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Fight Pad

Are you a fighting gamer? Or you wanna just upgrade your fighting controller? Having a good fight pad is very essential as there are many online competitive fighting games, as well as many competitions, are held all over the world.

There are many fighting controllers at various prices. But a perfect fighting stick should be weighed light so that anyone can use it without having pain on hands. Also, the hardware of a good arcade stick should be tough because a gamer may use it aggressively.

Considering these things, we try to figure out the best fight pads from which you may grab one. So, let’s see those controllers more deeply for your chosen one.
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Best Fight Pad Reviews

There are many fight pads among which the top five arcade sticks are discussed in the following segment with details. Check them and grab your desired one!

1. PDP Fight Pad | Super Mario Bros Wired Controller

Who isn’t fond of the character ‘Mario’ from the game ‘Super Mario’? So, if you’re looking for a fight pad themed on this character, the Nintendo company brings you the perfect one.

This GameCube is designed by Nintendo Switch as ProController inspired by the character ‘Mario’. So, this arcade stick is very adaptable with the games from ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’.

Nintendo makes this fighting commander so customizable that you can play with a traditional c-stick or you can swap it with a full-size stick with variable designs.

Also, you can get plenty of room to play with 10 feet USB cable connected with it and makes you stay connected in a brutal fighting moment.

This ProController is very compact with dimensions of 1.34 x 2.44 x 2.4 inches. The grips are too firm and the gamepad is too light which makes it handy even the gamer can play aggressively in the crucial battle moment.

So, the fighting controller meets every need of a gamer that one expects from a good fight pad can be. If you are concern about having a ‘Mario’ themed gamepad, we are suggesting you have this fight pad controller and enjoy the games.

Key Features

  • ‘Mario’ themed fight pad
  • Suitable with the games from Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Swappable traditional c-stick
  • 10 feet USB for more room to play
  • Compact and tough fighting controller with firm grips

2. Hori Fighting Commander | Officially Licensed by Nintendo

If you’re looking for the best fighting game controller pc with enough programmable buttons, you can try this ‘Hori Nintendo Switch Fighting Commander’. This fight stick is mainly designed for 2-D fighting games with a 6-button layout.

This fighting controller is made on switching the D-pad for functioning as D-pad, L-stick & R-stick. But it has extra two functional buttons with ABXY buttons. It also has usually assigned shoulder buttons.

Besides, Nintendo always provides a 10 feet USB wire to play with more room, and this controller is no exception.

So, any gamer can play comfortably sitting on one’s favorite seat with fast and perfect responses from the gamepad. Even, a gamer can connect the fight pad with a PC through X-input.

The fighting commander is very close-packed as it has a switchable D-pad, L-stick, and R-stick. The fighting controller is made of firm plastic which makes it light and the finishing is very smooth. The grips are very handy and the rough surface of the grips makes the gamepad hold more firmly even in brutal combat.

You can find everything that you want to be in a good fight pad. So, better not miss a chance to grab this Hori fighting commander and challenge your friends to your favorite fighting game.

Key Features

  • Suitable for 2-D fighting games
  • Layout for 6 buttons with allotted shoulder buttons
  • Switchable D-pad
  • Solid and tough finishing
  • Good grips to play combatively

3. Mad Catz Improved D-Pad for PlayStation3 and 4 | Blue

Are you losing a good response from your current fight pad or wanna have more precise control over your gameplay with a good gamepad? So, you may try ‘Street Fighter V FightPad Pro’ from Playstation.

You can easily play with your own moves more precisely to execute a good combo against your opponent with the FightPad Pro. This Street Fighter controller is built for the fighting gamer with full character control so that you can fight recklessly against your opponent.

For your control over the character, there is a six-button arcade layout along with D-pad and multi-purpose analog stick.

Some gamers love to control the movement of their character through D-pad and some love through the analog stick. You get both in this FightPad Pro. Even you can move your character to 8 directions with D-pad and create more combos with a 6-button arcade layout.

If you need more buttons to play more swiftly, you may use the utility button to make different configurations of the trigger and shoulder buttons. You can even use the touchpad of the FightPad Pro for special in-game use like press, swipe, and multi-touch. Moreover, this gamepad is compatible with all major fighting games.

Grab the FightPad Pro as it has all the qualities to be a good fighting controller and control your character more accurately.

Key Features

  • 6-button arcade layout
  • Switchable configuration of the trigger and shoulder buttons
  • Fighting style D-pad and multi-use analog stick
  • Working touchpad compatible with PS4 games
  • Adaptable to PS3 and PS4

4. Razer Raion Fight Pad for PS4, PS5 | 8 Way D-Pad | 3.5mm Jack

Get messed up while using the fight pad and headset separately? Have no tense, Razer Raion brings you the best fight pad for pc with a 3.5 mm headset jack point. Even this gamepad is adaptable with PS4 as a primary controller to navigate the system.

For the unique design of the Raion fight pad, you can play in both standards and claw grip style. There is a 6 front-button layout that is arcade stick inspired and these buttons are optimally spaced for good claw grip.

Besides, Razer uses a mechanical switch in their face buttons for the fast and exact response.

The 8-way D-pad gives smooth movement as a player wants for their character. There is no analog stick as the D-pad is switchable to L-stick and R-stick.

The uniqueness of the Raion fight pad is that it has a built-in competition mode which helps to lock some buttons for preventing unnecessary inputs. The gamepad also has unrivaled durability. So, it can support up to 80 million clicks. There is a functioning PS4 touchpad as the fighting controller is compatible with PS4 as a primary controller. The Raion fight pad is also offering audio support through its 3.5 mm headset jack. So, plug and play with enormous sound.

You may get the Raion fight pad because of having all the features of a good fight pad. Let’s not miss the chance to grab it!

Key Features

  • Compatible with PS4 with a share button
  • 8-directional D-pad: switchable to L-stick and r-stick
  • 6 mechanical switch face-buttons
  • 5 mm headset jack
  • Built-in competition mode with unrivaled durability

5. PowerA FUSION Fightpad for PlayStation 4 | 3.5 mm Audio

Wanna have a more compact fight pad with all features? Then, PowerA offers you their Fusion fight pad for PlayStation4. This fight pad is designed from the inspiration of the iconic Sega Saturn gamepad.

Along with arcade-style 6 buttons, the Fusion fight pad has a high-quality floating direction pad that is switchable to L-stick and R-stick. You can have full control in a brutal combat moment with those 6 face buttons.

Besides, you can move your character smoothly with the D-pad as it provides responsible and smooth motion.

The Fusion fight pad offers you more customizable options for its shoulder buttons so that you can comfortably play with your own fighting style.

The gamepad has the unique characteristic of having a removable magnetic faceplate. There are three different color faceplates (Blue, Black & White) so that you can customize your fight pad with your preferred color.

There is also a 3.5 mm audio input so that you can plug your headset to avoid messing up with wires to your PS4. Besides, the fighting controller has a balanced weight and it is so well finished that it gives you a solid feel in your hand.

Looking upon all the features of this Fusion fight pad who doesn’t want it? So, don’t be late, grab one and play your favorite fighting game with your own style.

Key Features

  • Arcade-style six buttons
  • High-quality D-pad
  • Toggle switches for D-pad and shoulder buttons
  • Removable magnetic faceplates
  • 5 mm audio input

Things to Consider Before Buying Fight Pad

Best Fight Pad

There are some points we need to consider before buying a good fight pad. We are suggesting you some points to look at so that you may save your valuable time.

Size and Weight

The size of a good fight pad should be compact and it should weigh lighter because a gamer shouldn’t get any pain while holding it up for playing. Make sure you also check our guide for wargame mats.

Materials and Finishing

Any gamepad is made of plastic. But there is the quality of plastic. Good quality plastic gives better finishing to the fighting pad. The fighting controller may fall off accidentally but it can’t be broken if it’s made of good quality plastic and the finishing is good enough. So, any gamer should buy a good gamepad considering its smooth and solid finishing. Check out the most essential Review for tabletop gaming mats.


The grips of a good fight pad should be firm and rough so that the gamepad doesn’t slip from the hands. Some manufacturers use rubber grips to make the surface rougher.

Direction Pad

A good fighting controller should have a quality-full direction pad. Also, some gamepads have toggle D-pad which can be switchable to an analog stick. In that case, the D-pad should be better.

Toggle Switches

The toggle switches for D-pad and customizable shoulder buttons should be responsive cause any gamer can switch those buttons to get a precise combo in a crucial fighting moment.


The wire of a fight pad should be good enough so that it can transmit data very fast for quick response to every click on the gamepad. Also, the wire should be long enough to get plenty of room to play sitting on a comfortable seat.

Arcade Buttons

Arcade buttons are the main of a fight pad. A gamer controls the movement of his character through these buttons. These buttons should have a fast and accurate response. So, some manufacturers use mechanical switches for more precise responses. A gamer should check out the arcade buttons of the gamepad one is buying.

Heating Issues

There are some circuits and small motors used in a fight pad. Those get heat while they are being used. So, the outer materials should be heat prevented so that a gamer can’t feel the heat and the inner components should be of good quality so that they don’t produce that much heat.


The price of the fight pad should be reasonable. Sometimes overpriced things can’t fulfill every need. So, after observing the features of the gamepad, you should look at the price and if it is budget-friendly you should grab it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Question and Answers

1. Are the controllers compatible with all sorts of gaming consoles; like- PC, PlayStations, Xbox?

Yes. Every controller has an input to connect with any kind of gaming console.

2. What kind of USB is used in these controllers?

Most wired controllers have a USB Type-A connection.

3. Would you like a bulky or lightweight controller?

A gamer always likes a lightweight controller so that one doesn’t get any pain in the hand while holding it up.

4. Do the controllers have vibration?

Some controllers have, some controllers don’t. To prevent such vibration, you should choose the best

5. Which countries manufacture these controllers?

Mostly the USA is the manufacturing country as it has most gaming console companies. Also, China has some companies which also manufacture good fight pad.

Final Words

You may participate in a fighting game competition and want to do a good result. You may have a good fight pad for a good game. So, you should try to get a good fight pad.

While buying, if you check out the features of a good gamepad such as materials and finishing, arcade and shoulder buttons, and d-pad then you will have perfect control over your character in the game. So, we are ensuring that you won’t face any problem purchasing the best fight pad for pc.

Have a great day!

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