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Wargame Mats

Are you ready to take your wargaming to the next level? If so, you must have the proper terrain on which to play. When it comes to war games, tabletop miniatures and terrain are a crucial feature that separates the winners from the losers.

Whether you’re a veteran of the tabletop battlefield or just getting into the hobby, it’s difficult to know where to start. There are so many different genres, rulesets, etc. out there. Alongside, an overwhelming amount of accessories and paraphernalia go along with them.

Wargames offer an opportunity to become a commanding general, marshal, admiral, or whatever else you fancy. But where do you start in the world of wargaming boards? This article is a compilation of essential questions and answers that will help you choose the best wargame mats for your needs.

In this article, we have mentioned five recommendations about the wargame mats on the market, ranging from various options to quality products.
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Best Wargame Mats Reviews

If you are not playing on wargaming boards, you are playing on an uneven playing field. We do not want you to experience such a thing! We have assembled a list of five products to help you choose the right wargaming mat for your next game. It’s time to keep your victories coming!

1. Melee Wargame Mats | Non-Padded | Fade Resistant Ink

If you enjoy playing tabletop wargames, then you know how much of an investment a good gaming mat is. However, not all gaming mats are worth their price tags. For those with limited budgets who want the best gaming experience possible, Melee wargame mats are the right pick!

With wargaming becoming more and more popular, we inevitably need something to lay out our troops on. Therefore, we have decided on getting the Melee wargaming mat. Generally, it is a heavy-duty mat and can handle plenty of battles with no damages at all!

The great thing about this gaming mat is, it enables us to play all categories of tabletop games. The high-quality vinyl material creates a durable surface that makes it a top-level product. Therefore, we played so much with it yet it has not faded at all.

Another similar product we found from Meeple Majesty wargaming boards did not go well because those started bubbling around the edges. Therefore, we pass on it and choose the Melee wargame mats forever! Have a look at our review on tabletop game mats.

Most Liking Features

The good side of the Melee mats for gaming is the beautiful detailed and high-resolution finish that adds value to each gaming quest! Moreover, it is waterproof, UV safe, and tear-resistant so that it shows a long-term performance.

Probable Drawbacks

The only back draw of this mat is the thickness. It is so flat and thin that it seems we were playing on a movie poster!

Key Features 

  • Delivers excellent gaming experience
  • Compatible for all tabletop games
  • High-quality vinyl material
  • Water and tear-resistant

2. Stratagem Wargame Mats | Grass Field | Neoprene Terrain

While choosing a neoprene gaming mat for your tabletop wargame, there are a lot of options! And deciding which is right for you can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. However, your next game adventure will not end in disaster if you choose the Stratagem wargame mats.

When we were looking for wargame mats to use in our casual tabletop games, we saw that Stratagem is the right option on the market. Durable, reusable, and waterproof – these quality mats are an excellent addition to any gamer’s collection.

The Stratagem neoprene gaming mat helps our game look and feel professional. Alongside, the mats are durable and easy to transport. We could use them on multiple surfaces and the mats remain intact without wearing out a bit.

If you are playing a tabletop wargame or board game, you can also check Hexers wargame mats if you cannot find the Stratagem available. Because these two are similar products. After all, a high-end game mat is an essential product to enhance your gaming experience.

Most Liking Features

This unique wargame scenario design tool from Stratagem enables us to take care of the math while building our miniatures. Therefore, we can concentrate on the strategy side of things, no matter what games we are playing.

Probable Drawbacks

We did not find any problematic issue with its performance. But the thing we did not like is its too-bright green surface. The green does not seem realistic as the photos have shown.

Key Features 

  • Creates a flat surface anywhere
  • Detailed and colorful print
  • Does not wear out
  • Anti-slip neoprene stays put

3. Rural Plain Wargame Mats | Vibrant Color | Durable Surface

If you want to take your wargaming hobby up a notch, investing in a quality wargame mat is one of the wisest ways to do it. At first glance, it can be pretty confusing, as some different types and features need to take into account. If you do not have time to think much, pick the Rural Plain!

The Rural Plain wargaming mats play an essential role for any wargaming table. It provides a tough, durable surface that we used to play on any tabletop. Though there are hundreds of different mats out there on the market, not all of them could please us in terms of material, size, and price like this one.

It provides such a surface to represent various terrain types while protecting our miniatures and game equipment from damage. Along with ensuring comfortable gameplay, these durable wargame mats provide optimal thickness that does not compromise our playability.

If you want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to wargaming, the Rural Plain gaming mats will not disappoint you. However, if you want to do proper math on placing miniatures in the right place, you can try the Battle Grid Mats. Besides, check out our review on the holster for Ruger LCR.

Most Liking Features

Durability, resistance, protection, and performance­-everything about this mat worth every penny we spend. The construction is so sturdy that it will not wear out by time. Moreover, its thickness is moderate and the appearance is the same as we expected.

Probable Drawbacks

While folding that mat, we accidentally folded it on the wrong side which caused slight tearing on the back. Therefore, the user needs to be careful while rolling it.

Key Features

  • Perfectly fits with a wargaming table
  • Bright and vibrant surface
  • Durable materials
  • Excellent construction

4. Frontline Wargame Mats | Grassland Print | Neoprene And Vinyl

Imagine running a Warhammer 40k battle with a table that is so large that you cannot even see all of it from one vantage point. That’s what you can do with the neoprene wargame mat, a brand new offering from the Frontline! Read on to find out.

The Frontline gaming mats are high-resolution and have a detailed appearance. With its vibrant look, it takes our gaming journey to an upgraded level.

Overall, the high-quality ink of Frontline gaming mats ensures a crisp and clear experience to the gameplay.

The Frontline gaming mats come with neoprene or vinyl materials. We have tried both of them. Regardless of the materials, both the mats provide pleasant performance. Hence, we prefer the neoprene one over the vinyl mat for heavy-duty and professional purposes.

The mat comes in 3’x3’size. Hence if you want something bigger, you can also check another one from Frontline which comes in 28’x4’. Not to mention, you can use the Frontline gaming mats in professional games or tournaments. Indeed, these are one of the best wargame mats.

Most Liking Features

We have roughly used this neoprene gaming mat and it does not crease at all. We can still lay this on the floor and it remains as flat as before. Moreover, the details on the map are so clear and crisp that it makes our gameplay more enjoyable and realistic.

Probable Drawbacks

We did not find any negative side about the Frontline gaming mats with neoprene material. But the vinyl one is relatively thin and creates a crease after playing a couple of sessions.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty mats
  • Suitable for professional purpose
  • Protects falling miniatures or dices
  • Comes in a zipper bag

5. Inked Playmats Crossroads Wargame Mat | Easy Storage

If you have been wargaming for any amount of time, you know that there are lots of options out there for the terrain. Indeed, the only limit is your budget and imagination. If you do not want to compromise with the quality, put your hands down to the Crossroads wargaming boards.

Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of our gameplay. So, we are so excited to play with the Crossroads neoprene gaming mat. It is an incredibly detailed ink-jet printed gaming mat with a rubber backing. It is suitable for all tabletop wargames games, from Warhammer 40k to Dungeons & Dragons.

The Crossroads wargaming mat is a beautifully designed gaming mat that sets the scene for any tabletop game. This playmat features the integrated token trays and two unique game modes- Classic and Floating.

Deciding between Frontline and Crossroads gaming mat can be difficult. It is not an easy choice to make. There are upsides and downsides to both the mats. Therefore, you can choose either of them based on availability and budget.

Most Liking Features

The wargaming mat helps us to keep our games running smoothly. It looks fantastic and can hold up to wear and tear. It is one of our favorite wargame mats for many reasons, but after using it for a long time we fall in love with its crisp appearance and reliable performance.

Probable Drawbacks

Though the crossroads war game mat is a nice addition to the war game, it might not be worth the extra cash in the long run.

Key Features

  • Vivid green surface
  • Tear-resistant mat
  • Easy to fold
  • Remains crease free

Things To Consider Before Buying Wargame Mats

Best Wargame Mats

When shopping for a new wargame mat, there is a lot of things to consider. There are different types and sizes of mats available, and the materials used to produce them can vary wildly.

There are other factors to consider as well, such as the manufacturer’s reputation, whether they’re still in business or not, what the materials are, etc. Here we will roll on some quick tips that will help you make an informed decision about your next purchase.

The Purpose And Quality

Wargame mats are a great way to liven up your games and make sure you, your friends, and your family have fun. If the quality is not up to the mark, your purchase will turn out to be a great fail. If you are a professional player, you have to consider twice more about the product quality as your motive is to play for a long time.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner in wargaming, it is important to make sure about the quality as you do not want to experience something bad in the first place!

Consider Size

While there are several different types of gaming out there and they all have their own sizes, choosing the right one for you will depend on what you need out of them.

The mats come in different sizes based on the player’s requirement. You can pick any size you want according to your tabletop size. Remember, the size does not affect the playability, it is just a measurement.


There are many different options when it comes to buying war game mats. Although there are various types available on the market for a while now, you still need to consider the raw material and what they are like.

Of all the available types of wargame mats, neoprene gaming mat, and vinyl gaming mat are the most demanding among the users. These mats are sturdy, water-resistant, and remain crease-free no matter how roughly you use them.


If you want to make sure to have a good experience as well as a mat that will last, you need to consider its reliability. A compatible wargaming mat helps ensure a smooth gaming experience and gives you the peace of mind that your miniatures will not be at risk of breaking or getting damaged.


Instead of spending little money on non-branded mats, try investing handsome money on the branded mats if you do not want to suffer in the long run. After all, there must be a reason why the branded ones have good fame.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the primary purpose of a wargame mat?

A wargame mat is an essential tool in miniature wargaming. It simulates the battlefield and provides a backdrop to the games.

2. How to use wargame mats?

There is no hard and fast rule on using the wargame mats. All you need is to spread the sheet on a flat surface and place your miniatures on it. And, you are good to start!

3. How can a wargaming mat improve the gaming experience?

Wargame mats are not only a great way to set the tone of the wargaming but also to bring a real-life feel to it. in this way, it spices up the wargaming session.

4. Can I trim the mat?

Trimming the wargame mats is not a wise decision. Instead, you can buy the gaming mat according to the size of your tabletop as there is a lot of size variation available on the market.

5. How thick is the material of the best wargaming mats?

The thickness of the gaming mat is not too much or not too less. The thickness is moderate yet robust.

Final Words

Wargames are an excellent way to get together with friends or make some new ones. They are also a great way to relax, have fun, and be completely absorbed in the game you are playing. The only thing that can take away from this is a bad gaming surface.

We have played games on too many game mats that were either too slippery or just plain, old, and nasty-looking. However, with few simple guidelines above, we can ensure that your next wargaming experience will be fantastic with the best wargame mats!

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