to adjust the cant to your liking.

3. Do I need a gun holster?

It is possible to manage without a gun holster if you don’t care about society and other people’s lives! Gun holsters are cheap and keep yourself and others safe. Get one.

4. Are leather gun holsters still available?

Yes. Leather gun holsters are still very available. But, you need to search for a good fit for your weapon. So, if you want one, consider reading this from Relentless Tactical.

5. Will any 9mm holster fit my S&W EZ 9mm?

No. Different weapons have different designs and shapes. So, you need to find a Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm holster for your gun. Specific laser-cut holsters offer the best draw and a good fit.

6. Do I need a gun belt for concealed carry?

Actually, yes. You need a gun belt to carry weapons. Because regular belts aren’t designed to accommodate your gun and other accessories. Read this to choose a proper gun belt for you.

Final words

Guns are supposed to keep you safe from outside attacks. But, holsters are necessary to keep others and yourself safe from the gun itself!

However, as you came this far in the article, we hope you found the best holster for S&W Shield for you. If you consider the preferences before buying a holster, you sure will.

Keep your weapon close to your hands while keeping it out of someone else’s!