Thorn Proof Gloves

Top 5 Best Thorn Proof Gloves – A List from The Expert

Gardening has gained a lot of traction during this COVID-19 pandemic, hasn’t it? Well, as everyone was locked up at home, we all needed some kind of a hobby to keep ourselves busy and as always plants came to our rescue!

However, doesn’t matter how much we love flowers, nobody loves a job that comes with this hobby. Yes, you guessed it. Weeding! Weeding is without a doubt dreadful. It hurts our fingers, nails, and even hands!

That’s why smart gardeners are thorn-proofing themselves with the best thorn proof gloves. Gloves keep the fingers and hands safe from cold, mud, chemicals, blisters, and of course the worst of all: Thorns!

But, there are many types of gloves on the market. So, finding one that’s suitable for your necessities can be a tough job. However, fear not. Cause our experts are here to save you with a list of the top five thorn proof gardening gloves.

Keep reading to find out about them.

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Magid Glove and Safety Thorn Proof Gloves | Pro Rose
Magid Glove and Safety Thorn Proof Gloves | Pro RoseCheck Price

NoCry Long Thorn Proof Gloves | Goatskin Leather
NoCry Long Thorn Proof Gloves | Goatskin LeatherCheck Price

Handlandy Thorn Proof Gloves | Pigskin Leather
Handlandy Thorn Proof Gloves | Pigskin LeatherCheck Price

G&F Products Thorn Proof Gloves | Florist Pro Gloves
G&F Products Thorn Proof Gloves | Florist Pro GlovesCheck Price

Acdyion Gardening Thorn Proof Gloves | Cowhide Leather
Acdyion Gardening Thorn Proof Gloves | Cowhide LeatherCheck Price

Best Thorn Proof Gloves Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a glove according to your necessity.

1. Magid Glove and Safety Thorn Proof Gloves | Pro Rose

If you have a garden full of Rose plants, Magid has the perfect gloves for you. These gloves are specialized for rose pruning. So, you don’t need to worry about damaging your plants at all with these gloves.

Magid pro-Rose gloves are made of Spandex material. So, these are very sturdy and durable. One could say that these can last a lifetime if properly used. Also, spandex is a very fitting and flexible material. This ensures that these gloves are comfortable to use.

However, some gardeners don’t use gloves because normal gloves don’t provide the grip necessary for gardening.

Well, you don’t need to worry about that because Magid gloves have floral printed reinforced fingertips for added grip and safety.

So, when compared to regular gardening gloves, Magid pro-Rose gloves are perfect for flower gardening and are capable of keeping your fingers beautiful, isn’t that good enough for you?

Most Likeable Features

The palm area of the gloves is padded heavily. So, these are even very comfortable to wear for a long time. Also, the gloves are puncture-proof and no thorn can hurt you below your elbow! In addition, Magid designed knuckle guards for extra protection.

Probable Drawbacks

These gloves are designed only in female sizes. What a loss for men! There are men gardeners too Magid!

Key Features

  • Elbow-length gauntlet cuff protects the forearm
  • Professional rose pruning gloves
  • Puncture resistant and durable material
  • Reinforced and grippy fingertips

2. NoCry Long Thorn Proof Gloves | Goatskin Leather

For those who believe in leather more than anything, the NoCry store has the best gauntlet-thorn-proof gloves. As leather is a breathable material, you already know these are very comfortable to wear and almost sweat-proof.

Also, NoCry gloves are long enough to keep the hands safe but short enough to be comfortable. So, these are wearable even on a hot, summer day. The goatskin leather is very soft and provides comfortable movement.

However, being puncture proof is the most important offering for a garden glove. So, NoCry guarantees that these gloves are almost puncture-proof.

These are so sturdy that the gloves can be used to handle birds, animals, or barbed wires too.

Although most garden gloves are garden gloves women’s, NoCry gloves are tailored to fit both men and women.

Most Likeable Features

NoCry gloves have double-layered goatskin natural leather in the fingertips and palms. The long gauntlet cuffs are made of thick and strong cow split leather. So, these are almost absolutely puncture-proof and you may expect them to last very long.

Probable Drawbacks

Although these gloves are pretty strong, some users complained that thorns and pricks get stuck to the glove and sometimes cause irritation. Also, these are not suitable with cactus!

Key Features

  • Very soft and flexible goatskin material
  • Perfect for pruning and trimming
  • Very good aftersales service by NoCry Store
  • Fits both men and women

3. Handlandy Thorn Proof Gloves | Pigskin Leather

Those who have used pigskin leather material before, know, how incredibly soft and comfortable that is to wear. So, when Handlandy made a thorn proof glove with pigskin leather, we had to include that here in this list.

Pigskin leather is perfect for breathability and sweat-proof work. So, if your hands get sweaty when wearing a glove, you should consider buying one of these from Handlandy.

However, a garden glove needs to be scratch-proof, puncture-resistant, and wear-resistant. Without these, gardening can be tough.

So, Handlandy made sure that these gloves are puncture-resistant and safe to wear.

In addition, other leather glovers can have very little grip when compared to these gloves. As pigskin is a very soft material, it ensures added grip and easy workability.

Most Likeable Features

Although, Handlandy gloves are soft, don’t think that these are in any way weak! These gloves are reinforced with puncture-resistant padded palms and fingertips. Also, these are long enough to secure your forearms from thorns and barbs.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that the leather dye bleeds onto the cuffs and colors the hands at first.

Key Features

  • Adjustable elastic wrists for a perfect fit
  • Added padding on palms and fingertips
  • Breathable pigskin leather material
  • Very good for all kinds of yardwork

4. G&F Products Thorn Proof Gloves | Florist Pro Gloves

Do you think that synthetic leather is better than cheap natural leather? There is every reason to think that. Because, good quality leather is very expensive, synthetic leather is a very good option to have.

That’s why G&F products offer the best thorn proof gloves made with spandex leather. These gloves are perfect because of their simplicity. G&F doesn’t promise anything crazy! These are just good quality garden gloves, that’s it!

However, G&F gloves use good quality spandex material. Spandex is very durable and comfortable to wear.

Also, because of their stretchability, these gloves with extra long sleeves are secure and pleasant to wear.

Anyway, comparing G&F gloves with regular gloves, these are even more sturdy than cheap leather gloves but much more inexpensive.

Most Likeable Features

Florist Pro gloves are 15-inch long in the sleeve area. So, these can keep any hands safe from bruises and cuts. Also, the double-layered palm padding with the good quality spandex material ensures thorn resistance and comfortability altogether.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that the gloves’ hand measurements were not good and the gloves don’t fit correctly because of that.

Key Features

  • Good quality synthetic spandex leather
  • Extra long-lined cuff for forearm protection
  • Stretchable spandex back for breathability
  • Fine craftsmanship and build quality

5. Acdyion Gardening Thorn Proof Gloves | Cowhide Leather

Most thorn proof gloves aren’t thorn proof and those don’t work perfectly with cactus or blackberries! That’s why Acdyion came up with the most secure thorn proof gloves. These are specially reinforced for working with cactus plants.

Acydion makes their gloves with cowhide leather. Cowhide is one of the strongest leather types and that ensures the durability and wear-resistance of these gloves. Also, because these are made of natural leather, these last pretty long.

Although, as these are made to be totally thorn proof, a little bit of flexibility had to be sacrificed.

But, the comfortability of cowhide leather makes up for that. Also, the thumbs are designed for better grip and after breaking in the leather, flexibility issues go away.

However, Acdyion offers far more choices than other brands. They offer three color choices and five size variants. So, you can find exactly the one suitable for you.

Most Likeable Features

The elbow-length gauntlet offers extended protection to the forearm. So, these are perfect for working with poison ivy or other plants. Also, the added paddings provide extended security to the palms and fingers. These are totally thorn resistant

Probable Drawbacks

As Acdyion gloves are made of cowhide leather, new gloves may smell a bit! But, the smell will fade away after some use.

Key Features

  • Premium natural cowhide leather material
  • Extended protection for the forearm
  • Very good customer service by Acdyion
  • Ergonomic design ensures comfort and grip

Things to Consider Before Buying Thorn Proof Gloves

Best Thorn Proof Gloves

Gardening is a very healthy hobby to have. It is mentally pleasing and physically active. So, this is very good for people of all ages. Gardening also teaches us about our responsibilities because gardens may vanish in days if not taken care of properly!

That’s why, even though most people hate the extra work gardening comes with we have to do it to keep our gardens safe and beautiful. You wouldn’t want a poison ivy vine in your garden, would you?

So, everyone takes care of their plants and the plants reward us in time with beautiful flowers. However, many gardeners cut themselves in this process and sometimes get infected by the cut too. Some prickly plants are very tough to handle bare-handed.

So, buying the best buffalo thorn proof gloves is the least we can do to keep ourselves safe from these types of danger. Although some thorns or pricks will occasionally hurt us anyways, it’s still better than having no protection.

But, there are different types of garden gloves for different purposes, and finding the correct one may be tough. That’s why our experts listed some things for you to consider before you buy a thorn proof glove.

If you consider these beforehand, you will find the most suitable garden gloves for you. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the goalkeeper gloves with finger protection.


Choosing the right material is important. Because there are inexpensive cloth gloves that give no protection from thorns whatsoever. Also, there are rubber gloves which are usually made for working with chemicals.

So, the suitable material for thorn proof gloves is usually leather or synthetic leather-like Spandex. But, there are different types of leather. Like, Pigskin, cowhide or goatskin, etc. Cowhide or buffalo leather is the strongest and they provide the most protection.

However, they are usually a lot more expensive too.

So, choose the perfect one for you. For more suggestions, you can read about batting gloves to prevent blisters.

The fit

This is obvious but choosing the perfect fit is very important for gloves. You don’t want a glove to be too tight or too loose. So, find the perfect size and fit for your hands. Even if you have to search hours online for it.

Durability and Flexibility

Durability and flexibility go different ways most of the time. Most durable material is stiff and isn’t very flexible. On the other hand, most flexible material isn’t very durable.

So, you need to find a glove that’s durable and flexible altogether. Gloves using cowhide or spandex leather material offer a middle ground between these two traits.


Gardening works need intricate motor skills and good grip. Because a flower or a plant can be damaged easily if not held properly.

That’s why a glove with a good grip is very important. Most gloves nowadays offer reinforced fingertips for better grip. But, check user reviews about the grip before you buy a glove.


As with any type of gloves, gardening gloves need to be comfortable too. Because you are going to wear these for a long period garden gloves must be very comfortable.

Also, the gloves need to be breathable to restrict sweat and itching. However, comfort and durability don’t come together. So, you need to find a balance between softness and sturdiness!

Follow these guidelines and you will find the perfect glove for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How do you protect your hands from thorns?

Gloves with fingers, knuckles, and palm paddings will keep most thorns out of your hands if handled a bit carefully. Of course, you can’t just grab a plant full of pricks. But, they are pretty safe.

So, buy a thorn proof glove to protect your hands.

2. Are leather gardening gloves better?

Leather certainly has a different appeal to it. But, synthetic leather or latex gloves are pretty good too.

All of these materials are tear-proof and very durable. However, some may find latex to be uncomfortable because of latex allergy. Also, leather is more expensive than other synthetic materials.

Are goatskin gloves good for gardening?

Goatskin leather gloves are probably the most comfortable type of leather glove. Because the gloves are soft and very flexible. However, goatskin isn’t as thorn resistant as cowhide.

So, these are good enough for regular gardening. But, probably not enough for cactuses or blackberries!

3. Do gardening gloves prevent blisters?

Good quality gardening gloves will protect you from bruises, blisters, or any small cuts. But, you need to find a glove good enough. Gloves will also keep your fingernails safe from dirt.

So, they provide your hands with safety and keep them beautiful too! What else do you want from some gloves?

4. Are leather gloves good for yard work?

Leather is the perfect material for the best yard work gloves thorn proof. Leather is good for heavy yard work like tree trimming or trench digging. Also, leather keeps your hands safe from small cuts, bruises, and blisters.

Leather gloves are also very breathable and comfortable and they will last a lifetime if made and taken care of properly.

Final Words

Gardening is not an easy task. It requires constant mental and physical attention. However, gardening is a very rewarding hobby and this will make anybody happier if they got enough composure.

But, keeping yourself safe from unnecessary injuries is the smart gardener’s way. Only the best thorn proof gloves can keep you safe from all these prickly plants. So, make sure you buy one as soon as you can.

Love gardens because Earth laughs in flowers!