OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm

Best OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm – In Depth Review

Carrying a handgun in a hand or bag can be troublesome at times. Moreover, it can be threatening if you accidentally keep the safety catch open.  In such situations, a holster comes in handy.

Gun holsters confirm safe placement and quick withdrawal of the firearm. One can easily wrap the holster belt around his waist and carry the handgun without worries. Hence, getting a good quality holster is a perceptive investment.

Holsters can be divided into two categories- IWB (Inside the Waistband) and OWB (outside the Waistband) holsters. Here, we will be discussing the features of the best OWB holster for M&P shield 9mm and recommending some for your convenience.

Lastly, there is an in-depth buying guide for gun holsters prepared by our team of experts. Continue reading to find the “ONE” for you!

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Bedone OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Allen Key
Bedone OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Allen KeyCheck Price

TEGE OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ No Jerking
TEGE OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ No JerkingCheck Price

CYTAC OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Fairly Light
CYTAC OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Fairly LightCheck Price

CYTAC Polymer OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Glovelike fit
CYTAC Polymer OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Glovelike fitCheck Price

GUN & FLOWER OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Affordable
GUN & FLOWER OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ AffordableCheck Price

Best OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm Reviews

Preferences of M&P shield 9mm may vary based on size, color, the texture of the leather, and many more. But most importantly, a sheath must be systemized to maximize security and feasibility.

In this segment, we will give an insight into our selection of OWB holsters for M&P shield ez 9mm. Let’s get them!

1. Bedone OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Allen Key

There are often such instances when we put the gun in the holster and forget to lock it in. On that account, a “self-lock” facet is utilitarian. And Bedone got that just right in the patterning of their holster.

After putting the gun in the holster, the flap makes a “click” sound to assure locking. From now on, there will be no clattering noise of the gun.

Once locked, you cannot take out the gun without pushing the release button. We found this feature very effective. No other form of external pressure could take M&P Sheild 9mm out of the sheath.

The button placements are just right. You will find them without much difficulty. Although the holster offers a compact fit, we did not find any scratch on the firearm.

Compared to other holsters in this price range, Bedone does a decent job of concealing. Nothing but the handgrip is visible outside the sheath. Herefore, no more unwanted attention!

Most liking Features

What we liked the most about this holster is its facility to customize the carrying angle. The Allen key in the waistband allows the paddle to rotate up to 60 degrees and adjust the angle as required.

Probable Drawbacks

While using this holster on bare skin, we found the inner plastic a bit coarse. However, there is no such issue over a t-shirt.

Key Features

  • Automated lock for extra safety
  • Feasible placement of clasps
  • Personalized angle for ease of comporting
  • No scraping on the gun

2. TEGE OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ No Jerking

Who does not want relief from the trouble of putting the holster through the belt? Nonetheless, finding an efficient paddle fit holster is no less of a taxing task.

TEGE focuses on providing feasibility to the user. Hence, they tried to make the clutch easy to attach and remove. We have put this holster on evaluation and tried to find its ins and outs.

We did not find any trouble to fix the sheath in place. The process was swift and easy. The pistol gets positioned right in place and is easy to draw. The keys are just in the right spot.

However, the locking system does not work intermittently. You then have to take the holster out and fix it, which can get infuriating at times.

Still and all, there are many such holsters available to pick. What creates variance is the expense. The feature that it offers at such pricing is tricky to find. The holster does the job of attachment and withdrawal rapidly. If that is what you are looking for, go with it.

Most liking Features

The durability of this sheath is hard to compete with; after several attempts to bend it, we failed. Its claim to be waterproof is not spurious. The use of gauge plastic is efficacious.

Probable Drawbacks

TEGE M&P shield 9mm won’t fit into the holster if there is any attached lazer sight in it. Keep that in consideration before ordering.

Key Features

  • Easy to lash and draw
  • Smart placement of keys
  • No issues of hitching
  • Suitable for heavy-duty usage

3. CYTAC OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Fairly Light

Have you had it up to here using bulky OWB holsters? Well, we agree that heavy holsters can be uncomfortable for some, especially ones who are using sheaths for the first time. Thence, we have incorporated a lightweight holster here.

Despite being lightweight, the CYTAC OWB holster is not flimsy by any means. The firearm aptly fits into the gun. There is no rattling while walking, even running. The lock does its job of keeping the gun in place.

The placement of the release button makes much of it in confirming safety.

Its position is much higher than the other knobs. Not even once did our team mix up the trigger and releaser. Thence, the odds of an accident are little.

As far as concealing is concerned, the sheath does the job of partial concealing. If you want to tuck away your shooter, you should get any of the others from the list. Nevertheless, beating it in lightness is arduous.

Most liking Features

We were surprised to notice how little aftercare this holster demands. There is utterly no mess maintaining this OWB holster. Users can easily clean it using water and lubricating oil.

Probable Drawbacks

One inadequacy that caught our attention was the extra spacing inside the holster. A glider will be handy to get rid of it.

Key Features

  • Light in weight
  • No clattering due to movement
  • Trouble-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Higher placement of button maximizes safety quotient

4. CYTAC Polymer OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Glovelike fit

It will be hard to find a shooter who doesn’t like CYTAC OWB holsters. No wonder why one more holster from CYTAC made it into suggestions for the best OWB holster for M&P shield 9mm.

We never faced an issue while trying holsters from this brand. The polymer-built gun holster didn’t have a setback either. The gun settled impeccably inside the sheath and didn’t move any further.

The paddle attachment in this polymer sheath is apt to provide better ergonomy. There is a small attachment that allows the paddle around the axis. Thus, you can adjust the angle as per choice.

Along with other facets, the customer service offered by CYTAC is commendable. You can always contact them to solve any difficulties. The team tries to resolve the issue straight away.

Most liking Features

Despite providing a snuggle fit, there was no scratch on the surface gun’s veneer. The internally polished sheath does a fine job in preventing any gash.

Probable Drawbacks

Although it offers a contented fit, some users may find the grip to be a little too close to the body.

Key Features

  • Lets the gun sit inside without movement
  • Does not form any scratches
  • Coherent locking mechanism
  • Efficient customer care

5. GUN & FLOWER OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm │ Affordable

Have you ever had to compromise on either sector to cut low on the price? However, this will not be the case with the GUN & FLOWER OWB holster. This sheath performs pretty decently in its entirety.

Many a time, the lock does not work appropriately on affordable holsters. Be that as it may, GUN & FLOWER nailed the clasp. Once locked, the gun does not fall off or go anywhere unless released.

The concealing capability of this holster is at par. The firearm becomes more or less faint if you are wearing loose-fitted clothes or jackets.

Nevertheless, there are many other holsters in this genre to avail. There is not much to complain about, but it does not offer anything extraordinary for what you pay. If you are looking for a basic holster for daily usage, this is a classic pick.

Most liking Features

The package comes with a belt and a paddle. Herefore, either you want to tuck the holster in or wrap it around the waist, there is room for all. And that we think is worth praising.

Probable Drawbacks

Inspite of claiming a perfect fit, there is a slight rattling of the gun when moving.

Key Features

  • Seals the gun in place
  • Multiple options for adjustment
  • Commendable concealing under clothes
  • Not a cut in the wallet

Things to Consider Before Buying OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm

Best OWB Holster for M&P Shield 9mm

Any S&W user will agree how crucial it is to go for a standard gun holster. A high-quality sheath will guarantee safety in the long run. Hence, it is ideal not to make a compromise here.

The tips in this segment will focus on the basics to look for in an OWB holster. This will help you to choose the best OWB holster for m&p shield 9mm with integrated lazer. Additionally, you can check our review on rear bag for benchrest shooting.


In general, natural leather or plastic-made holsters are available in the market. Depending on the wield, you may pick either of these. We have provided a brief idea about them to make your choice easier.

As far as the history of holsters goes, they were habitually leather-made. All the classic holsters to date are leather ones. Although they are long-lasting and comfortable, they draw out with every use.

Into the bargain, they come with a higher price tag. And the maintenance expense of such holsters is a pretty high-water mark. Thence, not everyone can avail leather sheaths.

Oppositely, plastic holsters are comparatively affordable. Kydex is the most common plastic used to make holsters. Such holsters are rigid. Once bought, you can use them without the worry of upkeep. Besides, you can choose some wii hunting games.


For gun holsters, the recess can make or break the game. Many buyers tend to ignore this facet fortuitously. On that account, we are bringing up this factor.

The coarse surface is not ideal for M&P shield 9mm or any other guns. These small granular structures form scratches on the shooter. And we don’t want that to betide.

For that reason, it is crucial to look into the interior-related specifications. Avoid the ones with a rough texture in the interior.

Due Fit

Proper fitting is the key to fend off accidental firings. Other than that, an apt fit will give you comfort and dependability. In addition, a perfect fit will put an end to the exasperating rattle.

The fitting of the gun should be as such that it settles in perfectly inside the OWB holster. Still and all, there should be no perplexity in taking the gun out.

However, if you end up getting a slightly loose sheath, here is a small tip to fix it. Use a hairdryer to blow hot air on the holster for a while. Subsequently, put the sheath into the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are these gun holsters concealable enough?

Well, some of them are concealable and some are not. If you want to keep your gun out of view, choose one that has a broader covering sleeve. In addition, wearing loose-fitting clothes and placing the holster correctly will do the job.

2. Can I order different pieces of the holsters if needed?

You can surely do that.

Although most of the hostlers here are promising, there might be some cases of malfunctioning. You can find your desired bit in your local hardware shop and online as well.

3. Will there be any scratches on the M&P shield 9mm while drawing out and replacing it?


During the trial sessions, our expert team did not face any issues of abrasion in the M&P 9mm.

4. Will the Lazer pistols fit in them?


Most of the OWB holster for m&p shield 9mm with integrated lazer are combined available for purchase. Check the specifications before buying a holster to guarantee to fit.

5. Can I carry the holster in my purse?

Depends on the size of your purse.

These holsters will easily fit into a medium-sized purse. If you are carrying a small bag, it will be tough for the holster to provide total concealing.

Final Word

It is a far-fetched task to find the perfect holster on the first go. Take time to do your market research and compare available alternatives. With a few trials and errors, you are sure to find the best OWB holster for M&P Shield 9mm.

We hope that the tips and recommendations were helpful for you. Do not forget to tell us about your experience and which suggestion you found to be most handy.