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Paddle Holster

When there arises a situation of carrying a concealed firearm, safety is a matter of prominent measurement. And so, the holster should be given the first priority for keeping the weapon protected and safe.

To make the job easy for gunners, there are many types of paddle holsters available in the market. But the toughest job is to find the right one among them. No tension folks! We’re here to help you with some amazing ones to find the best paddle holster.

Let’s take a look at them.
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Best Paddle Holster Reviews

The importance of a paddle holster is not unknown to any gun owner in order to keep the weapon protected and safe. That’s why we are here with our five excellent paddle holsters that can be a safer option to choose for keeping your weapon secure.

1. Safariland 6378 Paddle Holster | ALS Concealment

There are many paddle holsters available that have ALS (Auto-Locking System). But Safariland has the concealment model of the ALS series. It locks the weapon once it is holstered and ensures extra security by allowing fast draw.

The holster is constructed with both SafariLaminate & SafariSuede formation that makes it strong from both outside and inside.

Even it is impact & heat and moisture resistant. Plus, its thermal lamination makes it extremely durable.

Besides ALS concealment feature, Safariland includes SLS (Self-Locking System) guards that ensure extra safety. It also gives a variety of concealed carry options including with both inside (IWB) and outside (OWB) waistband holsters as well as many colors & finishes.

Moreover, it can easily fit with your Glock 17, 22; M3 etc. most concealed carry holsters. Previously we’ve examined LIVIQILY LCR HOLSTER that doesn’t offer enough retention and comfort. That’s why we choose the Safariland 6378 model as the best of the best among other holsters out there.

Most liking feature

Safariland arrives with a concealment paddle and a toughest belt loop that makes it the most stunning one than other holsters.

Probable drawbacks

This holster is no doubt a superb one but sometimes it’s very tight and squeeze triggered grip seems quite unpleasant to unholster it.

Key Features

  1. Ensures the greatest security & fast draw to weapon
  2. Gives both ALS & SLS concealment option
  3. Provides concealed paddle & belt loop
  4. Protects the gun’s sights & finish

2. Concealment Express OWB Paddle Holster | Adjustable Cant

It is joyful to announce that Concealment Express comes with such an amazing Kydex paddle holster for all professional gunners. Its Kydex waistband outside with Aluminum molds & CAD designed assures unparalleled firmness, quality, stability, comfortability, lightness & uniform features.

Besides, it has exclusive features like Undercut Trigger Guard that avoids interference with your draw, Over-Cut Open -Face & barrels eliminates sights heights, Sweat Guard protects weapons from sweat etc. Even no one can identify your weapon during carrying by its Stealth belt clip.

Moreover, this is fully manufactured in the USA and guarantees the total long-lasting effect and durability, and capability. Plus, it can also be adjusted without losing any of its screws because it uses the Black Oxide Steel hardware.

Apart from these, the one feature that makes it the best leather paddle holster from others is the adjustable Cant & ‘Posi-Click’ retention. It effectively holsters your weapon and doesn’t let your weapon come out unless you want.

Most liking feature

But precisely to be noted, the adjustable Cant & retention factor is one of the most preferable among them because it allows angling the holster in any direction.

Probable Drawback

This paddle holster is not fully ambidextrous. So it seems quite difficult and unpleasant for left-handed people to use.

Key Features

  1. OWB waistband gives comfort & avoids tucked issues
  2. Sweat protection & adjustable cant features
  3. Eliminates interference with draw
  4. Belt-clip helps to unrecognized the weapon during carrying

3. Bendon OWB Paddle Holster | M & P Shield

Bendon always looks after the quality and durability of their products. Similarly, this time Bendon has come with an incredible paddle holster with a 9 mm M&P shield trigger release button model that helps make a swift & smooth draw.

This holster can angle itself almost in 60 degrees with an adjustable Allen Key that helps rotate the paddle to get the desired angle. Even, the holster possesses a great compatibility. It fits with almost all S&W, M&P barrel pistols, the rail, flashlight, laser embedded style handguns etc.

Besides these, the holster presents an outstanding Auto-Locking system that helps locking the gun automatically & grabs the firearm safely once it is holstered. This holster has an S & W shield that helps to retain its integrity. For more information, you can check our article holsters for M&P shield.

Moreover, when it comes to durability, Bendon OWB paddle holster is the wisest option to choose from. It is because it is made with lightweight durable material that makes it more resistant to any adverse tactical situation.

Most liking feature

The 9 mm M&P shield of this paddle holster is the stunning feature that keeps it free from scratches, heat and makes it ideal for tactical jobs.

Probable Drawback

Though this paddle holster is an all-rounder for any odd jobs but sometimes it might be less sturdy and comfortable in use because of the too tight grab.

Key features

  1. Makes swift & sleek draw
  2. Fits with all S&W, M&P embedded pistols
  3. Ensures effective automatic locking mechanism
  4. Provides amazing durability & lightweight

4. MASC HOLSTER Paddle Holster | Premium Leather

If you’re looking for a premium leather paddle holster, then MASC HOLSTER paddle holster can be the right choice for protecting the firearm. It has hand-made mold that ensures perfect fitting and fast drawing. Plus it has highly adjustable and customized retention.

Besides, it gives enough protection to the leather and muzzle sight by sight rail space. Even it gives the opportunity to adjust the angle with a moving polymer paddle.

For better use, it provides two screws to angle it in both horizontally & vertically.

Moreover, MASC has always been preferred for its practical design and great quality. And it is the same in the case of this holster. It is made with very good quality leather that is environment-friendly, stink-free, carcinogen free and overall safe for use.

Apart from these, the paddle design of this holster makes it more distinguished from other leather holsters. It can easily be put on or off and even be used without a belt also. And this feature makes it the best paddle holster for tactical carrying.

Most liking feature

The holster is made from TUGCE premium leather that makes it thick which gives enough strength & long lasting effect. And it is the most amazing feature of it.

Probable drawback

The holster is a very good for long usage in security personnel but it might seem to fit too tight at first in holstering the weapon.

Key features

  1. Premium long-lasting leather holster
  2. Adjustable angle polymer model
  3. Environment-friendly, anti-carcinogenic
  4. Durable & strong paddle design

5. GUN & FLOWER Paddle Holster | Glock 19 Holster

GUN & FLOWER production has come with an excellent OWB paddle holster especially for Glock 19 series. It is highly durable and comfortable for use and perfect for tailoring Glock 19, 23, 32 etc. with almost all Glock 19 series.

This holster keeps the Glock 19 safe by its amazing auto-locking system. It locks the weapon once it is holstered and doesn’t let it set apart until you want to let it.

Plus it can operate in the hardest situations like military, shooting, enforcement agency works etc.

Besides, it includes an adjustable Cant & retention feature by which it can be angled in 180 degrees. Thus it ensures quick and smooth draw. It also notifies that the weapon is holstered properly by giving a satisfying ‘CLICK’ sound.

Moreover, its strong durability and fine craftsmanship make it more stunning and ideal for protecting the weapon than other holsters. It provides a wide belt clip that avoids unwanted accidents and dangers during carrying.

Most liking feature

It has audible click and strong durable belt-clip that lets notifying that the weapon is holstered as well as holds the weapon with the waist firmly.

Probable drawback

Good things will always be a little bit pricey, won’t it? So this holster might seem a bit costly to budget-friendly holster seekers.

Key Features

  1. Perfect for all Glock 19 series
  2. Audible click & durable belt-clip
  3. Avoids accidents & unwanted dangers during carrying
  4. Adjustable cant & retention

Things to Consider Before Buying Paddle Holster

Best Paddle Holster

As a professional gunner, there are several things that must be very important to be aware about the paddle holster for the safety of the weapon. And so, in this section, we’ve pointed out some things that would be very helpful to find the best leather paddle holster.


Concealment is one of the most prominent features of a paddle holster. If the paddle holster is not properly concealed, then the functionality of the holster will be no use. And so, you should check the locking mechanism of the paddle holster cautiously.

Correct locking mechanism helps to lock the holster with the weapon perfectly and it doesn’t let the weapon come out till you don’t want it. So concealment should be on top of checking the paddle holster to have a better holster for concealed carry.

Waistband Safety

In terms of buying a paddle holster, the safety measurement of the waistband is a must to be careful about. The holster should be secured in both the inside (IWB) and outside (OWB) waistband. You have to check all the pros & cons of the IWB & OWB holster. You can also check this article IWB vs. OWB.

Material & Quality

The material of the paddle holster has to be high quality. The leather should be non-toxic, carcinogen-free, nature-friendly and biodegradable, heat & moisture resistant. There can’t be any compromise with the quality of the material of the holster.


The holster should be durable and compact for carrying. It would be better to choose a holster made with S&W, M&P shield which makes it more lightweight and easy for carrying. Then the holster will be ideal for any tactical hard jobs.

Besides, the holster should have adjustable cant and retention factor so that it can be angled as per the necessary. That’s why make sure all the necessary elements of the holster make it durable and suitable.


The main job of the holster is to protect and keep the firearm safe during carrying. So the holster has to be compatible with almost all types of pistols and revolvers. That’s why make sure that your desired holster is perfectly compatible with your weapon.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Will this holster be able to fit with Glock 41?

Yes, it will.

The holster is very much efficient in terms of compatibility with almost all kinds of firearms and pistols. It provides unique consistency with all firearms. So thus it will be worthy enough to fit with Glock 41.

2. Is it water & heat-resistant?

Yes, definitely it is.

The leather of the paddle holster is collected from such premium material that it is fully waterproof and heat-compact. It fits with any tough situations in any condition without any trouble.

3. Does this fit compact with M&P 9 mm 2.0 shields?

Yes, it does.

The holster has the full suitability to fit compact with the M&P 9mm 2.0 shields. It makes it lightweight and easy for carrying.

4. Does it make the weapon sweaty?

No, it doesn’t.

The holster has a sweat protection guard that helps it to keep the weapon from excessive sweat. Thus it keeps the gun safe and secure as well as gives a smooth draw.

5. How can I get the best paddle holster for concealed carry?

In order to have the ideal paddle holster for assuring the gun’s safety, there should be some things like concealment, locking mechanism, material, durability, portability, consistency, compatibility, etc.

If these things of the holster are in the correct place, then the right paddle holster will be in your hands for better concealed carry.

Final Words

For a professional gunner or shooter, it is not at all obscure how important a paddle holster is for keeping their guns safe and secure. And for this, choosing a random one from the market will not be sufficient enough.

So in this regard, it is very important to select the right holster for ensuring the gun’s safety. If you are able to assure the above mentioned criterions correctly, then we can say that the best paddle holster will be delivered to you.

Have a safe & secure carrying!

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