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RC Airplane Transmitter

As an rc airplane owner, the necessity of transmitters for controlling the airplane as well as trimming the fly range is not unknown at all. RC airplane transmitters play an ideal role in regulating the fly range and monitoring its functions.

But there is a huge availability of rc airplane transmitters in the market that creates so much difficulty to track the right one as per the airplane’s requirements. To make this job easy, we’ve presented our five premium collections of the best rc airplane transmitter.

So let’s keep moving on to them.
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Best RC Airplane Transmitter Reviews

In this section, we’ve showcased to you some of our amazing RC airplane transmitters that will be very grateful for you to select the desired one among them. We have also provided the products with all of its pros & cons for your better understanding.

1. FlySky FS-i6X RC Airplane Transmitter | FS-iA6B Receiver

FlySky has brought to you a superb quality RC airplane transmitter for controlling your airplane very easily. It offers superb protection against any kind of involvement even in the situation of lower power consumption maintenance.

It has the capability of bidirectional communication by sending & receiving data at the same time. Plus, it is fully compatible to receive data in any temperature, altitude and from any types of sensors.

Even it includes servo calibration and an i-BUS support system.

Besides, each transmitter and receiver carries their own ID. So once they get paired, there is no chance of being influenced by any other connection. Even it has an Omni-directional antenna which possesses high efficiency power and reduces interference.

Moreover, this transmitter is manufactured with high sensitivity resistant low power consumption materials than other transmitters in the market. Its receiver is highly durable as well as consumes very little power of the battery.

Most liking feature

Its high reliable sensitivity RC receiver that can be installed in any type of different RC products is the most liking feature of this transmitter.

Probable drawback

Though it claims that it is a 10 channel transmitter it provides only a 6 channel receiver. So for using 10 channels, it seems quite difficult to use.

Key Features

  • Superb protection against any interference
  • Both receiver & transmitter have unique ID
  • Works in lower power consumption mode
  • Extends battery life by using lower power

2. GoolRC FlySky RC Airplane Transmitter | 2.4 GHz Radio System

If you have a hobby of flying airplanes via radio transmitters, then GoolRC radio transmitters can be a great choice for you. It provides 2.4 GHz radio transmission with AFHDS 2A single operation. The transmitter can signal with the airplane at a very long distance.

Besides, this transmitter provides a 6 channel operating system. So, it can be connected with the airplane as per your needs. Even it gives superior security towards any interrupted interference. Thus other connections can not affect its connection with the airplane.

Moreover, it also gives low voltage warning and also extends battery life by consuming lower power. It has four AA batteries that are very good and long lasting. Plus, its receiver also is very reliable and can receive any signal from a great distance.

Apart from these, this transmitter is very compatible with any model airplane like fixed-wing, glider or helicopter that other maximum transmitters in the market are not always compatible with. So we can say that it will be the best 2.4GHz rc airplane transmitter.

Most liking feature

Its superb and high quality receiver or remote controller can be upgraded also and used with different types of channels.

Probable drawback

Though its built is not that much high and premium but its central monitor holder or neck clip could be sturdier.

Key Features

  • Strong security against interference
  • Provides 6 channel effective receiver
  • Gives low voltage warning
  • Compatible with any types of airplane

Spektrum always gives you exclusive and high performance products. Spektrum DX6e is equipped with affordable radio programming that can fly with almost all types of RC airplane, helicopter, gilder, drone or Sailplane etc.

It possesses a built-in telemetry that gives real-time information and data such as voltage of the battery, signal quality, temperature of the motor etc. and many more.

It can even be re-linked without having to go through the bind process by the wireless trainer link.

Besides, it is designed with a patent-pending gimbal that changes gimbal spring modulations by moving a switch only on the back of the transmitter. There is no need for any tool rather it can easily be matched with your configurations.

Apart from these, Spektrum first gives you the budget-friendly transmitter with the unbeatable DSMX technology and AirWare software. Such compatible technology may not be found in other transmitters for sure in the market.

Most liking feature

It has a complete compact and compatible receiver that easily connects with any servos and also delivers an easy installation.

Probable drawback

Though it is highly equipped with advanced technologies it is not as sturdier as it claims. It sometimes slips its modes even without unlocking its mode spacer.

Key Features

  • Designed with advanced technologies & software
  • Re-links the airplanes without having the bind process
  • Compatible with almost all RC airplanes
  • Provides real-time information like battery life, temperature, voltage etc.

Radiolink is the registered company of providing the best RC radio transmitters, controllers, receivers etc. all over the world. So it has excellent anti-interference quality with DSSS & FHSS communication technology and a 7dBi high quality antenna that gives a stable transmission signal.

Its controller can range up to 2.5miles or 4km. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface facility. It doesn’t need any tool for binding the radio setting with the transmitter. It can even feature a 12 channel receiver that can adapt a wide range of signals.

Besides, this transmitter is compatible with different RC receivers and models like helicopters, fixed wing, drones etc. Even it includes fail-safe settings, telemetry for giving real-time data, end point adjustment, reverse polarity protection, channels mix control etc.

Moreover, this transmitter has a feature of safety reminder that gives single strength indicating alerts, low voltage alarm, fail-safe protection, LCD screen display etc. Thus we can say that this transmitter will be the best rc airplane transmitter.

Most liking feature

Its voltage monitor processor gives an exact reading of power voltage and also low voltage warning which is considered its most preferable aspect.

Probable drawback

This transmitter includes all exclusive features. So its price is quite high. And that’s why it may be difficult for budget-friendly rc transmitter seekers.

Key Features

  • Ensures anti-interference protection
  • Includes fail-safe setting, end-point adjustment
  • Provides real-time information
  • Ensures voltage monitor & safety reminder

5. RCmail FlySky FS-i6 RC Airplane Transmitter | 2.4 to 2.475GHz

RCmail radio transmitter has its own unique features. It uses a high gain multi-directional antenna which can cover the band frequency. It also has a high sensitivity receiver. Even this transmitter can assure a jamming free radio transmission.

This transmitter can work in the frequency range from 2.4GHz to 2.475GHz.

Thus this radio system can monitor 16 different channels and 160 types of algorithmic hopping. Thus it can give you a good range of channels experience.

Besides, this transmitter has a unique ID with its receiver. So it can receive data only from ID’s transmitter and thus avoid other signals. Thus it saves the system from other interference and also strengthens the system’s immunity and quality.

Moreover, this RC transmitter is built with lower power consuming components and a sensitive receiver chip. Even it has RF modulation that reduces extra power consumption. These factors distinguish it from other rc transmitters.

Most liking feature

The transmitter has power saver modulation and lower power user mode that extends the system’s battery life and longevity.

Probable drawback

Though this transmitter has got the best acceptance, its price seems quite high and this might be a slight drawback of this radio system.

Key Features

  • High quality multi-directional antenna
  • Saves the system from interrupted interference
  • Reduces extra power consumption
  • High frequency range receiver

Things to Consider Before Buying RC Airplane Transmitter

Best RC Airplane Transmitter

When buying a RC airplane transmitter, you should be careful about some important things that can’t be neglected. We have explained those things here for you to get the best transmitter for RC airplanes. Let’s check them out.

Frequency range

The main function of radio transmitters for airplanes is to transmit signals from different ranges and control flying. That’s why before purchasing a transmitter; you’ve checked that the transmitter can cover the signal with the airplane’s specific range. You may also like some of the rc controller for cars from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


The selected transmitter should be compatible with almost all kinds of RC airplanes, receivers, drones, helicopters, gilders etc. If your desired transmitter doesn’t fit with your airplane, then what would be the use of buying such a transmitter?

So make sure that the rc transmitter can adapt all types of RC devices and airplanes so that you can have a great flying experience.

Power saver mode

The transmitter must have the feature of using lower power and reducing power loss. It should have power saver mode and voltage monitor that gives you all time when it will be needed for charging. It can save extra power consumption during excessive use.

Moreover, power saver mode helps to strengthen the battery life. That’s why when buying a transmitter; you have to be especially careful about this feature.

Receiver Quality

The most important component of a transmitter is its receiver. The receiver should have the capability to cover most channels and signal bands. It would even be necessary to check that the receiver has a unique ID.

Thus it can save the system from interrupted interference. No other connections or signals can interrupt the system’s communication. So the receiver of the system should be highly sensitive and reliable.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use it with my FPV drone with 720p HD camera?

Yes, you can.

The transmitter has all the capability of making a connection with an FPV drone with an HD camera. It includes a highly compatible receiver that makes it possible to fit with almost all rc devices like drones.

2. Will it be able to work with align trex 460 se ep helicopter?

Yes, it will.

The transmitter is compatible with all types of model RC supported devices like fixed wing, gilder, Sailplanes, helicopters etc. So it will also be able to fit with align trex 460 se ep helicopter.

3. Do I need to buy another rechargeable battery?

No. You don’t need to buy another rechargeable battery. The transmitter provides 4AA batteries that can be rechargeable. So when there is a charging alert, you can charge them via usb adapter. That’s why there is no need for buying another rechargeable battery.

4. Does it have a telemetry feature?

Yes, it has.

It has featured telemetry that gives real-time information or data like low voltage battery warning, altitude, temperature, battery life and many more.

5. How will I get the best budget rc airplane transmitter?

You have to be careful about some components to get the ideal transmitter for your rc airplane. The transmitter should have a highly advanced antenna, receiver, battery, power saver mode, perfect range direction etc.

If these things are in place, then we can say that you’ll be able to have your desired rc transmitter.

Final Words

RC transmitter is a very important tool for those who own RC devices like airplanes, drones, helicopters etc. for controlling their RC devices. Similarly, before choosing an rc transmitter for an airplane, there are some things that have to be properly measured.

If the things mentioned earlier in the above section are in the right place correctly, then we can say that the best rc airplane transmitter will be handed over to you.

Have a great flying!

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