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Tabletop Gaming Mats

When you are hardcore gamer, firstly you are supposed to think about the gaming mat, right? Without a quality playing mat, it is difficult to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

It is seen that, most of the players experience that cards get stuck to the table while pulling. And most of the time cards are broken without playing on a mat.

However, using a gaming mat not only elevates your gaming experience, but also helps to enhance the card’s lifespan. Besides, the best tabletop gaming mats can bring back the aesthetics of playing by its spectacular theme design.

To make your finding easy, we have come with some top-rated gaming mats so that you can pick your desired one.
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Best Tabletop Gaming Mats Reviews

In this section, we have represented these selected mats with their detailed features, functions and usability. Indeed, it will let you know more about these mats and help you to choose the best dnd grid mat. Let’s get started.

1. Abishai Tabletop Gaming Mats | Grid Mat | 24×36″ | PVC Film

If a standard-size mat is your first priority for RPG gaming, then take a look at this one. Abishai brought this mat for you which is 24″ x 36″. Let’s explore it.

One thing we notice is that some gaming mats in the market can be bent after several times of bending or folding. However, you can roll up the mat as you want. And after each session, you can wrap it up to the mat case.

If we talk in terms of quality, then it would most durable mat ever. The manufacturer uses NEOPRENE materials for this. Besides, it comes with a PVC film so that you can easily map.

Besides, This is a large pack for role playing games. The pack includes a carrying case, four color markers, transparent PVC film, cleaning cloth and four clips.

Most Liking Features

The main advantage of this mat is its mapping system. You can use both sides of the mat as it comes with square and hex grid. Besides, you can use an online map underneath the pvc film.

Probable Drawbacks

After several times of using the markers, the PVC film might turn a bit tint.

Key Features

  • A premium quality gaming mat
  • Easy cleaning with dry eraser and stain free
  • Wrinkle free mat and compatible with all floors
  • Includes all necessary items like clips, markers, case and cloth

2. Melee Vinyl Tabletop Gaming Mats | 48×72″ | Resist Water & UV

You may usually play the RPG game with a large group. So, you need a larger mat to accommodate all the stuff, right? In this regard, this mat comes with a larger measurement which is 48×72”.

It would be fantastic if you can play all your RPGs with a single mat, isn’t it? Yes, this is a versatile mat for all role-playing games. You can set the mat in all types of tables, even in the floor.

While comparing with the other leading mats in the market, we can see that Melee Mats comes with high resolution color contrast. Plus, the water resistance performance makes it so rigid to use for a long time.

Moreover, as it is a vinyl made playing mat, there is no fret about wear and tear. You can set the mat outdoors without worrying about the UV damage. Plus, the side block and top fabric provides extreme tear resistance.

Most Liking Features

The customer service is quite appreciable. And to prove the quality, you will have a 90 days money-back guarantee. That means this mat can give you long lasting gaming experience.

Probable Drawbacks

The mat’s corner can be rolled up after a certain time of use.

Key Features

  • High resolution color and design
  • Made of vinyl materials
  • Provides water, UV and tear resistance
  • Make sure of 90-day money-back guarantee

3. Stratagem Neoprene Tabletop Gaming Mats | 2×3′ | Reversible

If you usually play different card games along with dice games, then you surely need a versatile playing mat, otherwise, compatibility of different games would be an issue.

However, we are introducing the best tabletop gaming mats that are versatile and can be used from both sides.

While reversible use, there wouldn’t be any issues of placing the mat. And it will provide gripping on any surfaces due to its rubber-based sides.

The overall measurement of the mat is 2′ x 3′. Interestingly, it comes with a storing pouch to wrap up the mat after each session. It will enable you to carry it easily.

Unlike other mat in our list, Stratagem mat comes with an air pocket which is situated in between rubber and fabric of the mat. However, sometimes it creates uneven surfaces while using the air pockets.

Most Liking Features

Both sides of the mat come with non-slip materials. As a result, it can be firmly placed on any surface. Besides, the mat provides water protection and it never gets stained.

Probable Drawbacks

Some mats of this brand tend to crease and have some ripples over the mat.

Key Features

  • Rubber sides of the mat prevent slip
  • Provides waterproof protection
  • Comes with an air pocket
  • Included a storing pouch for easy carrying

4. Meeple Majesty Tabletop Gaming Mats | 36×48″ | Travel Bag & Tube

For those who enjoy the card games mostly at night, then the color of this mat will enhance their gaming experience. Indeed, you will have a casino feeling while using the mat.

Most fascinating fact about the mat is its standard size which is 36″ x 48″. It is not too small and not too big. A perfect family size mat. And it can accommodate up to 6 players.

One thing we notice about the mat is its compatibility. It will allow you to play different types of role-playing games.

Interestingly, you will enjoy more while using dice because the top of the mat is designed in such a way that can reduce the dice noise.

If you want to play outside you can easily carry the mat by its included travel bag. Besides that, you will have a storage tube which is good for instant storing.

Most Liking Features

Due to the soft mat-top, the dice roll evenly. And you need not to use your fingernails to draw the card. Just pull and pick up.

Probable Drawbacks

Compared to other mats, the price is a bit higher.

Key Features

  • Reduce the dice noise
  • Includes a travel bag and a storing tube
  • Comes with a professional theme
  • Easy pull and pick up the card without using fingernails

5. Melee Tabletop Gaming Mats | 23×27″ | Dry Erase | Reversible

If you are on a budget and still looking for the double sided gaming mat for rpg then hold on a sec. These Melee Mats give you everything that a rpg gamers needs.

First off, this is a double-sided mat which comes with a square grid on one side and the hex grid is another side. So, you can use the mat for any role-playing games and can easily do game mapping.

Though it is compatible with both dry and wet erasers, the wet eraser is not recommended to use always. Because regular use of the wet eraser may leave some stains.

Good thing about this mat is its spacious pack. You can organize your all miniatures set in the pack. That’s why this pack is most suitable for both children and adults.

The overall measurement of the mat is 23×27” that is smaller than the other Melee Mats otherwise all the quality is the same. However, the price of the mat is quite reasonable than the above all mats.

Most Liking Features

Unlike other double sided gaming mats, you will enjoy this one due to its self-leveling edge. So, you don’t wait for too long or add extra weight to level up the edge.

Probable Drawbacks

This Melee Mats is a bit thinner than the Chessex playing mat.

Key Features

  • Self-leveling edges
  • Compatible with all RPG
  • Comes with square and hex grids
  • 90 days money back guarantee

Things to Consider Before Buying Tabletop Gaming Mats

Best Tabletop Gaming Mats

It is wise to check some features and factors of any playing mats before confirming the buying decision. Indeed, a little consideration over some factors can make your buying decision easy.

In this section, we have put together such factors so that you can prevent after buying hassle and choose the best dnd grid mat. Additionally, you can check our review on Wii hunting games.


There are different mat’s sizes available on the market. Not all of them are perfect for all. So, you should choose the mat according to your table’s size.

Most of the manufacturers offer different sizes such as 2’x3’, 3’x4, 4’x6 and so on. If you are mostly playing on the table then determining the mat’s measurement would be mandatory. Otherwise, you can go with a standard size mat.

Besides, you should consider the number for the player before confirming the mat’s measurement. Besides, you can choose some rummikub set.

Color and Resolution

Most of the time the design and resolution of the mat enhanced the gaming experience and made it more engaging. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are choosing the mat for young or adults, you must check the overall theme, color and resolution of the tabletop gaming mats.

We have experienced some of the playing mat comes with a dull color. And the color contrast is not as same as the advertised one. So, you should be careful about the mat’s color.


If you want a long-lasting playing mat then you must consider the mat’s basic resistance. A quality mat should have the water, dust, and stain resistance. However, if you usually play rpg outdoors then you should check its UV resistance.

Moreover, some tabletop gaming mats tend to wear and tear. It mostly happens due to low quality fabrics and inferior edge blocking. So, you can also consider the tear resistance.

Additional Accessories

Having additional accessories would be an advantage for the players. Not all of the mat pack included markers, eraser, clips, tubes and travel bags. If all these accessories are not included in the mat, then you have to buy them separately.

So, you should consider such a pack which includes at least a marker and a storing bag.

Versatile Use

Those who are playing a different role-playing game, they should choose a versatile gaming mat. In that case, some mat can be used reversibly and some are one sided use only.

A reversible mat enables you to play different games on the same mat. And such mat comes with different grid designs for both sides.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What types of markers are safe for these mats?

Actually, it depends. Some mat prefers dry markers and some others wet markers. So, you can use both dry and wet markers for all gaming mats which have stain resistance. Otherwise, skip the wet markers.

2. How many players can play at a time?

The medium size tabletop gaming mats can accommodate 3-4 players at a time. However, if you choose a larger mat such as 4’x6’ then you can play six players together.

3. Can I play warhammer 40k games on this mat?

Yes, you can. Most of the listed mats are versatile mats. It will allow you to play all kinds of role-playing games. Plus, you will find some special theme-based mat for war hammer games.

4. Do I use paper weight to level up the edges?

Most of the time no. Because some of the playing mat comes with self-leveling edges so an extra weight is not required. However, some thin mat tends to bend while unpacking for playing.

5. Can I use these mats at outdoor playing?

Yes. These are some best dnd grid mat which come with water and UV resistance. So, you will not find any issues while exposing them to the outside environment.

Final Words

If you want a long-lasting playing mat then you should stop jumping with a random mat. Some factors you must look at before buying any playing mat such as versatility, resistance, measurement, materials and price. If you do so, you will easily distinguish the best tabletop gaming mats.

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