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Shoulder Holster Shield 9mm

Do you feel like belt holsters aren’t good enough for you? Belt holsters sometimes get too tight and it can get harder to draw. But, instant accessibility is a life or death factor in any crisis. So, let’s consider the best shoulder holster shield 9mm.

Shoulder holsters have been made iconic by TV around the world. They are faster to draw from, fit universally, comfortable to wear, and stylish to have on!

Although, these are different from regular holsters. They require a specific set of skills that you have to learn first. However, if you do want shoulder holsters, there are many choices.

In fact, there are so many choices that our expert teams had to research for hours to find the top five! Keep reading to find out about them.
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Best Shoulder Holster Shield 9mm Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be of your taste. So, choose a holster according to your choice and necessity.

1. Xaegis Shoulder holster shield 9mm | Adjustable for most Pistols

Xaegis shoulder holsters among the top in the market. They provide everything you need in a price range even you don’t expect! Made with ballistic nylon, these holsters are strong, thick but comfortable to wear for a long period.

However, finding left-hand draw holsters are difficult on the market. That’s why having an ambidextrous shoulder holster is perfect. Also, xaegis holsters come with a double magazine pouch. So, it’s a win-win.

Although, some shoulder holsters can’t be adjusted perfectly and that creates a lot of problems.

Not these though! Xaegis made these with long elastic straps so that you can adjust them to your body. Also, a double thumb break ensures a fast draw.

But, in the end, all shoulder holsters offer similar things. So, what makes these different from other brands is the pricing they offer. Inexpensive isn’t always a bad thing, is it?

Most Likeable Features

These shoulder holsters fit almost every handgun that has a barrel of 3.5” to 5”. That gives a huge advantage when buying any holster. You can fit any of your handguns in here. Also, gun retention is very good and safe.

Probable Drawbacks

This design uses a lot of Velcro and that might not be the safest choice for a loaded gun. Velcro can come off easily. Also, the plastic buckles used here aren’t very strong and they can get broken.

Key Features

  • Tie-down straps to secure holster to belt
  • Universally fits a lot of handguns
  • Ambidextrous design for convenience
  • Double thumb break for easy draw

2. Aikate Shoulder Holster Shield 9mm | Deep Concealment

Aikate shoulder holsters have a different design from their competitors. These are uniquely designed for comfortability and safety. Also, it is made of a breathable neoprene base. This lays softly against the body and doesn’t irritate the user.

Moreover, for concealed carry, these holsters are a good option. Because, not only do they provide deep underarm concealment, you can also use it as a waistband holster.

For their brand new American design, these holsters provide excellent carry without printing.

However, these holsters are not ambidextrous. But, Aikate sells both left and right-hand draw holsters. Although, the most lovable feature of these holsters is that you can walk, exercise, and even run wearing these!

When compared to other shoulder holsters, like the Pvnoocy Shoulder Holster, Aikate holsters stand out because of their unique design, and different approach to a widely similar style of holsters.

Most Likeable Features

Aikate holsters fit almost every small firearm with a barrel of 3.5”-5”. Like the S&W shield, Glock 17, 19, 21, 22, etc. Also, the thumb flick of the retention strap allows a very fast draw. Although, the design is different than other holsters, sometimes different is good.

Probable Drawbacks

As handguns are quite heavy, sometimes it drags down the holster because the hook and loop fastener is not of very good quality. This brings some problems with it.

Key features

  • Very comfortable and easy to carry
  • Excellent underarm concealment, zero printing
  • Can be carried as a waistband belt
  • Versatile design fits every small firearm

3. Twod Shoulder Holster Shield 9mm | Concealed Carry

Are you a person of considerable size? If you are, then these are perfect for you. Twod Shoulder holsters are perfect for bigger-sized persons because they come with long, adjustable nylon straps. Also, these have telescopic fasteners for adjusting the height.

With their padded shoulder comfort, these holsters are comfortable but compact and lightweight. That makes it very easy to carry but deadly when necessary.

Also, these are made of durable ballistic nylon. So, you can expect a long use with Twod holsters.

Although, with other styles of holsters like the Bedone Store paddle holster, sometimes a quick draw can be tough. Not with twod holsters though! These provide quick draw, unobstructed horizontal draw.

However, other shoulder holsters on the market are very similar to twod holsters. Though these look a lot more engaging. Also, the straps in the twod holsters are comparably longer than other shoulder holsters.

Most Likable Features

Twod holsters are ambidextrous. That means you can adjust it to be both left and right-hand draw. Also, these come with a double accessory pouch, which may come in handy. These features make it a very good vertical shoulder holster for m&p shield.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users reported theirs to be delivered with broken buckles. Although the customer service is pretty good, defective holsters can be dangerous because firearms are not any joke!

Key features

  • Budget-friendly but good quality shoulder holster
  • Fits perfectly and allows comfortable use
  • Lightweight, discreet design for concealed carry
  • Easy to use, great for starters

4. XCH Shoulder Holster Shield 9mm | Genuine Leather

Have you had enough of nylon? So, you want the real deal? Here it is. We all know that everybody loves leather holsters. But, leather costs, doesn’t it? Well, these don’t. XCH shoulder holsters may be cheap but are the best shoulder holster shield 9mm.

These holsters are an example of craftsmanship. With beautiful design on leather, the stitching, rivets, snaps are just on point. These are comfortable, concealed, and classy to wear.

XCH holsters have an adjustable shoulder strap. This ensures extreme comfort while putting on.

Also, the Velcro retaining straps make sure that the firearm is secure and available for draw any time you might need.

However, if you compare with other leather shoulder holster m&p shield, you might get surprised. These cost a lot less than even a single leather magazine pouch, let alone a holster!

Most Likeable Features

XCH shoulder holsters fit many small handguns like the M&P shield, Makarov, etc. With this universal fit, it’s a good investment in your gunmanship. Also, the magazine holder with this is removable and can be used as OWB on your belt.

Probable Drawbacks

Being lightweight and using thin leather, many users assume these are of less quality. Although, considering its price these are well worth. However, many reported that their gun doesn’t fit.

Key features

  • Gun retention is very good and secure
  • Adjustable Velcro strap for retaining
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable concealed carry
  • Genuine leather at a cheap price

5. New Barsony Shoulder Holster Shield 9mm | Brown Leather

Do you want a USA-made, lightweight, discreet but leather shoulder holster? Well, you demand a lot but we have it for you! Barsony store made the perfect leather shoulder holster for you. With precise stitching, this shoulder holster has a touch of class.

Being lightweight is important for any holster. That’s why these are only 6 Oz. That makes them very comfortable to carry and concealed for safety.

However, that didn’t compromise the size. These are adjustable up to 52” chest size!

These holsters have an adjustable retention strap with a thumb break and a sight protector channel. Adjustable retention and thumb break ensure easy, fast draw, and sight protector channel ensure easy re-holstering.

But, if you compare with other leather holsters, these fit a lot fewer handguns than some others. Because the holster is comparably bigger than other holsters. But, with adjustable retention that’s an advantage to some.

Most Likeable Features

The harness has 4-way size adjustments. With this, you can have the perfect fit for your body. Also, these offer 2-way height adjustments. Also, as both left and right-hand orientations are available, Barsony holsters are convenient.

Probable Drawbacks

The straps slip a lot. This can be a security fault because firearms need to be attached tightly to the body. Also, the leather seems cheap and isn’t likely to be of high quality.

Key Features

  • Precise stitching and leather craftsmanship
  • Sturdy, durable but lightweight for easy carry
  • Customizable retention strap with thumb break
  • Comparably larger in size than other holsters

Things to consider before buying shoulder holster Shield 9mm

Best Shoulder Holster Shield 9mm

Shoulder holsters provide a different approach to your gunmanship. They let you breathe easier with a loaded gun attached to your body. That should be something that everyone wants!

However, as with everything else, there are many different types of shoulder holsters too. Each offers a different experience. Thus, each attracts different types of clientele. That’s why to find the perfect shoulder holster for you might be a tough task. Additionally, you can check our review on holster for ruger LCR.

But, if you consider some specific traits before buying any shoulder holster, choosing the most suitable shoulder holster for you will be a piece of cake. So, we made a guide for you to follow before buying a shoulder holster.


As the main appeal of shoulder holsters is comfort, you should first consider if the holster you want to buy is comfortable enough for you. Many designs are just uncomfortable and many are too complicated for average users.

However, shoulder holsters are different from other holsters. They need to be personalized first. Most users, get everything in tune and adjust everything for their body type. Although, for your convenience, most shoulder holsters are made adjustable.

So, make sure you get a holster that can be adjusted to your body. Make sure you also check our guide for OWB holster for M&P shield 9mm.


There are mainly two types of materials used for shoulder holsters. One is good, old-fashioned leather and another is ballistic nylon.

Each has its own set of cult followers and each has advantages and disadvantages. Mostly, ballistic nylon is far cheaper than good-quality leather. Mainly because nylon can be industrialized and the process takes far less manpower than leather.

On the other hand, leather has always been appealing. But, as leather needs livestock, leather is a lot more expensive. Also, a skilled craftsman is needed to work with leather. But, leather lasts almost forever!

So, first, get your priorities set, and then take whatever you find most suitable for your needs!


The design of shoulder holsters is an important fact. Because that’s what ensures the safety of the firearm and the comfortability. Although, most shoulder holsters are pretty similar in design, some stand out with their different approach.

Holsters like the Aikate Shoulder Holster have unique designs that may be suitable for you. So, you need to understand what you need first. If you want a slick, modern-looking design, go for newer designs. However, old-fashioned styles also fit the purpose.

Universal fit

Most nylon shoulder holsters fit almost any handgun with a barrel size of 3.5”-5”. However, there are perfect fits and there are lousy fits.

To have a quick, flawless draw you need your gun to fit the holster perfectly. So, first, check the holster description and gun listing for your gun. Also, you can ask the seller if your gun would fit the holster perfectly.

If you keep these things in mind before buying a shoulder holster, you will find the best suitable one for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Will any shoulder holster fit any sized body?

Most shoulder holsters can be customized for the user’s body. Usually, brands claim to have a long strap that can fit almost any size. But, in reality, most brands do not provide that.

However, leather holsters are usually fitting for most sized persons.

2. Can I fit an Uzi in a shoulder holster?

Shoulder holsters are an ideal solution for compact guns. But, if you work a little bit on them, you can even fit long-barreled weapons, Uzis, and even machine guns!

California courts consider a gun that is carried in a belt or shoulder holster that is not covered by other clothing to be an openly carried weapon. Check this article about open carry laws.

So, if your state considers uncovered holster carrying to be open carry then you need to cover the holster in some sort of clothing. However, shoulder and belt holsters are just alike lawfully.

4. Which shoulder holster fits m&p shield?

Almost every shoulder holster fits m&p shield and other small handguns. However, that does not make a holster the v.

You need to consider a few things first before buying any m&p shield 2.0 shoulder holster.

5. Is a shoulder holster worth it?

This is a matter of preference. Shoulder holsters don’t work well with body armor or backpacks. On the other hand, these are very comfortable to wear and can be worn for a long time without any problems.

So, get your priorities set first!

Final words

Carrying a gun can be important for you and your family’s safety. But, carrying should be discreet and always in a holster. Among different types of holsters, shoulder holsters are one of the most appealing designs for their safety, comfortability, and style.

However, if you want a shoulder holster, we hope you found the best shoulder holster shield 9mm as you read this far in this article.

If live, laugh, love doesn’t work then raise, aim and shoot!

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