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Spirit Box

Different people have different fields of interest. Some of them like to work with paranormal things and for that purpose use different types of devices. The best spirit box is used for that very purpose, to communicate with and detect spirits.

A spirit box is a system that rapidly sweeps radio frequency channels, producing a white noise effect. This is said to encourage spirits to control the energy to shape words and phrases. The faster the sweep, the clearer the details.

However, having or choosing the right spirit box from hundreds of options, is not easy. So here we are making your life a bit easier by selecting the most popular and quality box to detect spirit.
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Best Spirit Box Review

The following section discusses the top five ghost hunting equipment. Merits and demerits all have been presented there. So you can select one considering all the factors and functions.

1. SBox Spirit Box | Long Battery Life

Communicating with the dead will be more exciting when you will have the spirit box from SBox that is small in size with a lot of new features. The size of the box won’t be bigger than a mobile phone and multiple options are rare in other boxes.

After having this we tried it together to have a new experience. At the beginning we were a bit skeptical about the performance but it is able to communicate with the spirits properly. We were getting clear responses. And our questions were being answered.

At the beginning we were worried about the charging time, we were not sure for how long it was going to last. And this box is the right choice for a day long adventure. It lasted for 23 hours and connected with the USB to charge it. Very convenient and easy charging system.

There are many other brands in the market, but none of them are so small in size. The size and multiple communication process keeps it ahead from the competitors.

Most Liking Features

SBox spirit box is very convenient to use as selecting directions and speed is very easy. The loud and amplified speaker let the user hear everything very clearly.

Probable Drawbacks

Though it has some amazing features, it scans way too slow. Even on the fastest setting this will scan slowly. This causes many contamination to even be credible.

Key Features

  • Long battery life
  • Multiple features and set up
  • Loud speaker
  • Built in LED flashlight

2. SB7T Spirit Box | ATDD

If you’re looking for the best ghost hunting equipment from the top shelf of ghost hunting, then this can be a great choice. This latest version has the added function of Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection.

Being enthusiastic about ghost hunting, as soon as the model was released in the market, we purchased it. In the beginning, the sound was not clear so we started to record it. And the recording versions were very much clear.

There is a built-in flashlight on the spirit box. Most of the time we go hunting at night.

So now it is not necessary to carry an extra light with me. The light is now red so it is totally night-vision friendly.

The AM band and FM band along with an extraordinarily high-frequency synthetic noise make it different from the competitors. There are no disruptions like other brands so you will have an amazing experience using this.

Most Liking Features

The 7 different millisecond sweep speeds will give a very user friendly experience. Moreover, this device is able to instantly transmit possible spirit voices.

Probable Drawbacks

Compared to the features the price is a bit higher and it is able to scan only AM and FM bands.

Key Features

  • 7 different millisecond
  • Red flash light on the back
  • Light in weight
  • Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection

3. P-SB7T Spirit Box | Great Speaker

If you are looking for a spirit box that has an amazing speaker and every word can be heard clearly, then the box by P-SB7T would be a good option. As the speaker quality is very high.

After a long research we were able to find this out, and that did not disappoint us. Even the spirit box offers an unparalleled performance with zero sound distortion. And the batter is 4 times more powerful than any Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker.

The box includes a manual on and off control button which we find very convenient while using.

Because we can turn it off and on in a short period of time and it helps to increase the overall battery life.

The speaker makes it stand out from the rest of the competitors. There are many complaints about the speakers of other brands. But the brand’s sound performance is amazing.

Most Liking Features

Different user selectable and reverse swap rate is one of the unique features of the spirit box. 100ms, 150ms, 200ms, 250ms, 300ms and 350ms reverse selectable are available.

Probable Drawbacks

Using the box might get a bit hard due to some critical functions. So it is better to read the instructions carefully before buying.

Key Features

  • Amazing sound performance
  • Voice can be recorded
  • No sound distortion
  • Metal body speaker

4. K2 KII EMF Spirit Box | Made in USA

Everyone wants to have equipment’s that is made by a renowned manufacturer so that they can rely on that completely.  K2 KII EMF is the best Spirit Box which is made in the USA by some highly trained and experienced professionals.

This is the first spirit box that changed our thoughts. At the beginning I had doubts on the performance of any spirit box but surprisingly after using the box, we were fully able to communicate with the spirits.

Besides, the size is convenient to fit it to our hand. Without stopping it scans the AM and FM band.

So that we were able to listen for Electronic Voice Phenomena in the white noise between the station.

K2 is highly responsive, so fast communication is its forte. And carrying it is very easy, being lightweight, no extra weight will be felt. And those keep it one step ahead of its competitors.

Most Liking Features

Last for life time, as strong materials and high functioning equipment have been used. Besides, this products steady reading to make the voice understandable.

Probable drawbacks

An external speaker has to be used as the internal speaker is tuned down. So this can be an extra hassle for some of the users.

Key Features

  • Milli-second adjustable
  • External speaker included
  • Made in USA
  • Last for life time

5. Ghost Hunting Source Spirit Box | Convenient Button

This simple and cheap is considered as one of the most advanced spirit boxes within this budget. The kits are super satisfying and using the box is very easy as there are not any complex functions.

We have been using Ghost Hunting Source Spirit Box for more than 3 years and still it is performing very well. We started to use this as we felt there is something around our house, and after buying this we caught up with a woman’s voice.

The volume button is in a very convenient place, so without moving hands, we were able to change the sound and set it as needed.

Also the sound is clear, but something when we had problems hearing sounds, we recorded it.

As the price is very low, so if we compare the price and quality of the brand with other brands, then Ghost Hunting Source wins in terms of being cheap. Within this price range having such performance is not possible.

Most Liking Features

The EVP recorder is amazing. After recording the voice, it can be heard very clearly and loudly. Moreover, this lasts for a long time.

Probable drawbacks

As the price is not too high, so there will be some advanced functions mission, it will not be able to read all the bands except AM and FM bands.

Key Features

  • Low price
  • A great EVP recorder
  • The volume button on the right position
  • Easy to use

Things to Consider Before Buying Spirit Box

Best Spirit Box

Hunting ghosts or spirits are sometimes fun to someone and for someone it is connected to their feelings. They want to talk to and hear their loved ones. No matter what the purpose is, it is important to have a great experience.

For getting that, you will need the best ghost hunting equipment. We have already come up with some things, despite having some drawbacks, all of these are very good in quality.

But there are more functions that you need to know about in order to have an outstanding experience. Make sure you also check our guide for Rummikub Set.


Sound is an important factor. Not all the spirit boxes have a clear sound. But the recorded version is better in most of the cases. For listing the voice instantly, you need to get the box that has an instant clear sound.

And if you are okay with listing the recorder version then the speaker won’t matter that much.


There are people who buy spirit boxes for hunting at their home, for them a long battery life might not be important. But who goes for a long day adventure for ghost hunting, having a strong battery life is important.

According to your needs, pick the box that has the most convenient battery life. There is also different process of charging the box like USB cables which is easy and quick


Different spirit boxes have different functions, some of them are easy to use and some of them are complex. If you are not used to advanced functions then it is better to buy the simple one. These also are less time consuming.

But for the professionals this will be a bit different. For professional work purposes, an advanced functioned spirit box would be the right choice.


Price is an important factor. It is not guaranteed that higher prices will provide the great experience. It all depends on the quality of the device and the functions.

So it is necessary to evaluate all the functions of the spirit box, don’t judge the box with its price only. See other factors like frequency, sound, battery life etc.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What type of batteries do these items take?

Most of the Spirit Box takes 3 AAA which is included with the box and the Recorder can be charged through the USB cable which is also included.

2. Does the device have an on and off switch where you don’t have to hold the button down?

Most of the spirit boxes have an on and off button that does not need to hold down for all the time. But not all the same, this varies brands to brands.

3. Can I read what is said, or have to hear it?

Unfortunately you cannot read what is said, but you can hear it. The best ghost hunting equipment is able to record the voice, so you can record the voice if you want and can listen to it afterward.

4. Do I need a microphone for it or does it come with one for the spirit box?

A microphone is not required for the spirit box. Headphones can be used to listen to the device. Or sometimes the box includes a small sound box, this also will be helpful to listen to the sound.

5. Is it dangerous to use?

No, it is not. The spirits or the ghosts can not cause any harm rather the box will help to communicate smoothly with the spirits and let you hear them.

Final Words

By rapidly sweeping frequencies, the spirit box lets the user hear the voice of spirits. That is a different experience until the device functions properly. For this reason, after deep research, we brought out the best spirit box for you.

Now you will be able to complete the task and feel all the paranormal things around you with the perfect machine in your hand.

Have a Great Hunting!

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