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Cleveland Irons

Whenever you’re playing Golf, having the right set of irons can make the difference between your best and worst score. As irons can cover any shot that you need, having the perfect iron set is very important.

The iron set usually has long, mid and short-range irons. Most sets have 2- and 3- irons as long-range, 4-, 5- and 6- irons as mid-range and 7-, 8-, 9- irons as short-range irons. Sets also include a pitching wedge and sometimes maybe a gap wedge.

With different types of irons, you can play short or midrange shots to the green and also long-range shots from a distance. So, irons are useful tools for any Golfer.

However, most professional golfers use Cleveland golf clubs. So, it’s only natural that Cleveland makes the best golf clubs. That’s why our experts spent hours searching for the best Cleveland irons and made a list with the top 5.

Keep reading to find out about them.
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Best Cleveland Irons Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your playing style. So, choose Cleveland irons according to your necessity.

1. Launcher HB Cleveland irons | 4-PW iron set

If you want your iron to help you master golf but also want to cover a long distance, then Launcher HB irons are perfect for you. With their progressive hollow shaping from 4- irons to Pitching wedge, this set has control and forgiveness where you need it.

Also, these irons have a turbocharged face. This high strength steel face ensures increased ball speed and long-distance shots.

However, the hollow construction of these irons with their internal stabilization helps you master your game properly. With these, even a novice can have the confidence to go and play Golf!

Although, when compared to other Cleveland iron sets these are more like the best ta6 Cleveland irons, providing additional stabilization which is very helpful for beginners.

Most Likeable Features

Launcher HB Cleveland irons have redesigned HI bore crown. This ensures that the clubs have low and deep weighting. So, golfers can have an easy hit with a high ball flight.

Probable Drawbacks

Some buyers were not content about the weights of the irons and warned others to swing before buying any of these.

Key Features

  • Graphite and steel shaft materials available
  • Different types of flex irons available
  • Hollow construction with internal stabilization
  • 4- PW and 4-PW + AW sets available

2. Launcher CBX Cleveland Irons | Left Hand Oriented

If you are a lefty, these launchers are perfect for you. Launcher CBXs are one of the bests that Cleveland has to offer. Launcher CBX irons have a progressive weighting technique that helps players with increased forgiveness.

Also, these irons have a graphite shaft. Graphite shafts are significantly more expensive than steel shafts. However, they weigh a lot less making the swing much faster and stronger.

Although irons in these sets have stiff flex, their unique design makes them perfect for acclaimed players along with beginners.

Also, these irons have Cleveland’s tour zip grooves for better flight and additional control.

Anyway, if you compare CBX launcher irons with other iron sets from Cleveland, these are specially made for left-handed players. So, if you are a lefty, go for these without any worries.

Most Likeable Features

Launcher CBX irons are made with double laser milling. This gives extra spin for better control. Also, Cleveland used V-sole technology for these irons. So, you can have the perfect strike even on the sand and soft turfs.

Probable Drawbacks

One buyer has reported that he didn’t receive the full set and the seller response was very inappropriate.

Key Features

  • Good looking sleek design
  • Forgiving gameplay for beginners
  • Double laser milling ensures precision
  • Gives total control over the course

3. Launcher HB Turbo Cleveland irons | Hybrid design

These Cleveland HB turbo irons are perfect for game improvement players. These help the player with additional stabilization and provides a straight flight. Also, these irons deliver maximum forgiveness.

But, with any iron, the material is the most important thing to consider. As Graphite shafts weigh less they can be easier for beginners to master. That’s why these irons have Graphite shafts making these perfect for beginners.

Also, a Turbocharged face with hollow construction ensures that you can cover explosive distances with ultimate forgiveness.

Also, for experienced players, these can provide the perfect precision.

However, other Cleveland golf clubs on the market may be better for you if you want a steel shaft iron. Although with regular flex and HI bore crowns, these irons can help you with anything you need.

Most Likeable Features

Progressive shaping in these sets provides the players with a smooth transition from hybrid long irons to short irons. Also, the 5-PW set makes these perfect for shorter shots.

Probable Drawbacks

As these sets don’t have 2-, 3-, and 4- irons, they don’t necessarily have any long irons. So, these may not be perfect for long shots.

Key Features

  • Lightweight clubs for easy strikes
  • HI bore crown for Low, deep weighting
  • Turbocharged steel face for long-distance
  • Regular flex design for your convenience

4. Launcher UHX Cleveland irons | High Strength Steel Face

Well, if you want a sleek looking Cleveland iron for your games, then UHX sets are perfect for you. Only the looks of these irons can make you fall in love with them. However, they have a lot more to offer.

These irons have a variable high strength steel face. With this, you can have faster ball speed and cover more distance even if the impact is on the heel or toe.

Also, Cleveland designed the long irons to be hollow. So, the long irons can be forgiving for game improvement players. But, the short irons have a cavity back construction. This provides the player with increased precision for shorter strikes.

Although other iron sets from Cleveland offer similar things, the UHX iron set can be considered one of the best Cleveland irons because of its high forgiveness and better accuracy.

Most Likeable Features

These have Cleveland’s tour zip grooves, which are perfectly legal and provide a better spin for additional control. Also, Double laser milling helps players master their games easily and give them more confidence.

Probable Drawbacks

Much like other sets, some users also reported that they didn’t receive the full set of 4-PW.

Key Features

  • Different flex, material and configurations available
  • Hollow back constructions for long irons
  • V-shaped sole for increased turf interaction
  • Tour zip grooves for additional spin

5. Launcher HB Turbo Cleveland Irons | Senior Flex

If you have a slower swing than other players, then these HB turbo launchers are perfect for you. Irons in these sets have a senior shaft flex which is more flexible and provides a high flight and long-distance for slow swingers.

Cleveland launcher HB irons are graphite made. So, these are already lightweight and easy to swing.

In addition, HB turbo design uses modern technology to make the steel face 5% thinner than the original HB irons.

Also, with these iron sets, you receive a set of 5-PW. So, you can have long strikes to be more forgiving and short strikes to be more precise. That provides a huge advantage.

However, when compared to other Cleveland irons, HB Turbo is more compatible with slow swingers and have a flexible shaft.

Most Likeable Features

The progressive hollow shaping of the irons is signature to Cleveland irons. With this technique, players can have a smooth transition from long irons to short irons. Also, low, deep weight systems provide easy swings and long-distance.

Probable Drawbacks

As these have a senior flex shaft, if you are a fast swinger these won’t be perfect for you. A perfect flex is very important for a good strike.

Key Features

  • Graphite material for lightweight performance
  • Forgiving gameplay for game improvement players
  • Senior flex shafts for compatible players
  • Hollow construction for additional stabilization

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best Cleveland Irons

1. How many irons are included in a set?

Usually, the set mentions 4-PW or 5-PW or 3-PW. 4-PW sets mean that you get a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and the pitching wedge.

So, a 4-PW set has a total of 7 clubs and 5-PW sets have 6 clubs. Additionally, you can check our review on sidearm disc golf driver.

2. Can I get a custom build from Cleveland?

Yes. Cleveland provides custom-built irons to the buyer’s specifications. These custom-built clubs would be shipped directly to you from Cleveland. Besides, you can choose some agility ladder drills.

3. Should I get Graphite or Steel shafts?

Steel shafts have lower torque and a stiff tip section. On the other hand, lightweight graphite shafts offer much higher torque and more flex in the tip section.

With these features, graphite shafts provide long-distance strikes and a faster swing with less effort.

4. Should I use game improvement irons?

Game improvement irons are a lot more forgiving than blades. These irons have longer face lengths and a wider sole for helping the players with their swings. Read “what are game improvement irons” to know more.

5. How can I find the best Cleveland golf irons?

There are no best golf irons. Only what suits your gameplay the most. But, to find the best suitable iron for your gameplay, you need to understand how you play and exactly what type of iron you need.

You need to consider the type of iron and the shaft types. Read “Meet the irons” for a better understanding.

Final words

Finding the perfect iron for your gameplay is tough work. But, if you consider some key points before buying any golf iron, you can surely find the best Cleveland irons for you.

However, as you read this far in this article, we hope you found out about the perfect fitting iron for you.

One-shot at a time and then move on!

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