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Sidearm Disc Golf Driver

Do you play disc golf? Or maybe you like watching Paul McBeth throw amazingly towards the basket? But, if you haven’t tried out the game, you should get yourself some disc golfs and try out!

However, as you already know, there are three types of discs golfs. Driver, mid-range, and putter. The driver is the disc that gets you closest to the basket.

That’s why drivers are the most important discs in the game. So, you need the best sidearm disc golf driver if you want to do better in the game.

However, finding the right disc for you might be tough. So, our researchers spent hours finding and listing the most well-made drivers in the market and made a list of the top 4. Keep reading to find out about them.
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Best Sidearm Disc Golf Driver Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your playing style. So, choose a disc golf driver according to your likings.

1. Innova Champion firebird sidearm disc golf driver | Big Hyzers

If you like this sport, then you already know about Innova. Innova is the biggest brand in the disc golf market. One could even say they are the most important brand in the market. So, when they say champion firebird is good, it’s good.

Champion firebirds are driver discs. So, the speed and glide rating of these discs should be high.

That’s why these have a speed rating of 9 and a glide rating of 3. With this, you can have a smooth, long-throw that takes you close to the basket.

Also, firebirds can be used for big hyzers. Hyzer is an angle of throw where the outside edge of the disc is tilted downward for an RHBH throw. So, you can angle your throw that way with these discs.

However, when compared to other disc golfs firebirds have a unique flight rating with high speed and zero-turn. Also, these are the favorite discs of twelve-time world champion Ken Climo.

Most Likeable Features

User reviews for firebirds are really good. Everyone who bought one of these loved these. Also, with their unique flight rating, these discs can glide easily for a long period and length.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users reported that the discs came damaged although the packaging was fine.

Key Features

  • Exceptionally good headwind driver
  • Favorite disc of Ken Climo
  • Great distance disc golf driver
  • Well-made with high-quality material

2. Innova Destroyer Sidearm Disc Golf Driver | Maximum Distance

Do you need the fastest disc golf for your next course? Then, add a destroyer to your arsenal. Because they are one of the fastest drivers. The speed rating for these drivers is 12! That can be fast if you throw it correctly.

However, drivers are an important part of a course. Because they cover most of the ground. That’s why driving disc golfs need to have long-distance and a stable flight. Well, you don’t need to worry about that with one of these.

Innova made destroyers have significant speed and glide. The flight rating is 12 6 -1 3.

So, you already know that these discs are perfect for covering maximum distance, long hyzers, and headwind. Also, the plastic quality is star.

Although, if you are a fan of Paul McBeth, you will definitely like this one. Because they have his signature on them, unlike any other disc golf driver.

Most Likeable Features

The destroyers are good for covering a long distance and performing flex shots. They glide stably and will get you closest to the basket.

Probable Drawbacks

This disc is perfect for experts. Beginners won’t be able to control the massive fade.

Key Features

  • Covers maximum distance
  • Perfect for players with high-speed throws
  • Predictable flight even on a windy day
  • Hard fade for unique flight

3. Innova Blizzard Champion Sidearm Disc Golf Driver | Lightweight

You already know that Innova is the biggest brand in this game, don’t you? So, the actual competition in disc golf is between different Innova discs! However, the Blizzard Champion must be placed among the best drivers.

With their lightweight, these discs are easy to throw but they can cover a lot of distance. These are fast golf discs with a high glide. That makes them perfect for sidearm throwers and power throwers.

However, most players face their discs getting broken or damaged during the game.

Well, that hurts! But, don’t worry about that if you buy a Blizzard Champion. Because they are made of durable champion plastic with micro-bubbles in them!

Although, with their unique flight rating of 12 5 -1 3, these drivers offer significantly stable flights than other drivers.

Most Likeable Features

The lightweight of these discs makes it easier for players to control and throw perfectly. Also, bright colors make them easier to find while playing.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users reported that after some time their discs became understable.

Key Features

  • High speed covering long distance
  • Big hyzers for unique throws
  • Flies straight with a hook on the end
  • Very stable for a lightweight disc

4. Discraft Raptor Sidearm Disc Golf Driver | 2.1 Stability

If you are an intermediate player, who wants a stable disc then you should look into this one. Discraft Raptors have a stability rating of 2.1. Also, if you look into the flight rating, you’ll see 0 -turn. That makes it really stable.

Anyway, a game where Innova is the most mentioned brand, Discraft has been making a name for itself steadily.

They make good-quality discs with high-quality polypropylene plastic. Raptors are made of Elite Z plastic.

However, drivers need to be fast and have a high glide rating. That’s why raptors have a 9-speed rating and 4 glide rating. With these discs, you can throw a long distance with minimum effort.

In the end, Discraft has been quietly making good quality disc golfs. Comparing with other disc golf drivers Raptors are in a much cheaper price range and they provide good enough quality too.

Most Likeable Features

High stability, good speed, and high glide make it one of the best sidearm disc golf drivers! Also, the cheaper price makes it more affordable for beginners and intermediate players.

Probable Drawbacks

Only two weights are available and no lightweight discs.

Key Features

  • High speed covers a lot of ground
  • High-quality Elite Z plastic
  • Stability rating of 2.1
  • Cheaper than most disc golfs available

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best Sidearm Disc Golf Driver

1. Do I need a driver, a mid-range, and a putter?

Professional players usually have many discs in their arsenal. Because every disc has a slightly different flight pattern. However, if you plan to play you need at least 2 drivers, 2 mid-ranges, and 2 putters.

Because most players have lost a disc or two while playing. You don’t want to lose your disc and not have a backup one! Read this article about choosing discs to have a better idea.

2. What do the numbers on disc golfs mean?

The number rating system was first introduced by Innova. The numbers represent Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade of the disc. Read this article from discgolfnow about the flight rating system and what they mean. Don’t forget to check the baseballs for batting Practice reviews.

3. What do the terms understable, overstable mean?

Stability describes the flight pattern of the disc. A stable disc tends to fly straight however you throw it. However, an understable disc wants to turn right (RHBH thrower) during the high-speed part of its flight. Check out the most essential Review for deer attractant to mix with corn.

Also, an overstable disc wants to turn left (RHBH thrower) during the high-speed part of its flight.

4. How can I throw longer with disc golf?

To throw longer, the first thing you need is the best sidearm disc driver that suits your throwing abilities. You don’t want a heavy disc if you don’t have a lot of power.

Secondly, try to practice more and more with the techniques of throwing. Because that’s actually what uses the disc’s flight abilities and makes the disc go longer. So, practice more and more!

5. Do heavier discs fly farther?

In reality, lightweight discs tend to fly farther than heavier discs. With their glide abilities, lighter discs can be thrown for a greater distance.

However, if you have a big headwind, heavy discs can fly farther because of their greater stability.

Final words

If you love disc golf and want to try it out, drivers are the perfect way to start. These cover a lot of distance and make you practice your throwing techniques even more.

Although, as you came this far in this article, we hope you found the best sidearm disc golf driver for you. But, if you follow this article, you surely will find one.

May the course be with you!

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