Manual Bilge Pump

Top 5 Best Manual Bilge Pump – Recommendations for 2021

If you have ever been in a kayak, you know it is not all about rowing the paddle in the water. To elevate your experience and make the rowing process plain sailing, you will need some gears. And a bilge pump will be somewhere at the top of the gear list.

Bilge pumps are handy in evacuating water from the cockpit of the kayak. Thence, to tackle the rough weather in mid-water, choosing an efficient bilge pump is essential.

Nevertheless, choosing the best manual bilge pump can be time-consuming and troublesome. To make things easier, we tried out hundreds of bilge pumps and narrowed down to five.

Continue reading to find the one you want.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Seattle Manual Bilge Pump │ Beginner-friendly
Seattle Manual Bilge Pump │ Beginner-friendlyCheck Price

Better Boat Manual Bilge Pump │ Anti-clog
Better Boat Manual Bilge Pump │ Anti-clogCheck Price

Best Marine Manual Bilge Pump │ Feasible
Best Marine Manual Bilge Pump │ FeasibleCheck Price

Shoreline Manual Bilge Pump │ Affordable
Shoreline Manual Bilge Pump │ AffordableCheck Price

Whale Manual Bilge Pump │ Heavy-duty
Whale Manual Bilge Pump │ Heavy-dutyCheck Price

Best Manual Bilge Pump Reviews

In this section, we have tried to provide ample information about all the bilge pumps. Consider checking the detailed specifications to have a fair conception of each product.

1. Seattle Manual Bilge Pump │ Beginner-friendly

Who doesn’t like an easy-to-operate device, especially during kayaking? On that account, we are beginning our recommendations with a relatively simplistic pump from Seattle.

Pull to draw the water and pull to remove- the operation of this pump is as simple as it can get. The pattern of this pump allows users to disperse the water in a specific direction.

What we like the most about this pump is its handle. The rubber coating provides a substantial grip, even when the hands are wet.  However, the pipe that comes with the pump is not the most efficient one.

Although Seattle claims the pump to be a 480 GPH one, we could not put that on the test due to its manual operation. Nevertheless, it performs well enough on regular pumping.

All in all, the Seattle manual pump can be a kickstart for beginners in kayaking. With a comfortable grip and safety concerns, you get more than you pay for this bilge pump.

Most liking Features

The foam around the handle of the Seattle manual bilge pump is effective in keeping it in a floating position.

Probable Drawbacks

You simultaneously can’t paddle and use this bilge pump.

Key Features

  • User-friendly setup
  • Convenient grip handle
  • Inexpensive
  • Foam layering for thrust

2. Better Boat Manual Bilge Pump │ Anti-clog

Do you often face trouble with clogged pipes? If yes, then give the Better Boat rule bilge pump a try.

In many instances, dirt and sand get stuck in the pipe of the pump. Even in a worse scenario, the pipe gets fully clogged and can’t evacuate water any longer. To avoid such issues, Better Boat comes with a filtering nozzle that allows anything but water.

As the pipe is relatively longer than usual, it takes a lot more effort in the pumping process. Besides, it can get difficult to straighten the hose at times. However, the handle doesn’t take much to have a grip.

Better Boat manual bilge pump can be a handy tool to remove large amounts of water in a short period. If you’re up for cleaning a closed water body, this pump is going to make your task trouble-free.

Most liking Features

There is a rubber sealing in one end of the pipe. When attached to the pump, this seal puts a hold on water leaking and makes the evacuation easier.

Probable Drawbacks

As the material of the pump is not hard plastic, it may melt under direct sunlight.

Key Features

  • Long pipe
  • Does not clog
  • Evacuates a lot of water in less time
  • No leakage

3. Best Marine Manual Bilge Pump │ Feasible

“Goodness comes in small packages”- the saying is fitted for Best Marine bilge pump.

Despite the petite structure, this rule bilge pump has a coherent yet flexible functionality. But why are we entitling this pump to be more feasible than others?

Well, Marine pump has to point to attach the pump. That way, users get the scope to draw the water in a convenient direction. With the entire pump being covered with foam layers, the pump remains submerged in the water.

The piston of the pump doesn’t get stuck and is simple to operate. With this efficiency, the Best Marine rule bilge pump in your boat as well. For further assistance, you can check our picks for float tube fins.

Best Marine manual bilge pump is befitting for outdoor kayaking. For someone who is into kayaking in the sea can get the most use out of this pump.

Most liking Features

This compact bilge pump fits into small spaces inside the kayak without any trouble. Therefore, you can keep other gears in the vacant space.

Probable Drawbacks

As the pipe is attached to the pump, it can be hard to clean.

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Attached foam for improved floatability
  • Can be used for both boats and kayaks

4. Shoreline Manual Bilge Pump │ Affordable

Fitting and working with a bulky pump in kayaks can be troublesome. For such a requisite, you need something sleek and feasible- like the Shoreline manual bilge pump.

This thin rule bilge pump will easily fit in a corner. As the pipe is already attached to the piston, there is no hazard of working with it. Also, the pipe is flexible enough to drive water in the desired direction. Plus, there is barely any leakage from the pipe.

With moderate pumping, the pump can remove the stored water within minutes. The handle of this bilge pump doesn’t offer the best grip.

However, there is no problem with getting stuck for air pressure.

For the most part, Shoreline is an ergonomic gear for your kayaking sessions. If you want a decent functioning pump without breaking the bank, Shoreline is the best manual bilge pump option for you.

Most liking Features

With basic pattern and sturdy construction, this rule bilge pump seems to remain functional for a long time.

Probable Drawbacks

Working constantly with the Shoreline manual bilge pump can be demanding.

Key Features

  • Apt for small kayaks
  • Pipe with attached hose
  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdy built for longevity

5. Whale Manual Bilge Pump │ Heavy-duty

For kayaks, one can get away with a small pump. Nonetheless, when it comes to big boats, you need something with more efficiency. On that account, the Whale manual pump is the way out.

The whale bilge pump is a substantial option for evacuation in bigger boats. With easy operation and creditable functionality, this pump gets the task done in minutes. With a solid grip, the handle makes the task easier.

Talking about the construction, you will need to set up the rule bilge pump.

All the gears to set up the pump is already there. Users can set up the pump by following the instructions.

Not only for evacuating the boat but this pump can come in handy for other purposes. From cleaning the pool to curdled weeds in the water tank- the Whale bilge pump can take out all of it.

Although the pump comes with multiple attachments, no pipe comes with this kit. If you intend to get this bilge pump, consider ordering a pipe along with it.

Most liking Features

Despite a sturdy polypropene construction, the pump is relatively lighter in weight.

Probable Drawbacks

Because of its bulky construction, this pump is not fit to use in kayaks.

Key Features

  • Convenient operation
  • Flexible usage
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suited to use in boats

Things to Consider Before Buying Manual Bilge Pump

Best Manual Bilge Pump

Among other factors, bilge pumps work to make your ride in the water safer. On that account, choosing the accurate bilge pump is a must. However, the picking is not plain sailing.

To pick the best manual kayak bilge pump, you need to consider some aspects. These factors will ensure the utility and durability of your rule bilge pump. To make things easier, you can have a quick check before you are out for purchase!


Typically kayaks are not much spacious. With this limited space, you can’t work with a bulky bilge pump. Hence, we will recommend choosing a small pump.

When kayaking, you are working with multiple gears. For that reason, the bilge pump you’re choosing should be light and compact. That way, there will be enough room for other tools.

Rate of flow

Bilge pumps are available in different flow rates or pumping capacities. The unit to express the pump’s capacity is GPM or gallons per minute. To use in a kayak, the minimum capacity of the bilge pump has to be eight gallons per minute.

However, more capacity of the pump will provide improved performance. You can opt for more efficient pumps to tackle waves. If you are using an automatic bilge pump, you can find recommendations for float switch for bilge pump here.

Upward thrust or Buoyancy

Weather in water is unpredictable. You don’t know when you will get into a storm or huge waves. And if your kayak turns turtle, the bilge pump is most likely to fall in the water. To avoid losing your pump in mid-water, it is more likely that you pick a floatable pump.

If the pump has an upward thrust, it will remain floating on the water surface. Hence, there is no possibility of losing it. Plus, you can quickly get near the pump and use it for self-rescue.


For working with a manual bilge pump, you must check if the handle is working well or not. You don’t want the handle to slip from your grip, even when your palm is wet.

Nonetheless, we are asking you to invest based on the handle. Just check if the handle offers you a comfortable grip. That will help you in taking out water from the vessel quickly and without much trouble.


When you are investing in a rule bilge pump, you want it to survive through extreme weather. Hence, you must pick a sturdy pump. A pump made of hard plastic and stainless steel can absorb shock and corrosion. That means the pump will last you for a long time.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What does GPM mean?

GPM or gallons per minute indicates the gallons of water coming out from any source each minute. The GPM mentioned in the back of the bilge pump specifies the amount of water it can remove in a minute.

2. Do the pumps float in the water?


There is a thin layer of foam around the handle of the pump. This cushioning allows the pump to remain submerged in water.

3. Can I use the pump for other purposes?


Usually, the flexibility of usage of any pump depends on its efficiency. If you want to use the bilge pump for other purposes, you can opt for a pump with higher horsepower.

4. What is the material of the rod between the piston and the handle?

In general, the rod beneath the handle is made out of sturdy plastic. Despite being sturdy, this material is very flexible to use.

5. Can I use the same pump in my boat and kayak?


As long as the bilge pump is lightweight, compact, and fits in your kayak, you can use it for both the boat and kayak. As these bilge pumps are manual, there will be no hassle in the installation process.

Final Word

From evacuating to keeping you safe amid storms- the utility of a coherent bilge pump is multifarious. Hence investing in efficient bilge pumps will take you a long way.

Picking the best manual bilge pump might have been tough previously. Nevertheless, after going through all these details, you know what to look for in bilge pumps. All that is left now is to pick a bilge pump and get into the water.

Enjoy your kayaking sessions!