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Top 5 Best Shooting Targets – A List from The Expert

For gun enthusiasts, target shooting is one of the most popular activities out there. It is almost a form of meditation because it is so relaxing. However, many gun owners do not know about the benefits and features of the best shooting targets.

If you are a person that enjoys shooting sports, you will know how essential the equipment can be. Since every gun owner has different needs and preferences, it can be difficult to find the right target shooting product for you.

When it comes to shooting, we all have our reasons for doing it. Whether you are competitive, love hunting, or just like plinking at targets in your backyard, you need a place to shoot. But where do you go? We have searched for the answer for you.

You can find public ranges and clubs that allow you to get your gun fix for a fair price. But if you want more freedom in what you shoot, you can try our shooting targets. After all, we do not want you to end up wasting so much ammo trying to get used to your target.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Splatterburst Silhouette Shooting Targets | Fluorescent Impact
Splatterburst Silhouette Shooting Targets | Fluorescent ImpactCheck Price

Splatterburst Sight In Shooting Targets | Non-Adhesive
Splatterburst Sight In Shooting Targets | Non-AdhesiveCheck Price

Glowshot Bullseye Shooting Targets | Heavy-Duty Paper
Glowshot Bullseye Shooting Targets | Heavy-Duty PaperCheck Price

Dragon Steel Shooting Targets | Eliminates Glare | Durable
Dragon Steel Shooting Targets | Eliminates Glare | DurableCheck Price

Highwild Shooting Targets | Adjustable Stands | Cardboard Silhouette
Highwild Shooting Targets | Adjustable Stands | Cardboard SilhouetteCheck Price

Best Shooting Targets Reviews

When you set out to purchase shooting targets, you are looking for a solution that is easy to use, economical and gives you excellent results. Therefore, we have narrated the top five high-quality shooting targets designed to meet your expectation in your shooting game.

1. Splatterburst Silhouette Shooting Targets | Fluorescent Impact

Owning a gun seems to be more complicated than ever before, with new laws and restrictions popping up all the time. As accuracy is important to us, we find nothing better than Splatterburst Silhouette Shooting Targets.

The first thing that attracted us is its tantalizing human-shaped silhouette. It is designed to allow shooters to see their shots clearly and judge their accuracy more easily.

Therefore, it enables us to enjoy competitive shooting. You can check our article on holsters for S&W shield.

As we were looking for a unique way to improve our accuracy and experiment on different shooting positions, we tried this one. And, it definitely satisfies us as it explodes into highly visible yellow fluorescent holes when the bullets hit.

Alternatively, you can try the Silhouette Glowshot shooting targets, which are almost similar to this one but the price is relatively low. Hence the quality and durability of Splatterbust are better than the Glowshot.

Most Liking Features

We loved how it instantly shows bullet-hit marks on it that help us to analyze our targets quickly. We could hang it straightly and it did not move a bit. Also, it is equally great for indoor or outdoor shooting practice for beginners or professionals.

Probable Drawbacks

The size of this target sheet is smaller compared to the other brands on the market. The size may bother the beginners but the professionals will not find any problem with it.

Key Features 

  • Yellow fluorescent explosion on shot
  • Ensures ultimate target for all firearms
  • Heavy-duty tagboard
  • Great for people with lower vision

2. Splatterburst Sight In Shooting Targets | Non-Adhesive

With all the different shooting targets to choose from, and with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which one will actually provide value for you. In that circumstance, you can blindly pick Splatterburstt Sight In shooting targets!

After using this shooting target, we figured out that is developed for hunters. It allows us to aim for the larger or multiple targets on one sheet.

Therefore, it is more versatile than traditional paper targets. You can also check our review on the holsters for Ruger LCR.

The Splatterburst Sight In shooting targets is specialized for leading to a more accurate shot when it comes time for shooting at the range. Along with turning us into accurate shooters, it also leads us where to shoot. Overall, it is simple, effective, and fun!

If you have ever faced difficulty sighting in your rifle, shooting targets from the Splatterburst is a simple way to practice the basics until you’re hitting bullseyes every time. You can take the Silhouette one or the Sight In one, both will help you the same.

Most Liking Features

Splatterburst is great for sighting in optics or practicing marksmanship with a new firearm. Moreover, it allows us to shoot at our local outdoor range without worrying about the environment being polluted by lead or other metals.

Probable Drawbacks

The reason that made us reconsider this product is the background which is too black. We found it less appealing to the eyes.

Key Features 

  • High-contrast splatter targets
  • Perfect sized target
  • Non-adhesive tagboard
  • Shots are easily visible

3. Glowshot Bullseye Shooting Targets | Heavy-Duty Paper

When you are shooting at a traditional target, you have no way of knowing whether your shots are accurate or not. Glowshot Bullseye shooting targets solve that problem by providing a clear outline of where the bullets are landing.

This shooting target allows us to adjust the aim for maximum accuracy and keep track of how our skills are progressing.

We tested if it helps the shooter to improve accuracy and consistency and found out that it is really helpful for the shooters, especially for the newbies.

The most favorable part about this shooting target is it is easy to set up, use, and store. Therefore it enables us to focus on our training and aims rather than the maintenance. However, learning to shoot a gun is not intimidating as long as we have the Glowshot shooting targets pack.

We also have used the JingZhouYang shooting targets which are thinner and feel like just a sheet compared to the Glowshoot shooting targets. After all, the Glowshot Bullseye shooting targets have been designed with heavy-duty paper to offer fun and exciting ways to challenge the opponent.

Most Liking Features

What we liked the most about the Glowshoot shooting targets is, it is a smart way to improve accuracy and precision when it comes to shooting. It highlights every shot with bright yellow bullet holes that we could see from a distance.

Probable Drawbacks

The only negative issue we faced with it was while practicing with a pistol because it does not have enough room for zero scopes. So, some shots will probably miss if the shooter is not highly trained.

Key Features

  • High-quality paper and ink
  • Relatively reasonable price
  • Bright yellow explosions on each shot
  • Maintains quality standard

4. Dragon Steel Shooting Targets | Eliminates Glare | Durable

If you want to enjoy shooting with your companions and build camaraderie with them, you definitely need to practice targeting your shots. That’s where the Dragon Steel shooting target comes in. This relatively new brand is making its presence felt in the shooting world for its high-quality products.

The Dragon Steel AR500 Targets has been manufacturing and selling high-quality steel targets. After using this shooting target, we figured out that it is one of the best shooting targets that can withstand anything that we throw- whether it is a high-caliber bullet or an ax, or a sledgehammer!

For the seasoned professional or a first-time shooter, the Dragon steel AR500 shooting targets are an effective way to crank up the challenge for the marksmen. Besides, this affordable shooting target can also take up to enormous hitting without causing any glares.

As long as we tried another AR500 steel-made shooting target, we did not find any massive differences with Dragon steel at the first sight. But after using them for a long, we discovered that the former one is weaker than the Dragon steel. And so, we vote for it.

Most Liking Features

The Dragon steel AR500 shooting targets are formed precisely with the Mitsubishi CNC laser cutter. Therefore, its strength did not lose even after using it roughly. Moreover, its matte white surface does not create any glare, which causes no discomfort to our sight.

Probable Drawbacks

The original paint started to knock off after shooting a couple of times. Also, the shots are not visible much from the distance as the surface is white.

Key Features

  • Precisely shaped with laser cut
  • Heavy-duty AR500 steel
  • Creates sound on each shot
  • Durable material

5. Highwild Shooting Targets | Adjustable Stands | Cardboard Silhouette

Highwild adjustable shooting stands are making a name for themselves as a provider of high-quality shooting targets. As they put it, they “Pioneer the industry with innovative patented products.” But is this just marketing mumbo-jumbo or is there real substance to this claim? Let’s clear it out.

With Highwild adjustable shooting stands, we can shoot our favorite sport all year round. These sturdy but lightweight stands are easy to set up even in the backyard.

We did not find any difficulties settling it because detailed instructions come with the product.

A Highwild shooting stand is for everyone who enjoys target practice or hunting in all seasons. We discovered that it equally helps beginners or seasoned professionals to achieve a noticeable improvement in shooting skills.

If you want a high-quality shooting stand that will not cost you a fortune, you probably get Highwild silhouette shooting target stands in hand. Alternatively, you can try another one from Highwild which comes in a pack of 25.

Most Liking Features

Its installation procedure is way too straightforward. In fact, a beginner can set this up by himself just by following the instructions provided. Not to mention,  it is a great product to practice with pistols or other firearms.

Probable Drawbacks

The stands of this shooting target are not as sturdy as we expected. Though it remains wobble-free, it is not much heavy-duty.

Key Features

  • Includes binder clips to secure paper target
  • Welded steel construction
  • Great for advanced training
  • Powder coat finish surface

Things To Consider Before Buying Shooting Targets

Best Shooting Targets

The ultimate goal of practicing target shooting is to prepare for the real thing. But when you are working with a limited budget, picking the best shooting targets for rifles for your practice can be challenging.

From legal paper targets to reactive or silhouette targets, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind. Keep scrolling down to know about the key considerations.

Material And Quality

With the ever-growing popularity of guns, shooting ranges, and target shooting in general, the market for gun accessories is booming. However, not all shooting targets are created equal. Each product varies from its raw material and quality.

If you do not want to suffer in the long run, be wise to choose quality over price. After all, a poorly selected target will not only waste your time and money but can also be unsafe.


Whether you go to practice shooting to defend your home from intruders or for sport, the sheer amount of options on the market can quickly overwhelm you. Many types of shooting targets react in different ways when shot, and some break quickly if the material is not durable or sturdy.

No matter how much you upkeep the targets for shooting, they will not withstand the gunshots if the construction is fragile. That’s why you should invest in high-quality and reliable products.


The options for shooting targets are endless, but they are also a bit confusing. Even if you know what type of target to buy, the choices can get overwhelming. There are so many different types that it is hard to know which ones will be effective at helping you reach your goals.

The paper targets are disposable and made with cardboard. The reactive targets are made with metal that creates an audible response when hit. On the other hand, the splatter targets create visible bright holes on each shot.


If you are planning to enjoy shooting sports, you probably know that there is a wide range of shooting targets available on the market. Among all, you can choose from paper target or steel plate.

Steel is more durable than paper, but it is more expensive. So you might wonder whether to buy the most affordable option or not. However, you will always get options within your budget. All you need is to choose wisely.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What should I look for before buying the shooting targets?

There are few points you need to consider before buying the shooting targets, such as the raw material, brand, durability, construction, etc. Also, check if the cost meets your budget or not.

2. What is the shooting target?

The shooting targets are the objects in various shapes that the shooters use to practice pistol, shotgun, rifle, and other shooting sports, as well as in target archery or darts.

3. How many types of shooting targets are available in the market?

There are many types of shooting targets, such as splatter, cardboard, reactive, etc available in the market. Depending on how much time and money you want to invest in them, you can choose either one.

4. What is the purpose of getting a shooting target?

Shooting targets have many different purposes and fun ways to use them. But the primary purpose of using the shooting targets is to practice aiming and shooting.

5. Is practicing with shooting targets necessary?

When it comes to practicing shooting, there is a lot of ways that you can try. Of all the traits of practicing, target shooting is the safest way. You can keep practicing with targets in your backyard or local park without causing any harm to anyone.

Final Words

We have now reached the end of this round-up of best shooting targets. Hopefully, you have found it helpful and tried some of these at the range to improve your accuracy.

Remember that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to shooting targets. They are just a tool to help you become a better shooter. A lot of practice is still required! Keep those guns firing and keep practicing!