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RC Car Controller

Do you love RC vehicles too much? Or maybe your kid is an RC enthusiast already? Well, no one can blame you! RC vehicles have been fascinating to people all over the world since the day they were first made.

However, RC vehicles are not easy to control. Accidents and damages happen all the time. Mostly these are damaged because of a bad controller. Bad controllers can’t signal the vehicle properly for smooth and responsive control.

The best RC car controllers usually have a fast response time and smooth signal transmission. With this, the vehicle can be controlled stably and easily

That’s why having a good RC controller is very important if you want you or your child to win the next RC car race event! However, finding the perfect one for you isn’t easy. That’s why our experts listed the top five RC car controllers for you after hours of research.

Keep reading to find out more about them.
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How does an RC Car Work?

Best RC Car Controller Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose an RC car controller according to your necessity.

1. DUMBORC-X6 2.4Ghz 6 Channel RC Transmitter

Do you want a safe but strong car controller for your RC? Then, you’re at the right place because Dumborc X6 car controllers are one of the safest controllers available. Also, these are the most suitable RC transmitter for beginners because they protect the vehicles.

With their 3ms response time and 2.6 GHz frequency transmitter, these controllers can be used with many different types of RC vehicles. Also, because of the anti-interference 2.6 GHz transmitter, these controllers can reach almost 400-500 m control distance.

However, don’t you find a low battery to be a huge stress for you? You need to know exactly when your battery runs out in RC events. That’s why Dumborc X6 RC controllers have low battery alerts built-in.

Anyway, Dumborc controllers allow the vehicles to have an ABS braking system. ABS braking on an RC vehicle! That is phenomenal when compared to other controllers on the market.

Most Likeable Features

Dumborc X6 controllers have 6 channels and each of 3 channels can be set respectively. This allows for significant advantages with cars! Also, these allow gyro sensitivity adjustments and their unique throttle limit adjustments to keep your RC car safe from damage.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have reported that they received defective controllers. According to them, the controllers worked at first but suddenly stopped working after some time.

Key Features

  • Very long remote-control range
  • ABS braking system implemented
  • Interference resistance 6 channels transmitter
  • Helpful throttle limit adjustments for beginners

If you face troubles controlling your vehicles at a distance, then the RC4GS controllers have come to save you! Mostly, the control disrupts because of interference from household things like Wi-Fi routers or even large metal objects!

That’s why Radiolink decided to equip these controllers with the world’s best anti-interference technology for RC! Also, these have pseudo-random FHSS algorithms. This allows the controller to control vehicles smoothly from as far as 500m.

RC4GS transmitters also have some other features like fail-safety, idle up and down, ABS Breaking, and most importantly subsidiary ID. Subsidiary IDs allow users to control multiple vehicles at a single time!

However, RC4GS controllers offer so much at such a cheap price that we are forced to say these are the best inexpensive controller when compared to other car controllers.

Most Likeable Features

Radiolink RC4GS controllers allow you to customize all the channels to your likings. Also, you can mix between any two of the channels. These controllers also have 10 model storage and each model can be set up and stored separately.

Probable Drawbacks

Although Radiolink claims that their receivers are water-proof, user reports suggest otherwise. Also, some users mentioned that the receivers need a few improvements too.

Key Features

  • Dual programmable mix control
  • Subsidiary ID for controlling multiple cars
  • Controller with the best anti-interference technology
  • IDLUP, ABS Breaking, EPA, and Fail-safety features

3. Turbo Racing 91803G-VT RC 2.4GHz 3CH Radio Transmitter

Are you looking for compact but effective car controllers? Then, Readytosky has just the right thing for you. Turbo racing controllers are compact devices, offering everything you need. With their 2.4 GHz RC transmitters, these are perfect for RC cars and boats.

These controllers have an ergonomic pistol-grip shape. This allows the users to have an extended grip. Also, the controllers have steering wheels for helping beginners control the cars properly. However, beginners can use the vehicles within a limited speed range for safety.

Although, channel numbers and response time is arguably the most important thing to look for in controllers. That’s why turbo racing controllers have 3 and 4 channel variants to choose from. Both have very low response delays.

In addition, in comparison to other controllers, Readytosky controllers are a lot cheaper. Because these are compact and only have what’s necessary. According to Readytosky, “Simplicity is key!”

Most Likeable Features

Turbo Racing controllers have super active and passive anti-jamming technology. So, with a 2.4 GHz band, these controllers can be used for smooth and reliable controlling at a long distance. Also, these have fail-safety built-in which can be helpful for beginners.

Probable Drawbacks

These controllers don’t come with user guides for use and installation. Also, some users reported that the receivers won’t connect sometimes.

Key Features

  • Very High receiver sensitivity
  • Very low power consumption
  • Inexpensive and compact designing
  • Removable handles for easy storage

4. GoolRC 2.4G FS-GT2 2CH Radio Controller RC

Most RC enthusiasts face problems regarding connectivity disturbances and jamming with their RC vehicles. That’s why GoolRC came up with a controller that uses the entire 2.4 GHz band. FS-GT2 controllers work between 2.400 GHz to 2.4835 GHz for reliable connectivity.

FS-GT2 controllers have their unique IDs for anti-jamming. Also, as these controllers cover the entire band of the antenna, they have a very strong connection with the car.

However, durability in RC controllers is a tough thing to find. Because the intricate electric circuits and the plastic material aren’t very durable. Although, GoolRC controllers are made of TPR. This ensures that these are very sturdy and durable.

With all this, the FS-GT2 controllers might be the best RC car controller in this price range. These will last a long time with their increased durability and perform well under pressure!

Most Likeable Features

GoolRC controllers divide the entire 2.4 GHz band into 160 frequency points. So, these can jump between points for a better and reliable connection. Also, these have high receiving sensitivity and low power consumption. So that you can have fun for a long period!

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that the controllers turned on and connected but didn’t do anything! They just won’t work!

Key Features

  • Simple and durable 2 channel transmitter
  • Easy to setup RTR RC controller
  • Costs 3X less than brand controllers
  • Steering strength adjustability for a personalized experience

5. Goolsky FlySky FS-GT5 2.4G 6CH Transmitter Remote Controller

Have you been an RC enthusiast for a long time? Well, if you want to use one of these controllers from GoolSky you need some experience first! FlySky transmitters are one of the most functional controllers available.

These use GT5 transmitters, with an output of 6 channels. GT5 transmitters use the 2.4 GHz Band AFHDS 2A system. So, these have strong active and passive anti-interference abilities.

However, what good can a good transmitter do without a good receiver? That’s why GoolSky used FS-BS6 receivers.

So, you can have a reliable, 6-channel, gyro-stabilized connection with your vehicles. Also, these controllers have many other functions.

Although, when compared to other cheaper controller models, FlySky controllers are for experts. These are perfect for race events and high-speed runs. So, these may be hard to learn for beginners.

Most Likeable Features

FlySky controllers have adjustable throttle channel, ABS braking, and 6 different parameter settings. Also, these have CRAWL function mode for CRAWLER vehicles, Smart car control mode, and Gyro stability functions.

Probable Drawbacks

FlySky controllers have a lot of functionalities and can be pretty tough to learn for beginners. However, once learned these can be the only ones to use.

Key Features

  • 20 model storage memory with names
  • Fail-safe protection for poor connections
  • Crawl and SVC functions are available
  • Includes many different functions for race events

Things to Consider Before Buying RC Car Controller

Best RC Car Controller
Every RC vehicle enthusiast can agree that RC controllers are one of the most important parts to take care of. As RC vehicles always need to be controlled by the user, so the controller must always have a reliable connection with the vehicle.

Without a proper connection, it’s pretty easy to get your vehicle damaged and everyone knows how much they cost! So, having the best RC car radio controller is pretty much obligatory.

However, different brand controllers cost way too much and no one can guarantee that they will be as good as advertised. Because, there have been many incidents when a cheap controller outdid an expensive, brand controller.

So, we must understand that it’s not always about money. Most RC enthusiasts would love to invest in a good controller if they could find one. But, finding one is the hard part, isn’t it?

There are many different brands and many different types of RC controllers available. But, not all of them are suitable for everyone. As different controllers offer different advantages, you need to find the one most suitable for you.

That’s why we listed some things for you to consider when searching for the most suitable controller for your RC cars. If you consider this information before buying one, you will understand what you need and can buy that specifically. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the RC Car Transmitter and Receiver.

Transmitter Type

Nowadays, there are generally two different types of transmitters. Pistol grip and stick RC transmitter. Pistol grip transmitters are the most popular right now. They have a handgun-style design with a trigger and a wheel.

The trigger controls the throttle and the wheel controls the steering. With easy functionalities, these are now the most popular for cars right now. However, stick transmitters are the OG’s in this game! They have been here for a long time.

Drone pilots and mature RC enthusiasts are very familiar with this type of transmitter. Stick transmitters can be a lot harder to learn for beginners because they are highly configurable and adjustable.

So, if you are just starting pistol grip controllers should be the choice for you. However, if you are up for the hard work, stick transmitters will give a lot more advantages in control. Besides, you can choose an RC Airplane Transmitter.

Hand Orientation

There are not many left-hand-oriented RC controllers on the market. So, it can be very tough to find one. But, if you are left-handed, you should look for a left-handed controller. Right-handed controllers have a lot of disadvantages for lefties.

However, left-hand-oriented controllers can cost a lot more than regular ones. So, if you are a bit familiar with electronics, you can easily mod a right-handed controller to a left-hand orientation. Learn more about switching the hand orientation in pistol grip RC controllers.

Frequency Band

Most modern transmitters use automatic frequency hopping technology (FHSS). With this, the transmitters can divide their data or hop between different frequency points in the 2.4 GHz band.

That’s why FHSS systems can provide you a very reliable, smooth connection. However, there are still some old narrow-band model transmitters available.

You don’t want to buy narrow band transmitters because they are not nearly as reliable as FHSS transmitters.

Transmitter Channels

There are 2,3,4,6 or even more channels available in controllers right now. However, for cars, you only need 2 channels. Channel 1 is usually used for steering and channel 2 for throttle.

Although, additional channels can provide you with a bit more control, like a remotely operated light or a winch. So, having 3,4, or 6 channels is not a bad idea.

However, more channels generally cost higher. So, you only need 2 channels but you can have more if you want.

If you follow these guidelines you can find a good RC controller that’s most suitable for you and your vehicles.

Should you Upgrade your R/C Transmitter?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can you use any controller for RC cars?

RC controllers are usually interchangeable and can be used for other models. However, you need to find a controller that uses the same frequency as your original controller and has mostly the same controls.

You can also mod different controllers to your vehicle too. Learn more about interchanging RC car remotes.

2. Can Wi-Fi interfere with RC cars?

Wi-fi can interfere with toy-grade RC cars that use 27 MHz or 49 MHz frequency bands. However, hobby-grade RC cars use 2.4 GHz frequency bands and Wi-fi won’t interfere with hobby-grade RC vehicles.

Learn more about Wi-Fi interference in RC vehicles.

3. How does an RC receiver get powered?

The receiver receives power directly from a motor controller. So, the receiver gets powered from the RC vehicle itself. Read a complete guide to RC electronics to learn and understand more about RC vehicles.

4. What are channels on an RC transmitter?

Channels can be explained by the different number of controls users have. Transmitters with single channels, only let the user control one single function while two channels let users control two functions.

Usually, RC cars need 2 channels to run. Channel 1 is connected to the steering servo motor and the throttle is connected to channel 2. However, vehicles like a drone need more channels. But, you can control any vehicle with 6 channels.

Although the best RC car speed controllers have 4 or more channels. But, 2 channel transmitters are way cheaper. So, go for the one you actually need.

5. What is a 2.4 GHz RC controller?

2.4 GHz controllers use the broadband radio bandwidth of 2.4 Gigahertz. These transmitters offer fast and reliable connectivity. Also, these transmitters don’t usually face interference problems.

So, 2.4 GHz controllers are now the popular controller technology in RC vehicles.

Final Words

Every RC lover loves their controllers. Controllers are the signaling bridge between users and their beloved models. So, having the best RC car controller is the priority for most RC car enthusiasts.

Although finding the most suitable one might not be easy but if you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you will surely understand what you need for your vehicle. As you read this far in this article, we hope you find the perfect one for you.

Eat, Sleep, RC cars, Repeat!

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