Top 5 Best Wii Hunting Games – The Must Have Selection for 2023




Wii Hunting Games

Are you locked down in your home with a hunting spirit? Well, there is nothing that can replace the sensation and outrageous feeling of hunting. But, we have the next best thing. You can be a hunter right at your home if you try the best Wii hunting games.

Wii has been one of the biggest gaming platforms since it launched. Nintendo made this console to be highly enjoyable for the first-person experience. But, games belonging to the “hunting” genre, have taken the console to another level of excitement.

That’s why our expert teams spent hours researching for the most exciting Wii hunting games and narrow the list to the top 5.

Keep reading and find out exactly which one you want!
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Best Wii Hunting Games Reviews

This section has multiple video game reviews in it. However, not all of them might be exciting for you. So, you have to choose according to your choice of gameplay and storyline.

1. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts Wii Hunting Games 2013 | Gun included

Wouldn’t you want a hunting experience but with the emotional journey of a hunter? An emotional story adds so much to video games. That’s why this game from Activision is so liked by gamers because this tells the emotional story of two brothers.

The game walks you through a journey of two brothers who lost their father to a grizzly in a hunt. Their father died saving their lives from the grizzly. The game takes place in Uganda, Africa where the brothers meet again for their father’s birthday.

A brother’s reunion, with an attractive storyline, what more could you want?

Well, “Dangerous hunts” still has a lot to offer. With its good physics and exciting background scores, this game is packed with excitement and chills.

“Dangerous hunts” offers a realistic experience that is often not found in other Wii video games. But, some video games also offer better dynamic gameplay than this one.

Most Liking Features

Dangerous hunts come with a gun if you choose. So, you can have a lively hunting experience and cruise through the jungles of Africa. Sudden attacks from wild animals will keep you on your toes.

Probable Drawbacks

But, there probably are some drawbacks of this game too. Some users have complained that the game is so full of adrenaline-inducing scenes that it becomes hard to enjoy calm, nice segments of the game.

Key features

  • Emotionally building attractive storyline
  • Good graphics and game physics
  • Chilling animal hunt missions
  • Multiplayer version available if interested

2. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Wii Hunting Games 2010 | Gun included

Who wouldn’t want to join a mysterious, powerful secret hunter’s club? But, first, you have to prove that you’re worthy of it!

Big game hunter provides a realistic hunting experience where a gamers’ tracking, hunting, and surviving skills are put to the test. So, if you are looking for a game that goes straight for the hunt experience, then this is one of the best Wii games to focus on.

Although this game is focused on hunting, it also offers a decent storyline. The main character Jack Wilde is a promising hunter who is being tested to join the “Orion Order.”

Gamers play from a first-person perspective elevating the experience much more.

But, as this is a hunting game, the shooting mechanics must be flawless. That’s why the game simulates controlled breathing and hunter’s sense. These details make the game very enjoyable.

However, there are many games in this genre. The difference here from its competition is that the game doesn’t waste any time with an unnecessary storyline and focuses solely on hunting. So, this provides a far better hunt experience.

Most liking feature

Big game hunter offers incredible terrain challenges where you have to climb cliffs, escape avalanches and survive in different terrains. Also, its comprehensive reward system makes it easier to understand.

Probable Drawbacks

As this game is focused on the hunt, other aspects of gaming are not present. The graphics are pretty old considering present games.

Key features

  • Bundle gun is available for buying
  • 4 person multiplayer mini-games
  • Structured missions with instant feedbacks
  • Variety of in-game weapons

3. Bass Pro Shops -The Hunt Bundle | Wii Hunting Games

Do you know any hunter who doesn’t know about Bass Pro Shops? Any outdoorsman knows about them. “Bass Pro Shops” is one of the biggest retailers of hunting and fishing merchandise. So, if they made a Wii game, we only expect hyper-realistic flavor.

This hunt bundle comes with 8 different hunting regions and 3 different seasons.

Also, XS games made sure that while playing gamers can experience the beautiful natural environment around them. So, gamers can have a taste of real hunting.

However, playing hunting games can sometimes get boring after a while. That’s why “Bass Pro Shops” holds 100 thousand dollar tournaments with real prizes! Hunt bundle also has an upgraded achievements and rewards system to keep it interesting.

As there is no other Wii hunting game with guns produced by big hunting gear retailers, Bass Pro Shops had to make a good game to impress their veteran buyers.

Most Liking Features

The hunt bundle offers beautiful game mechanics and lighting with excellent background music. Also, there are new, improved mini-games to play. So, this game gives off a nice vibe.

Probable Drawbacks

Although this is a good game, considering today’s console game market, this game and Wii games altogether are pretty outdated if you consider graphics and gameplay.

Key Features

  • Realistic game physics and mechanism
  • Comes with an included gun for Wii
  • Achievements and reward system to encourage gamers
  • Difficult enough but easy to learn

4. Cabela’s African Adventures | Wii Hunting Games |Top Shot Elite

If you were a hunter for a moment, where would you want to hunt at least once in your life? Isn’t it the African savannahs? Of course, it is. Every hunter dreams to hunt there. But, not everyone gets to. Well, African Adventures is the solution for you.

This game has a lot to offer. It has a new, adventurous storyline with a wide selection of firearms to choose from.

Also, challenging boss animal fights called the “Big 5” is very enjoyable. Big herds of buffalos and packs of predators can be taken on anytime!

However, what good would the vast land of Africa do if one can’t hike around it? That’s why, you can leave and enter your vehicle anytime, anywhere. This lets you roam around the vast lands of Africa and enjoy the scenic beauty just like a real hunter.

Although, there are many competitors to be the best Wii hunting game. But, the African Adventures hunting area so vast that it’s almost 5x bigger than any other Cabela’s console game. That’s just huge.

Most Liking Features

With an exciting story and a large, beautiful hunting ground, this is pretty good already. But, the included Topshot gun takes it to another level. This gun works with any other Wii game too!

Probable Drawbacks

Many users complained that it is very difficult to play as it doesn’t come with any instructions. But, most gamers can figure that out eventually.

Key features

  • Beautiful African scenes and background music
  • Wide range of firearms for different hunts
  • Interactive interface for gradual learning
  • Adrenaline pumping gameplay with gun

5. Cabela’s 3 game Bundle Wii Hunting Games | Gun Included

Cabela’s Wii hunting games are the bests in this genre. They look realistic and just feels natural to play with. That’s why these games are popular among gamers. So, if you are into the “Hunt” genre of gaming, you should check out this game bundle.

This bundle has three games included, two of them are already mentioned in this article!

Cabela’s dangerous hunts and Cabela’s African Adventures are two of the most played Wii hunting game with guns. Cabela’s Survival is also a decent game to play.

Cabela’s offer various aspects to their games. The graphics and gameplay are good enough considering the Wii console. But, the main reason to play these, must be its hunting experience. As hunters are stuck at home in this pandemic, these might be pretty good gifts for them!

As this is a game bundle, you have options to choose from. All three games in this bundle are fun and pretty good competition to themselves and other games of this sort.

Main Liking Features

Three different games offer three different experiences. So, this bundle offers a wide range of emotions and attaching a backstory to it. Also, Cabela’s offers decent game mechanics for realism.

Probable Drawbacks

As Wii is a pretty outdated console, these games are not exactly high-end. But, that doesn’t stop them from being fun!

Key features

  • Three game bundle at a cheap price
  • Comes with a cross-game Wii gun
  • Different environments in each of the games
  • Multiplayer games to play with friends

Things to Consider Before Buying Wii Hunting Games

Best Wii Hunting Games

Before buying any games, gamers need to consider some things. This makes it easier to understand which way to go and which type of game to buy. That’s why we put together some important points to note, which will guide you to buying the best Wii games. Don’t forget to check the rummikub set reviews.


First of all, you need to consider the fact that Nintendo Wii consoles are pretty old now. Since, they were discontinued back in 2013, playing video games on a Wii console now may seem different to some!

So, if you plan to buy a console to play Wii U hunting games, we would recommend not to. As Nintendo stopped producing both Nintendo Wii and Wii u, their price has skyrocketed. Because these consoles have some really good games up their sleeves.

Although, the problem here is that, these consoles have fallen far behind than its competitors like PlayStation or Xbox or even Nintendo Switch. So, buying an outdated console just to play old games doesn’t seem like a good idea.

But, if you already have one of these old consoles lying around in your home, then you should try out all of Cabela’s Wii hunting games. They are pretty cheap and offer great enjoyment.

So, if you like this genre of interactive gaming and already have a Wii console at home, you definitely should consider buying a Wii hunting game with guns. If not, maybe look somewhere else for this genre. Check out the most essential Review for rear bag for benchrest shooting.


Gameplay is an important factor to consider before buying any games. As gamers interact with the games through gameplay functions, this is what makes a game pleasurable or boring.

So, first, you need to understand which types of games you like to play mostly. If you like plot-based games more, then consider buying a game with a strong storyline. In this list, Cabela’s dangerous hunts and Cabela’s African Adventures have a pretty good plot.

On the other hand, if you like more of an arcade-style, direct action game considers buying like Bass Pro Shop – the hunt bundle. You may even like fishing games more than hunting games. So, you can check out Bass Pro Shops: The strike for Wii.

Graphics and Game Mechanics

This partly depends on the console. Newer, modern consoles like the PS5 have games with extremely realistic graphics that make Wii games look like they belong in the museum! But, that doesn’t necessarily destroy the fun of the games.

So, if you are looking for modern graphics, you may need to switch consoles, but if you are here for fun Wii offers fun. Games like Cabela’s African Adventure and Cabela’s Big game hunter also have pretty good graphics and game mechanics considering their release dates.

But, if you want modern hunting games, you may check out, “the hunting simulator 2.” Although, modern games will not offer gun controllers. So, half the fun is already gone.


Wii and Wii u hunting games come with Wii hunting gun bundles. If you want to play with a gun for hyper-realistic fun, you may consider getting one. If not, the nunchucks and remotes work fine.

So, if you follow these guidelines before buying Wii hunting games, you can get yourself a good, fun game to play around with.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Do all Wii U hunting games come with a gun?

Most Wii U hunting games have gun bundles. If you want one with a gun you can buy that bundle. But, if you already have one, you don’t need to buy another. Because these guns work with all games.

2. Can I play these games without gun controllers?

Yes, you can. Wii gun controllers are mostly hollow sockets where you have to put the Wii nunchucks and remote. So, you can play these games without a gun.

Although, buying a gun controller may add a lot of value to these games because they are designed to be played with guns.

3. Can Wii games be played on Wii U?

Yes, most Wii games can be played on Wii U consoles. If you can’t play one you may consider visiting Wii forums and WiiWare.

You can get help there.

4. Can kids play Wii U hunting games?

Most games have age ratings on them. You should look for that before buying for your children. Some Wii games can be tough to learn first, so younger kids might not have fun with them.

But, most kids can play Wii U hunting games.

5. Which hunting game to play on Wii with a gun?

We have tried to list the best Wii hunting games with gun in this article. So, if you are looking for the best games to play, consider checking out some of the games listed here.

Final words

Although some might consider Wii games old now. However, they offer nostalgic feelings and may be of great value to some. As you have come this far in this article, we hope that this article helped you find the best Wii hunting games.

Although, if you follow some simple tips and evaluate your choices before buying a game, you can buy one of your choices surely.

Stay hydrated and play Wii!

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