Top 5 Best PG Gundam in 2023 – Your Buyer’s Guide




PG Gundam

From decade-defining Animes and movies to top-notch games, Gundams have been an integral part of Japanese pop culture that transcended borders to become a mainstream sensation over the years.

However, similar to a lot of other parts of Japanese culture, the love for Gundam has transcended borders and become a global sensation. And having the best PG Gundam might be a great way to show your love for the Gundam fandom!

So, what exactly are PG Gundams? In layman’s terms, the massive robots that have graced our TV screens for so long, have been brought to life by designers, keeping their designs consistent and proportional.

The massive robots have been brought to life in the form of PG or Perfect Grade Gundams. In order to help you find the best out there, our experts have searched the bits and pieces of the internet to find the very best! Let’s begin!
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Best PG Gundam Reviews

The Gundam model list is massive. There are a lot of robots that have become larger than life courtesy of Gundam PG Bandai and have been created in the form of action figures. However, not every product is worth your money, here’s our list for the best:

1. Bandai | Hobby PG Gundam | RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Model Kit

First up on the list is the PG Gundam version of the classic RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Model Kit from Bandai. One of our favorite pieces out there, this piece of Gundam personifies the classic Gundam like no other.

The assembly process is as simple as it gets. You simply take the parts accordingly and place them together. You won’t need glue or anything of that sort to make it work for you. However, you’d need a hobby nipper to keep everything in place.

In the set, you’d get 47 runners, one slide mark, one sticker, and one instruction manual to set up your Gundam properly.

In terms of difficulty involving Gundams, you’d need intermediate-level skills to build this one up.

Most Liking Features

What we like the most about this gundam is that the entire PG Gundam is made of Gunpla Perfect Grade colored plastic, which means that the color of the parts is top-notch and you won’t need any additional paint to replicate the actual appearance.

Probable Drawbacks

While there aren’t a lot of caveats to this PG Gundam, using it could be a bit hard for certain people. Since it requires intermediate level skills in building and handling gundams, you’d need some prior experience in handling Gundams for the best experience!

Key Features

  • 100% authentic product
  • Bluefin distribution logo as verification of authenticity
  • Easy assembly
  • Doesn’t require glue or additional colors

2. Bandai | Hobby PG Gundam | Seed Astray | Red Frame | Model Kit

If you’re planning to make a collection of the best Gundams, this is something your collection must-have! The Red Frame Seed Astray is arguably one of the most unique and well-made collections of PG Gundam out there.

Four years into secret development, the Astray Red Frame was one of the most amazing, top-notch frames we found out there and for all the right reasons.

This movable and modellable PG Gundam has a movable frame around it, giving it the name of Red Frame.

Designed by legendary Japanese artist Koichi Tokita, the design has been presented in all its glory in the Red Frame PG Gundam. One of our favorite Gundams out there, and for all the good reasons, a must-have for the enthusiasts.

Also, LED lights have been placed in the eyes for illumination, and the trademark weapon, the Gerbera Straight long sword has a separate blade of its own. As a result, you can use the blade in any way you want to make your unique poses.

Most Liking Features

What stands out the most for us here is how robust the Gundam is! The shoulder units can be expanded and contracted and the stomach unit allows full articulation due to its hydraulic cylinders, and the knees and joints are mobile on their own.

So, you can make all your favorite Gundam poses for the perfect decor in your room, while the LED lights add a touch of realism to the entire thing!

Possible Drawbacks

One thing about this Gundam that caught our eye was that some of the screws were a bit loose. As a result, the final build looked sloppy and somewhat easy to disintegrate. However, you can add a bit of glue to keep it strong.

Key Features

  • Designed by Koichi Tokita
  • Movable parts include the stomach, shoulders, knees, and joints
  • LED eyes for illumination
  • Length of 13.97cm

3. Bandai | Hobby Strike | PG Gundam | 1/60 Perfect Grade Model kit

Next up on the list is the Hobby Strike PG Gundam, another classic Gundam that has been replicated with utmost sincerity by PG grade. Brought into the PG Gundam collection after a series of new styling and articulation, this is one of the most stylish PG Gundam out there!

Just like other PG Gundams of the series, this one is very ergonomic as well.

They have an outward extendible shoulder, multi-joint construction elbows, and full articulated shoulders, giving you a plethora of options when it comes to poses!

There’s a calf frame that expands and retracts and a battery-powered system of LED lights to illuminate the eyes of your PG Gundam. So your poses can look livelier and give a more realistic look.

In conclusion, this is one of the most comprehensive pieces of PG Gundam out there. Making it a prized possession for most Gundam owners and enthusiasts worldwide.

Most Liking Features

What we like the most about this set is the accessories you get with it. Along with the PG Gundam, you get the “Grand Slam” sword made of chrome plastic, a beam rifle and shield with a direct-view shutter.

Possible Drawbacks

While there aren’t any specific issues with the product per se, one major concern for us was the packaging. The package looked a bit flimsy and might get damaged during transport. A better package could be the game-changer.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design for easy poses
  • LED-powered lights
  • Easy to move shoulders, joints, and stomach
  • Comes with complementary sword and armor
  • Easy to assemble

4. Bandai | Hobby PG Gundam | 1/60 | GN-001 Gundam | Exia Model Kit

If you ask an enthusiast, “What is the Best PG Gundam out there?” Most of them will struggle to give you a definitive answer. However, one thing is for sure and that is that the GN-001 Exia Model Kit is one of the highest-rated models out there, for all the good reasons.

Just like any other PG Gundam Exia model, this one is also very ergonomic. You can move almost all the joints from the shoulder to the stomach, elbows and knees are ergonomic and movable to certain extents.

Furthermore, you get an additional stand to keep your PG Gundam in place.

This makes your poses stronger and helps you keep them in place for longer, making them the ideal collection next to your anime or games collection.

Furthermore, the set comes with a GN sword, short blade, daggers, and a dedicated display base of its own. A complete set with all the good features out there!

Most Liking Features

What we like the most here is that your Gundam can give you an experience similar to that of the Animes! There are LED placements all over the Gundam, giving you a complete experience that can give you a top-notch view every time!

Possible Drawbacks
While this is as good as it gets, it might be a bit too complicated for some people. So, if you’re someone new to the world of Gundams, you might find all the nit-bits a bit too overwhelming.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic model with actual movement enabled
  • Additonal display stand
  • LED feature to replicate the GN particles
  • Comes with additional tools for poses

5. Bandai | Gundam Seed | Perfect Strike Gundam | Bandai Spirits

Last but not the least, we have the Perfect Strike Gundam from the Bandai spirits series. And it goes without saying that this is one of the most versatile Gundam out there. An ideal fit into most Gundam series without any hassle.

What makes this one stand out from other PG Gundams of similar style is it’s amazing colors.

The gunmetal-colored internal frame as well as the use of darker shades of blue makes it stand out from other Gundams of similar style.

Furthermore, the product you’re getting is completely authentic and has the Bluefin label and certification as confirmation. So, the chances of getting a fake or counterfeit product is very slim, making sure you’re getting the best purchase experience!

Most Liking Features

What we love the most about this Gundam is all the stuff that comes with it, making it one of the most comprehensive sets out there! You get a battery pack, aile, sword and launcher that can be modified to set different poses. Making all your dream Gundam poses a reality!

Possible Drawbacks

Unlike some other Perfect Grade gundams, this one doesn’t require any glue. As a result, the joints might feel a bit flimsy and require careful handling from your part. While it’s not weak, it might loosen up a bit if you stretch it too much.

Key Features

  • Bluefin certification to ensure authenticity
  • Contains LED for bright eyes
  • Unique gunmetal finish
  • Comes with a aile, sword and launcher

Things to Consider Before Getting a PG Gundam

Best PG Gundam

When it comes to PG Gundams, the choices are endless. However, in order to make your search easier, we’ve discussed a few factors that can take your Gundam to the next level. These include:


The size of the PG Gundam is crucial for a number of reasons. Most of them are made proportionally to the actual size of the Gundams. The ratio is maintained accurately throughout the Gundam. Don’t forget to check the stronghold games reviews.


Is your PG Gundam a representation of your favorite Anime? The accuracy of your Gundam is very important for it to be considered perfect grade. However, quite often the differences are very slim and it’s hard to differentiate between a perfect and a counterfeit one.

The Bluefin authentication or official authentication from Atari is important in this case. Make sure your PG Gundam comes with an accurate authentication sign with it. Check out the most essential Review for rummikub set.

Ease of Use

Whie it goes without saying that making PG Gundams require a bit of effort from, the Gundams are often divided on the basis of skill. Certain Gundams require a broader skill set than others, so you have to keep your level of skill in mind before making a purchase.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with something that doesn’t require a lot of skills on your part, the beginner level Gundams don’t require a lot of expertise. Move up the difficulty level once you’ve mastered your skills.


What makes certain Gundam sets special is the versatility and all the things that you can do with them. Add-ons include guns, swords, shields and other accessories from the Animated series and games. These help you pose your Gundams perfectly.

While add-ons shouldn’t be the key decider in determining your purchase, a set of good add-ons can really make the difference.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What are the tools you need to set up a PG Gundam?

The requirements of tools vary based on the type of Gundam and the skills necessary to assemble it. The early level Gundams don’t require any add-ons, while the advanced ones might require screwdrivers and glue.

However, you can keep things like screwdrivers, glue, additional screws, tape, etc. to help you out.

2. What is the ideal size for a PG Gundam?

There is no fixed size for a PG Gundam. Since the Gundams are made in resemblance to their size in the animated shows and games, the size greatly relies on the proportions. So, certain Gndams might be completely different in size than the other.

3. Are PG Gundams strong? Do they break easily?

Generally, PG Gundams are fairly strong and robust. If you build them well and fasten everything properly, they won’t be damaged. However, be careful in case of falls from high places.

4. How to Store a PG Gundam?

Generally, storing a PG Gundam isn’t very hard. You can keep your best MG Gunplay in any safe spot. You can also keep them in your preferred positions if you have a stand with them. However, make sure the place is dry and there’s no moisture.

5. How to Clean a PG Gundam?

If your favorite Gundams get dirty, we recommend cleaning them with a wet piece of cloth. Use the cloth to wipe off any bit of dirt from the body of your Gundam, then use a dry cloth to remove any excess water.

Final Words

The world of fandoms is massive. For Gundam fans, PG Gundams gives you the option to explore your favorite world of anime right in front of your eyes. So, finding the best PG Gundam is a dream come true for a lot of enthusiasts.

Our team of experts love Gundams just as much as you do, so we’ve searched the world of the internet and found the best products from it’s farthest corners. We hope you find this article useful!

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