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Stronghold Games

Board games are just the best part of a household occasion, aren’t they? The excitement and thrill it brings to a regular boring party are just amazing. Although many companies make creative and popular board games now Stronghold has become a household name over the years.

But, there are many types of board games by stronghold. They make hundreds of them! So, it becomes quite tough to choose from. Only if there was a list of the best stronghold games!

That’s why our expert teams spent hours researching for the most exciting stronghold games and narrow the list to the top 5.

Keep reading and find out exactly which one you need!
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Best Stronghold Games Reviews

This section has multiple stronghold game reviews. However, not all of them might be suitable for your parties. So, choose a game according to your friends and family.

1. Stronghold games | Terraforming Mars | The Colonies

Who doesn’t want to terraform Mars? I mean, even Elon Musk would love that idea! But, don’t worry you don’t have to be the CEO of SpaceX to terraform Mars. You can do it just by playing your hands of cards and strategically using your resources!

This stronghold game is one of the most enjoyable ones. You get to play as a corporation that works under contract for the World Government of earth.

Your work is to bring the temperature and oxygen level of Mars upwards so that it can be habitable!

Although, this is an expansion to the game Terraforming Mars. So, you need to have the base game to play this colony expansion. Players are given points throughout the game and the most point holder wins.

But, the most amazing thing about this game must be its different playable cards. Which you can use to strategize your way of terraforming mars and win against your fellow mates!

So, if you are scientific and need something to play science with, here’s your game.

Key Features

  • 4 player game
  • Can be played with fewer or more players
  • Accurate scientific theories
  • Quirky but thrilling

2. Stronghold Games | Terraforming Mars | Hellas and Elysium

Well, if you are a board game enthusiast you already know terraforming mars for sure. This is another expansion for that game. With this expansion, you have many new ways to win the game.

Although the base game is very enjoyable, it gets a bit boring because most people play it again and again repeatedly! That’s why this expansion gives you two new areas to play around with.

Hellas is the southern wild which includes the South pole of Mars! Hellas also has the massive seven hex Hellas. On the other hand, Elysium has vast lowlands specified for oceans only.

Only with an addition of a board, this expansion brings out new strategies and will change up how you play the base game. Also, this doesn’t get overwhelming because the only addition to the game is the board and nothing else.

So, with this expansion changing up the entire game for you how do you plan to terraform Mars the next time you play?

Key Features

  • Two new areas added to the base game
  • No new cards or extra pieces
  • Dual-sided board with different gameplays
  • Great value for the price

3. Stronghold Games | Terraforming Mars | Venus Next

Are you bored enough to even think of terraforming Earth’s closest neighbor? Then, this is just perfect for you. This expansion for terraforming Mars takes the game to a whole another planet!

So, we all know that terraforming Mars lets you be a corporation for the world government where you have to make mars habitable through generations. But, what if we could terraform Mars and Venus together?

That would bring sets of different opportunities and most importantly many new ways to win. That’s why Venus next is a very pleasant expansion to the base game of terraforming Mars.

Also, for terraforming Venus, you get a new side-board with new venus cards and additional tokens and tiles. So, you can play this amazing stronghold game yourself or with a maximum of 4 other friends.

As the gameplay time is almost 1.5 to 2 hours, you can make your idle times easily playing this.

Key Features

  • New Side Board for Venus
  • Additional tokens and tiles
  • Playable for ages 12 and older
  • Fresh Gameplay for terraforming Mars

4. Stronghold Games | Terraforming Mars | Turmoil

If you are an expert on the game terraforming Mars, then this is just perfect for you. The turmoil expansion adds so much more to the game increasing the game experience for hard-core fans.

The title for this expansion says it all. “Leading humanity in uncertain times.” Well, with added cards and new gameplays, this expansion offers new projects for the already popular terraforming Mars base game.

This expansion can put you at an advantage if you have been attentive to the changing political climate of Mars!

But, this can also hinder other players if they haven’t been attentive enough. As this is an expert expansion to the best stronghold games, you should be familiar with the base game first.

If you aren’t a long-time player of the base game, this might be tough to catch on to. So, choose with caution as the future of humanity depends on your choices! For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the wargame mats.

Key Features

  • New Corporations and gameplays
  • Sets of additional cards
  • Different strategies to choose from
  • A different political stance on the base game

5. Stronghold Games | Patchwork | Cottage Garden

Well, if you just want a relaxing experience with your family, then this beautiful board game might be the most suitable for you.

The cottage garden is based on the original game Patchwork. Game designer Uwe Rosenberg made this game to be relaxing but puzzling. With limited space to plant trees, you are an ambitious gardener who dreams of filling every corner of your gardens with beautiful nature.

This game is very beautiful and colorful to even look at.

Although, this game has a lot of components you can keep track of everything because of the frequent repetitive nature of the game.

But, with most board games the steep learning curve makes them very hard to play as a beginner. Not with Cottage Garden though. This game can be learned even by five-year-olds. So, you can enjoy it with your friends and family altogether.

So, if you are someone who loves board games, this game won’t waste your time at all! You may also be interested in some of the tabletop gaming mats from our list.

Key features

  • Stunning artwork with satisfying gameplay
  • Peaceful and relaxing gameplay
  • Not very competitive, exceptionally good for children
  • High-quality material

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best Stronghold Games

1. How many players can play these games?

Most games can be played by one to five players. But, some games have a maximum of four players. Although some games are solo playable, some aren’t. So, choose what you need specifically.

2. Are the games in English?

All stronghold games are made in English. So, you don’t have to worry about language at all.

3. Can we change up the rules sometimes?

Well, most expert stronghold game players make up their own house rules. So, take your creative freedom. But, understand that if problems occur, the game rules are to be respected.

4. Can my children understand Stronghold games?

Most Stronghold games are understandable by children. But, make sure that you check before you buy. Most games have an age rating. So, if you buy carefully, they shouldn’t have any difficulties understanding.

5. Should I spend on a stronghold board game?

It is 100% a good investment. In today’s world, most meet-up and parties can be seen full of mobile phones. Every other person is on their phone scrolling through the nonsense. That wastes a huge bonding opportunity.

So, an interesting and thrilling board game can even help your friends and family have a good time all the while closing the gap between everyone.

Final words

Good board games often play a very necessary role in bringing people together. As you have come this far in this article, we sure hope that we were able to fill your thirst for the best Stronghold games. But, when playing always remember, “Play to Win, But enjoy the fun!”

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