Top 5 Best Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting in 2023




Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting

Getting the ultimate accuracy is the dream of the shooters. However, it is seen that most of the shooters spend numerous hours on load turning, bullet selection, and brass prep.

Along with that, paying a little attention on how to set up the gun on the rest bag can make a huge difference in the shooting.  After setting the front bag, the rear bag is also equally important as it can improve the overall rifles’ balance and track significantly.

As you are trying different positions for the front rest, you can try different positions for the rear rest. To do that, you need the best rear bag for benchrest shooting.  And this little rear gear can entirely change you shooting experience.

Thus, to give you the best positioning in shooting, we have narrowed down the five rear shooting rest bags with detailed reviews. Let’s get started!
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Best Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting Reviews

In this section, we are going to discuss the total specifications, pros and cons of these selected rest bags. In fact, it will help you choose the most desirable bag for you. So, without further ado let’s jump into the reviews.

1. Caldwell Front & Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting | Combo Pack

For those who are in search of both front and rear shooting bags, this collection is for them. Caldwell brought such a combo pack that is good enough to meet your shooting desires.

First talk about the dimension of these shooting bags. The front bag is inches L x 8 inches H x 7.5 inches W and the weight is 7lbs. And the rear bag is 5″ L x 5″ W x 4.5″ D.

While using these bags, we have noticed that the moisture filler adds unnecessary weight and can hamper the bag’s materials in some cases. So, it is better to use the dry silica, rice and cat litters.

Unlike others, Caldwell has used Quick-Connect System for better organization for the both shooting bags. That means, you can easily carry the bags.

Most Liking Features

The construction of the bag captures our attention. Caldwell has used 600 Denier polyester, that’s how it becomes water resistant. So, you can use them in cold weather too.

Probable Drawbacks 

The rear bag is not compatible with the 30-round magazine, because the height is quite short.

Key Features

  • Made of 600D polyester
  • Can be used on any surfaces
  • Adjustable bags at any positions
  • Quick-Connect System made easy carrying

2. HIRAM Front & Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting | Gun/Rifle

While shooting in extreme weather, the bags would be quite durable for long term use. If you think so, HIRAM shooting bags would be the best rear bag for shooting or hunting.

The question of durability of the bags would be solved after seeing its construction. HIRAM bag shooting rest made out of 600D oxford cloth. Thus, the quality of the bags remains intact even after years of use.

If you are using multiple rifles or shotgun, then you can rely on these bags. The dimension is quite standard for most of the rifles. The front bag dimension is 9” x 4.5” x 7.5n and the rear bag is 5” x 3.9” x 5.9”.

What makes these bags special than other shooting bags is its non-marring and no-slip surfaces. Indeed, it will never damage your rifle’s finish. And you will have a steady position after setting up the rifles.

Most Liking Features

In our experience, the fine micro adjustment makes the bag smooth moving. You can easily move the rear bag back and forth in order to get the right position. Plus, you can carry them on your shoulder too.

Probable Drawbacks

Though the front bag is perfect for most of the rifles, you should not use it for M1 Garand. The bayonet lug may rip the bag.

Key Features

  • Construct through 600D oxford cloth
  • Water resistance and stay durable for years
  • Quick-connect straps ensure easy shoulder transportation
  • Non-marring surface never harm the rifle’s finish

3. Twod Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting | 900D Oxford | Camouflage

Camouflage is an essential feature for every hunting gear. Twod is such a professional graded shooting rest bag that makes sure the 100% camouflage in your shooting.

First thing that we have experienced is its durability. That is possible due to its 900D oxford fabrics. And we have noticed that the stitching is quite strong to use for many years.

Moreover, these bag shooting rests can be used in any extreme weather condition.

The water resistance features will save the bag in any water contact or rainy weather. But we are discouraging the direct water contact.

The color and design pattern of these shooting bags make them unique than its competitors. This camouflage of the bag gives you the privilege of secure shooting without visible to prey’s eyes.

You will enjoy carrying these bags as it is small in size and lightweight. Moreover, you can use the quick-connect shoulder straps for easy carrying. Besides, it is an empty bag that can be filled with sand, rice or other fillers.

Most Liking Features

The bag has specially designed with the no-slip soft leather surface that is a rear surface design in most of the shooting bag rest. The purpose of using such a surface is to protect your rifle’s finishing from marring.

Probable Drawbacks

These shooting bag rest are not good for use on caliber over .22 in some cases. And the fill spout can develop a big tear.

Key Features

  • Support most of the rifles and shotgun
  • Construct through 900D oxford fabrics
  • Soft leather non-slip surface protects rifles finish
  • Water resistance and durable enough for use many years

4. Protektor Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting | Hard Bottom

For those who are comfortable with the rabbit ear rear bag, and looking for the best rear bag for benchrest shooting, this would be the fantastic collection for them.

At the first experience, the materials of the bag capture our attention. The manufacturer has used leather materials to construct this one.

Furthermore, they have also used the hard leather bottom on this. As a result, it sits on the shooting bench steadily and ensures perfect balance. And you can place the bag on any surface.

While using the bag, you will have a better grip for butt stock. However, you can adjust back and forth quickly when you need to.

Protektor rear bag is a pre-filled bag. However, if you want you can change the filler according to your preference.

Most Liking Features

The feature which makes it unique is its filling. It comes with a black sand filling that is quite different from playing sand.

Probable Drawbacks

The offering price of the bag is too high. And the height would be too small for some shooters.

Key Features

  • Made of leather materials
  • Comes with a hard leather bottom
  • Filled with special black sand
  • Ensure a better grip for the butt stock

5. Caldwell Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting | Durable Construction

Are you looking for only the rear bag without compromising the quality? If yes, then you are about to get the right shooting rear bag. This bag is also from renowned brand Caldwell.

Those who prefer a pre-filled rest bag, we recommend this one for them. The bag is filled with corn cob media that allow you to dive into the shooting immediately.

We have enjoyed its versatile use. You can use the bag from any side and it can be placed on any surface. You will not find any issue of stability and balance.

We saw that Caldwell universal bag doesn’t stretch or sag even after using it for a long time. So, if you are a professional shooter or an amateur hunter, this will be suitable for you.

The manufacturer has confirmed this unstretch performance due to its solid construction. Basically, they have used both leather and polyester materials while construction.

Most Liking Features

The most arresting feature of the bag is its available size in different versions. You will find four different sizes on the amazon. In fact, this feature set the bag apart from its competitors.

Probable Drawbacks

As compared to the other bag in our list, the price is a bit high. Otherwise, everything is okay to go with this one.

Key Features

  • Allow you to use versatility
  • Available in four different size
  • Comes with pre-filled corn cob media
  • Construct through the combination of leather and polyester

Things to Consider Before Buying Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting

Best Rear Bag for Benchrest Shooting

A rest bag is one of the essential gears that also determines the shooting success. And to get better accuracy, you should look at some factors of the bag before buying.

Thus, we have designed this section with such factors so that you can easily make a better buying decision and get the best rear bag for shooting. You may also like some of the spirit box from our list.

Construction Materials

Most of the rear shooting bags tear after using it in a long session. It happens due to inferior materials and the poor stitching. Both the stitch and materials are responsible for delivering a quality bag.

In that case, first, you should consider the fabrics or using materials. It is seen that high quality polyester fabrics or leather combined materials can be good for the shooting rest bags. Plus, these are considered as the long-lasting materials. Additionally, you can check our review on rummikub set.


Pre-filled and empty bags are available while buying. There are some benefits of both pre-filled and empty bag shooting rest. If you choose an empty, then you can change the filler according to your preference. In that case, you can use sand, rice, cat litters and corn cob media. After getting an empty bag, you can try a different filler so to evaluate which is most compatible with the bag. Then you will never find any leaking issues.

Pre-filled bag reduces your filling hassle. In fact, it comes with tight stitching, where there is less possibility of leaking the bag. Though sometimes its leaking, it depends on the quality of the stitch.

Color and Hiding Features

These features would be a big issue while you are choosing the rear bag for benchrest shooting. First off, hunting gear always should not be too much brighter in color. And if it has camouflage features then it would be best hunting gears.

In this case, a camouflage featured bag is always encouraging. Besides, you can choose a military color or the color which would be most compatible with your hunting areas.


All of the bags are not in the same dimension. They come in different sizes. First, you should consider the rifle’s adjustment according to the bag’s dimensions. If it is not perfect in height then you will not comfortably set the gun or you need extra support underneath the bag.


For hunting or outdoor shooting, water resistance is a must-have feature for a rear bag for benchrest shooting. If the bag has such resistance, you can use the same bag year after year regardless of the weather. Although the bag has resistance, you should not use the moisture filler in it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What type of filler can I use on the rear bag?

Most of the cases, the manufacturer mentioned what should be used. Generally, you can use sand, rice or corn cob media for filling the bag. You should use which filler is most compatible with the bag.

2. Do these bags come pre-filled or empty?

You will find both bags on the list. Some front and rear bags come pre-filled and some others are empty. For the single rear bag, all of them are pre-filled.

3. How do I fill the bag, is there any spot to fill it?

Yes, there is.

You will find a filling spot or a flap that is designed for filling. Some of the bags use a flap to open and close with Velcro. You can use a funnel to fill the bag.

4. Can I use this bag for a shotgun?

Yes. You can.

These bags are compatible with most of the rifles and shotgun. You can go with any of them for your shotgun, just check the overall dimension of the bags before purchasing.

5. Which would be the best rear bag for shooting or hunting?

For outdoor shooting, you need to choose the most durable one. And the bag which has provided maximum resistance to water and weather. Plus, a camouflage or military color bag would be best for hunting.

Final Words

Getting a better shot wouldn’t be an issue, if you perfectly settle down the rifles/guns. In this regard, you must be aware while choosing the rest bag. A quality shooting rest bag can change your entire shooting experience.

Therefore, there is no alternative to choose the best rear bag for benchrest shooting. If you follow the above reviewed section and buying guide then we hope you will find your desired shooting bags.

Get the Better Accuracy!

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