Top 5 Best Stylus for Ipad Air 2 – A List from The Expert




Stylus for Ipad Air 2

Due to the advantage of technology, people have an obsession with brand-new gadgets. When it comes to the device, we all know that what Apple is. Nowadays, Apple is not a brand. It becomes a status symbol.

To take care of the iPad screen, many of us use a stylus. The stylus keeps our screen stain-free sometimes; its accuracy is more than a thumb. You can do more work without being exhausted.

Our expert team researches the whole market; they’ve chosen the best stylus for iPad Air 2 other various iPad pens balanced with Apple’s pads. Whatsoever kind of user you are, we’ve found top-notch iPad stylus for you.
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Best Stylus for Ipad Air 2 Reviews

Here is the iPad stylus reviews which consist of the 5 most popular stylus for iPad air two available online. Please read the products’ features in detail and the advantages and disadvantages before owning them, which one will suit you best.

1. ANKACE Stylus for iPad Air 2 | 1.2mm POM Tip

If you already asked for a suggestion from a friend or elder cousin, you must be here the name of ANKACE. Actually, ANKACE is the corner of the market.

To ensure durability, ANKACE used aluminum as a prime material.  You will be happy to learn that ANKACE assembles their stylus as a 1.2mm POM tip like official iPad pencil material. Their manufacturing team focuses on better durability & it won’t create scratches on your iPad screen.

This iPad stylus performs splendidly with an on-breaking point/offset/log. If you compare this stylus with a regular stylus pen, you will find that it has a more accurate signal, higher sensitivity & a more comfortable hand.

It has a Tilt function & Palm rejection technology, which is quite interesting. How can anyone ignore this cool feature?  You could get a replaceable nid if your kid lost nib while watching a cartoon.

In the iPad stylus, the larger the pen tilt area, the thicker the line. Therefore it is very comfortable for graphic arts. This Stylus outer surface is anti-frictional. You can rest your palm comfortably on the screen while drawing or writing.

It has long-lasting battery life. You don’t need to Bluetooth connection while using it. This stylus has a power-saving mode. After idle for 5 minutes, it turns on “Sleep Mode.” You can get 20 working hours & 90 days standby time for about 90 minutes per charge.

Key Features

  • Metal body
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Higher Sensitivity
  • Accurate Signal
  • Tilt function & Palm rejection technology
  • 2mm POM tip as like official iPad Stylus

2. MEKO Stylus for iPad Air 2 | Universal | Replaceable Tip

A look with the free eye might give you the idea that this is an impressive product initially; however, once you start using the MEKO product, you will become a fan of this MEKO Universal Stylus.

You can use the Meko Universal stylus while drawing, writing, taking notes, basic selection & navigation. For rough use, MEKO used aluminum as a material without any plastic parts.

Besides, the stylus is available in many attractive colors. You can easily choose your favorite color. They have black, silver, golden, pink, purple & blue in their stock.

It is a praiseworthy product with all types of touch screen gadgets. Moreover, MEKO company is giving an exclusive offer which includes buying   2 in 1 Precision series. When you buy the series, you will get two styli with two extra replacement disc tips & two extra rubber tips.

The stylus length & diameter is 5.5″(140mm) & 0.35″(9mm) or weight is 18.14grams only. So, the stylus gives you a real pen feeling. Replacing the rubber tip is so easy that it can be done within a few seconds. This feature increase lifetime of the stylus.

You don’t have to spend money to buy batteries. No batteries are required for using this stylus. So, you don’t have to charge it for a long hour. You’re free to use it anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

  • NO battery required
  • Compatible with all touch screen gadget
  • No risk of rust; made with stainless steel & aluminum
  • Replaceable rubber tip
  • A perfect size like a pen

3. Milemont Best iPad stylus for note-taking

If you are a beginner who just buys a new Apple iPad air & a little bit perplexed about what he/she should do to take care of the new iPad, I think these Milemonet Stylus pens solve your problem.

Milemont stylus ergonomic design will amaze you. It is very professional & slim sleek. It can be useful on any gadget screen. It is a unique tool that is unmatched by other techniques to work on a tablet. After using this stylus, it will enhance your capability & experience on your iPad.

By adding an extremely wonderful pen point within the stylus, its accuracy rate becomes higher. It becomes very easy to select small icons & click the small alphabet. Writing, drawing & creating content is a little bit complex when you use your thumb. You can unlock your inner talent.

This stylus has a built-in battery that provides 10-hour active use; 1-2 hour charging time only. It has an amazing smart power-saving function. No Bluetooth connection is needed to use this stylus.

Key Features

  • No Bluetooth connection needed
  • Built-in battery
  • Smart power-saving mode
  • Nib as finer pen

4. Evach Stylus for iPad Air 2 | Fast Charging | Lightweight

A quality product commonly comes with a high price tag. When the customer gets a priceworthy product, the price is usually justified. It is an excellent option for the Apple iPad stylus, as it will surely provide smooth touch.

Despite an aluminum product, Evach is very lightweight. The tip of the stylus is only 1.5mm, which gives you a splendid feeling while writing & drawing. More sensitive with long-time use. This stylus is highly recommended for professionals such as artists, journalists, teachers & students.

It is compatible with most touch screen gadgets, but our expert team’s research says that it would be the best stylus for iPad air 2 in the market. You don’t need any Bluetooth connection to use this device.

Each Active stylus pen has a built-in battery, so you don’t have to pay for the battery. You will get a micro USB to charge the stylus. Interestingly, you’ll get eight working hours for only 30 minutes charging. If it is unused for 30 minutes, it will shut down for a power-saving purpose.

The stylus with a slight inclination angle to the screen will have a better writing experience. If you use any screen protector, it will not decrease your performance. The tip design gives you more accuracy & control against the iPad.

Key Features

  • Built-in battery
  • Aluminum body
  • Lightweight
  • Fast charging
  • Good customer service
  • No Bluetooth connection needed

5. Homagical Active Stylus for iPad Air 2 | Built-in Battery

Homoagical active stylus pen ahead of the market. If you already use Homagical brand, you know how excellent their product. Keep your satisfaction in mind; they make this stylus. After buying from this company, you will get premium quality customer service & a one-year replacement.

Homagical active stylus pen is compatible with iPad stylus pen is wide using for most capacitive touch screen. It will be the best economical replacement for Apple Pencil. Not compatible with Microsoft Windows system device.

This pen nib is only 1.5mm, which quite praise able. Its elastic copper tip ensures more accurate & sensitive working performance. You will be absolutely surprised to see the superior control against the screen. In contrast, the sensitive fiber mesh tip protects the device from scratches, fingerprints, or grease.

This stylus pen has no palm rejection. That’s why Homagical offers a glove to help to reduce the friction between the finger and the screen for a better user experience.

Homagical active stylus has a built-in battery and comes with a micro-USB to charge the stylus. You’ll get ten working hours for only 30 minutes charging.

Key Features

  • Lightweight pen
  • Fast charging device
  • Good customer service
  • Comes with a built-in battery
  • No Bluetooth connection needed

Things to Consider Before Buying Stylus for iPad Air 2

Best Stylus for Ipad Air 2

While buying technical devices, you must check some crucial factors of the pen beforehand. That will help to reduce the after-buying hassle. Not to worry!

We have got together some points to consider so that you can buy the best iPad stylus for note taking or other purpose.


Consult a single stylus design and grip for everyone is difficult because everybody has a different choice. Some people prefer a frequent body, while others want rubberized grips or angled grip surfaces & a non-friction body. So, before buying any stylus, keeps that on your mind. Additionally, you can check our review on DMR hotspot.


A good stylus for iPad air 2 is comfortable with all touch screen gadgets. Make sure the nib of the stylus doesn’t damage your screen. Some companies offer replaceable nib. Keep that in your mind.

Many people purchase a stylus for drawing purposes. If the nib of the stylus is rough or sticky, then it is very difficult for you to get an accurate thin line. Besides, you can choose some KVM switch for dual monitors.


You can find many brands with a fancy stylus. It is very important for you to know that your stylus required batteries or not. Some brand stylus doesn’t need any battery, so you don’t have to spend money on a battery.

Some brand stylus required batteries. If you buy any of these brands, make sure that kind of batteries available in the market.

Weight & Balance

Always try to buy a light stylus. Check twice stylus weight before buying it. Make sure its weight is not more than a pen. If its weight is like a pen, then you can work many hours on an iPad without tiredness.

Next, come in its diameter; buy that one which is suitable to your palm size. Kids & senior citizen palm size is not the same, so keeps that in mind while buying your favorite stylus for iPad air 2.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use a stylus on an iPad Air 2?

Your iPad Air is not coherent with Apple Pencil. The first-generation iPad Air lacks the required screen hardware. There are various third-party Bluetooth stylus products available; however, most necessary manifest support by the Apps that they are to be used with.

2. Do all pads work with a stylus?

Every iPad model that Apple currently sells, the latest one works with an Apple Pencil. The entry-level iPad and iPad mini five all work with the first-generation Pencil. But You can choose other brands at a reasonable price.

3. Are stylus pens bad for iPad?

There are many styli in the market. Not all of them gonna suit your iPad. Before buying any stylus, kindly check. Some stylus nib is rough for your iPad Air 2 screen.

4. Do I need a stylus for the iPad air 2?

You certainly don’t need one for browsing the web or watching Netflix. Instead, it makes it much easier to take notes, create digital artwork, and edit photos. If that sounds like something you want to do—or you really just like using a stylus—then get the best iPad stylus for note taking.

5. What can I use to write on an iPad screen?

While Apple designed the iPad’s touch screen to be used with a fingertip rather than a stylus pen, so, use while wearing gloves or for special needs accessibility. Apple does not produce any styli, but third-party manufacturers have developed compatible tools.

6. Will a pencil eraser work as a stylus?

A pencil eraser may work as a stylus for few days, but in the long run, it will hamper your iPad screen. Will you hamper your iPad screen rather than buy a stylus?

Final Words

Finally, after reading the whole article, you already know that there are many stylus in the market. Some are trendy, some comfortable, some affordable, now it depends on you what you purchase to fulfill your need.

Choosing one that fits your needs is not as complex as it seems. Until you take the time to do some research, you will not find the one you need. I hope this article helps you get the best stylus for iPad air 2.

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