Top 5 Best Putter Grip for Left Hand Low – Recommendations for 2023




Putter Grip for Left Hand Low

Apart from expertise, a well-organized kit is imperative for any golfer. There is no alternative to the best putter grip for left hand low to hit the target accurately.

Among many available styles of putting, left-hand low is a widely used one. Professional golfers prefer using a left-hand low putting grip for stability in a cross pattern.

Whilst you can get away with any putter, the specified one makes learning easier. With that comes the bewildering part of picking one.

To give your task a kickstart, our experts have picked five golf putters from the market. We assure you the checklist is not as boring as it seems.

Let’s get them!
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Best Putter Grip for Left Hand Low Reviews

After going through extensive market research, we have narrowed it down to the following putter golf grips. The detailed specification helps understand what makes these left hand low putter grips stand out from others.

In addition, there is a separate section with the fors and againsts of these particular products. That will further help you in deciding which product will fit your call.

1. GoSports Classic Golf Putter, Choose Between 2 Way or Blade Putter

When it comes to any golf tools, GoSports is unbeatable. Thence, we begin our list with GoSports Classic putter grip.

With durable construction and a comfortable grip, the GoSports putter grip is apt for low hits. On that account, it will make an ideal pick for anyone new to golf.

Although manufacturers mention the built material to be synthetic, we are unsure of the exact one.

Nonetheless, the material is not flimsy by any means.

Keeping the functionality aside, the pattern of GoSports Classic is something captivating and timeless. This cast iron putter will not go out of design any soon.

Considering the facets of GoSports Classic putter grip, the price is a bargain. If you are looking for an efficient yet budget-friendly putter grip, you can get GoSports.

Most liking Features

No matter what your hand orientation is, the ambidextrous facet of this putter grip will be ergonomic for your demand.

Probable Drawbacks

The fixation of this putter golf grip is not the most ergonomic.

Key Features

  • Apt to use for mini golf
  • Suitable for both left and right-hand dominant players
  • Solid construction for durability
  • Value for money

2. Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Left-hand low putter grips are well known for their amplified swing. Nonetheless, SuperStroke made the procedure effortless with their Slim model.

The lightweight and slim grip allow the user to have a comfortable hold for any shot. Besides, this putter grip assures even distribution of pressure throughout the striker. As a result, it becomes easier to get the desired pendulum swing.

Additionally, the SuperStroke Slim putter golf grip offers substantial longevity. With proper maintenance, this grip will last you for a couple of years.

This particular putter golf grip has multiple options with different price ranges. Depending on your budget, you can get any of those.

Furthermore, SuperStroke Slim Putter Grip is a USGA-approved putter grip. If you are on the hunt for a grip to use in tournaments, SuperStroke Slim is the right way to go.

Most liking Features

SuperStroke Slim putter grip does an effective job in eliminating any inconsistency of pressure application.

Probable Drawbacks

This putter golf grip is not apt for people with left hand orientation.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic pattern assures even distribution of pressure
  • Easy swing without much pressure
  • Multiple options with different pricing
  • Approved by United States Golf Association

3. SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT 1.0 Putter Grip

Not everyone is comfortable using the conventional tapered pistol patterned putter grip. On that account, here is our pick- SuperStroke Traxion.

Deviating from the traditional grip design, this putter grip has a somewhat straight structure. This pattern allows the hand pressure to spread evenly on the striker. The relatively less weight makes the swing effortless.

Forbye, this left hand low putting grip Pelz seems to have sturdy construction that will last for years. And for the price, there is nothing much to complain about. You can click here to find the sidearm disc golf driver currently available in the market.

Nonetheless, SuperStroke Traxion does not fit every play style. Its functionality is restricted to certain swings only. Thence, we would recommend checking on the specification before investing in this putter golf grip.

All in all, the specified facets are apt for long-time golf players as it fits certain demands. We will recommend beginners to pass on this one.

Most liking Features

Despite the flat putter structure, this one provides a substantial grip. There is no trouble with slipping whatsoever.

Probable Drawbacks

SuperStroke Traxion is not a flexible pick for a golfer.

Key Features

  • Offers longevity
  • Lightweight hand feel
  • Straight structure allows a feasible grip
  • Available in multiple measurement options

4. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Putter Grip

Do you prefer a wide grip in place of the traditional ones? If so, then you can give the Golf Pride Putter Grip a try. And for those who are skeptical about the use of a wide grip, let’s check out the facets of this grip.

The wider surface area of this grip allows golfers to have absolute control over the striker and cleaver. Hence, the user will get a long way with little pressure application.  In to the bargain, the putter grip provides substantial feedback with every strike.

Although Golf Pride is nothing less than the best putter grip for left hand low, it comes with a drawback.

For instance, the grip tends to loosen up within a few use. As a result, beginners might struggle using this putter grip.

For the most part, this putter grip accommodates the needs of strikes with a substantial grip. Therefore, Golf Pride will make a solid pick for anyone who wants overall control on the stroke.

Most liking Features

In aspect to the features, the pricing of the Golf Pride Putter Grip is a bargain.

Probable Drawbacks

The color variation for this putter golf grip is not up to mark.

Key Features

  • Provides ultimate control over the stroke
  • Affordable pricing
  • Heavy grip weight
  • Equal distribution of pressure

5. Lehui Golf Putter Grip, 2.0/3.0 Advanced Surface Texture

Do you struggle to fix the putter grip? Or simply want to avoid the hassle of installation? Then Lehui putter golf grip can be the probable solution for your problem.

When most of the grips can be taxing to install, Lehui putter grip makes the task plain sailing. No matter if you are a pro or novice, you can install the grip within minutes. As a result, this putter grip will make a suitable choice for any beginner.

Added to the ergonomy of this putter golf grip, it is feasible for both men and women. On that account, Lehui makes a versatile pick for left-hand low putting grip Pelz.

Lehui putter grip stands out for its substantial grip. If you struggle to have a hold on the putter, you can give this one a try. Lehui putter grip will not let you down.

Most liking Features

Lehui putter grip absorbs a substantial amount of solvent. Plus, its leakage-proof nature is praiseworthy.

Probable Drawbacks

Getting a comfortable grip with Lehui Putter Grip can be difficult at times.

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • Ergonomic pattern for both male and female
  • Lightweight feel
  • No issues of grease deposition

Things to Consider Before Buying Putter Grip for Left Hand Low

Best Putter Grip for Left Hand Low

In this section, we will focus on providing suggestions on how to pick a putter grip. That way, you will be able to choose a personalized putter grip. Additionally, it will help you identify the primary facets that make a putter grip the best grip for left hand low putting.

According to our experts, comfort is the key to a quality grip. Check if the left hand low putting grip Pelz can fulfill that. Let’s get them!


The shape of the grip is a flexible pick. Based on your playstyle (traditional, claw, armlock, cross-handed, etc.), you can pick the grip. The only thing to check here is the comfort of the player. You can pick any pattern of grip as long as the grip feels ergonomic to you.

However, going for any grip can hinder your learning process. For that, check if the grip fits your ball position and style of stroke. Although this cross-check can get demanding, the correct grip style will help you hone your skills in the upcoming days.


The choice of size in putter golf grip may vary based on the level of expertise. Other than that, it is imperative to check if the width of the grip is apt for your preferred strokes. In addition, you can find our picks for the Cleveland irons here.

A thick and wide grip reduces the contact along with providing stability. For that reason, we recommend beginners practice with a thick grip. On the other hand, professional golfers can get away with any size of grip.


Just like size, checking on the weight of the grip is crucial. Since the weight of the putter grip will add to the overall weight of the putter, inspect if the weight is feasible for you.

Apart from that, check if there is any alteration in the swing weight with the new grip. Make sure you are getting the desired output from the new grip. Elsewise, you might need to change the grip again.


While many people tend to ignore the material of the grip, we put much emphasis on this facet. As per our experts, the texture of the grip reduces tension during each stroke.

Furthermore, sweat production might disturb your game. Some grips tend to form scratches on the palm. Herefore, we will suggest you check how your hand acts from the friction. Besides, you can use a covering layer over the grip for elevated hold and sweat reduction.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I install the grip putter on a tank?


You can install any grip on the tank putter. However, there is an exception in the case of Tank Cruiser as it cannot operate with altering weights of different putters.

2. What is the material on the cap top of the grip?

The use of the material in the cap varies from brand to brand. Most manufacturers use either rubber or plastic. Nonetheless, the use o rubber is most frequent.

3. Will I need to buy a separate grip kit to operate this?


Although many putter grip comes with an adjusting kit, it is safe to have a grip tape and fluid of your own choice. That way, you are sure to get a better fix.

4. What benefits will I get from a thick putter grip?

Users of the best grip for left hand low putting with more width get an array of benefits. Starting from stiffness to pressure control, a wider putter does it all. Such grips are useful in learning accuracy as well.

5. What does size difference denote in a putter golf grip?

The size of a putter grip indicates the thickness of the grip. The more value a grip has, the thickness of grip will increase accordingly.

Final Words

Although you can get away with any left hand low putting grip Pelz, getting the quality grips is efficacious to hone skills.  Herefore, we will always recommend beginners to invest in the best putter grip for left hand low.

No matter how efficient your putter grip, we always recommend keeping a backup in hand. All that is left now is to get in the court and hit the target!

Good luck!

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