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Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat

As a softball player, there is always required a composite bat by which there can be done a good shot. Fastpitch softball bat needs to be lightweight and have proper strength to maximize control of the swing speed of the bat.

A wide collection of softball bats are available in the market but which would be the actual one? It might be tricky to decide. No tension! We have done thorough research and thus brought some amazing bats as the best composite fastpitch softball bat.

Let’s check the bats’ reviews.
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Best Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

Softball is a game where a softball with a fast pitch composite bat. Softball games without a fastpitch bat will not be played. So to ensure a good softball bat, we have provided you with some amazing softball bats collection with their pros and cons.

1. Easton GHOST -11 | -10 | -9 | -8 | Fastpitch Softball Bat

When a thing adds a tag patented with it, undoubtedly that means it is the original signature thing of that manufacturer. And then the product gets more trust. Similarly, Easton has brought to our hand their own patented double barrel softball bat.

The double barrel feature enables a conclusive combination of feeling, popping and sound.

Plus the double barrel has got approval for ruling all fields. Thus this bat captures all attraction and so has got a tag one bat to rule all.

Besides, this bat leaves no chance of complaints in the durability and flexibility issue. It uses an amazing resin matrix technology with XTX Xtra tough resin. Plus, it provides an ultra thin handle with a soft hyper skin thus it is very easy to handle.

Moreover, besides the double barrel construction, it has two piece connection with Nitrocell foam technology that gives an amazing connection service. This extraordinary feature is barely seen in any other fastpitch bat.

Most liking feature

The Nitrocell connection technology is the most preferable feature of this bat because it creates light feeling in connecting the handle and barrel.

Probable drawback

The bat is overall a good quality softball bat but there is some issue regarding durability as its few parts are quite fragile sometimes.

Key Features

  • Enables a mixture of popping, sound and feeling
  • Ensures superb durability and flexibility
  • Creates light feeling in handle and barrel
  • Provides an ultra thin soft handle

2. Louisville 2020 Proven (-13) Fastpitch Bat

The world of fastpitch softball bats only one name is familiar worldwide and that is none other than Louisville Slugger. It always ensures the best quality bats with superb performance and innovative features that everybody desires to buy.

Barrel is one of the most important things of a fastpitch bat and that has to be fully composite. Similarly, this bat is fully composite with an advanced engineered sweet spot that enables better feeling of popping on contact.

Besides, this bat is beautifully designed for young players to adult players for an extraordinary performance.

Plus it is constructed with a balanced solid feel for contact that takes the game to another level.

Moreover, this bat is well-balanced and very lightweight. It is very easy to swing the bat. Thus it makes itself distinguished from others in the outside market as well as becomes the best composite bat for fastpitch softball.

Most liking feature

The lightweight feature and easy to control is the most amazing characteristic of this bat. Even for this, it is very easy to control the increased speed of the bat.

Probable Drawback

The bat is an amazing quality bat that any loophole is very rare in. But some might have few issues with the popping feature of the bat sometimes.

Key Features

  • Fully composite barreled bat
  • Comes with an engineered sweet spot for popping
  • Being very lightweight and ultra-balanced
  • Being very easy to control increased speed of the bat

3. Louisville Slugger 2020 RXT X20 (-10) Fastpitch Bat

In the universe of softball bat only one name is acquainted to the whole world which is none aside from Louisville Slugger. It perpetually offers the most effective quality bat with fascinating service and options that everyone wishes to shop for.

This bat is absolutely composite with an engineered two-piece design including a SPRINGLOAD connection system and HVR-1 technology that makes the bat more responsive.

Plus, it helps improve the feeling of contact as well as driving the ball through the zone.

Besides, this bat is very well-balanced and lightweight. Even it includes a balanced swing weight that can control extreme swing speed. The bat is suitable for even young to any age players. This bat ensures less talk but more response.

Most importantly, this bat includes an end cap with it that helps the barrel in maximizing the sweet spot that is included with RXT’s sweet spot. Thus the connection makes the bat more stiff and firm. Thus the bat distinguishes itself from other bats.

Most liking feature

This bat has premium LS Pro grip that makes the bat comfortable for handling and better feeling with maximum control.

Probable Drawback

The bat is an all-rounder softball bat and one single lacking of the bat is difficult to find. But this bat seems quite pricey to some softball bat seekers.

Key Features

  • Absolutely composite with HVR-1 technology
  • Helps improving the feeling on contact and popping
  • Maximizes the sweet spot and controls the swing speed
  • Very lightweight and comfortable to use and grip

4. Rawlings | Mantra | Fastpitch Softball Bat Series

Rawlings has always astonished us with their best products. Similarly, Rawlings has introduced a new mantra fastpitch softball bat for the athletes and strongest softball teams. It gives players the opportunity to enjoy their dream on the field.

The mantra bat is well manufactured with the accurate mixture of power and control. The newest mantra form helps players to maintain a fast and smooth swing.

Thus this bat has become a great tool for school and college going softball players also.

Moreover, the bat has the capability of maximizing performance by the three step internal barrel posture that allows optimizing the performance, strength and swing weight distribution. That’s why it is gradually becoming the best composite fastpitch softball bat.

In addition, this bat is the first ever softball bat that has introduced a blast motion sensor technology that provides real-time feedback and analytics. This feature is not seen in any other softball bat outside available in the market. Additionally, you can check our review on composite wood bat.

Most liking feature

The motion knobbing sensor is the most preferable feature of the bat. It seamlessly interconnects all the motion of the bat without ruining the swing weight.

Probable Drawback

This bat is a super quality softball bat and so it has not a single flaw. But the bat does not come with any warranty service that might be unpleasant to some peeps.

Key Features

  • Ensures three step barrel design that maximizes performance
  • Designed with powerful and fast smooth swing
  • Enables blast motion sensor technology
  • Gives real-time feedback & analytic without ruining swing weight

5. DeMarini CF-XD Extended Barrel (-10) WTDXCFE-19 Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini has launched an extra-ordinary fastpitch softball bat that features some exclusive facilities that a softball player desires in the bat. Firstly, we can mention its high quality barrel design that comes in a perfect diameter to control the swing level of the bat.

Then here comes the three fusion handle technology of the bat which offers maximum flex and feeling.

Plus, besides the handle, it also includes three fusion end caps that helps optimize the sweet spot and giving better popping, sound and strength.

Besides, the swing weight of this softball bat is very well-balanced and so it is approved by many associations like USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA & ISF for playing. Plus, it includes an adjustable AOD knob that ensures real-time adjustments in the bat.

Moreover, this CFX-D softball enables a locking knob that makes several bat lengths and provides the batters a better control and weather choking up. Thus this exclusive bat makes itself attributable from other fastpitch softball bats. Besides, you can choose some bat bags for softball.

Most liking feature

The adjustable of demand (AOD) design is one of the most amazing features. It makes real-time adjustments in the bat lengths extensions.

Probable drawback

The bat is a very nice and good quality softball bat but it is a little overpriced bat which might be a drawback of this bat.

Key Features

  • Enables an adjustable locking knob
  • Knob makes adjusted bat lengths and extensions
  • Three fusion barrel & cap optimizes sweet spot & swing speed
  • Ensues a better control and weather choking

Things to Consider Before Buying Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat

Best Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat

Every softball bat needs to take care of several things for being a good quality composite fastpitch bat for softball. Some important things are discussed below that help one to find the best composite fastpitch softball bat.


When we create a decision to select a fastpitch softball bat, we have to take into account the size or diameter of the bat’s barrel. Barrel comes with the contact of the bat and it is very light and smooth. Barrel sizes differ according to requirements.

If you need a bat for short hitting purposes, then you’ll need a shorter size. On the other hand, if you need a bat for speedy hitting, then you’ll require a larger size. So at first, you have to select for what reason you’ll need a bat and then take that associated barrel size.


The material is one of the most important factors of a softball bat and there are a wide variety of materials and designs used in the softball bat like aluminum, wood, composite or alloy etc. Composite fastpitch material bats are mostly common and liked by everyone.

In this regard, budget becomes a criterion in selecting the material. Composite softball bats are lightweight and durable as well as sturdy. So they are budget-friendly and so loved by every batter.


Weight becomes a vital point when it appears to select the fastpitch softball bat. There are two kinds of weight distribution systems in the softball bat. They are a balanced and end loaded system. Balanced bats are well weight distributed bats and lightweight.

On the other hand, in the end-loaded bats the weight is distributed in the end section of the bat and they are heavily weighted bats. If you want greater speed, a balanced bat would be helpful and an end-loaded bat will be suitable for larger hits.


Length is another criterion of a fastpitch softball bat that a softball batter needs to check properly. Generally the length of the softball bats is about 34 inch. So there doesn’t require that much confusion and investigation regarding the length of the bat.


When there comes a discussion about the softball bat, the first thing that comes in the conversation is the grip or handle of the fastpitch softball bat. And to get a proper handle, the knob and tapper of the bat should be well manufactured.

The handle is made with shockproof material so that the batter can control the swing speed and have a good performance.

Fastpitch Bats VS Slowpitch Bats

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does the bat come with stamps?

Yes, it does.

The bat comes with stamps even though it is approved by USSSA, BSA, ASA, NSA and other associations using 98MPH w/ABI.

2. Does the bat have a warranty?

Yes, it has.

The bat allows one year warranty service and free parts renewing service. Original receipts are served with the box with the proper instructions.

3. Is the bat approved by ASA?

Yes, it is approved by ASA. In fact, it is suitable for all aged players like school or college going players to professional softball players.

4. How can t get the best composite bat for fastpitch softball?

The fastpitch softball bat has a good strength barrel, end cap, exact length, proper weight, standard material etc. for giving a better control and maximum performance. If these things are accurately ensured, you’ll get your desired softball bat.

Final Words

Fastpitch softball bats are the main tools in the playing of fastpitch composite softball games. The bat needs to be strong, having enough strength to optimize swing and control power. Thus the bat can be the best composite fastpitch softball bat.

Have a good throw!

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